Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You never plan these things!

Yesterday I think I mentioned that instead of doing laundry at my friend's house I babysat her 3 kids at my house. We planned on me doing laundry this morning. I am so glad we had that change of plans. She originally said I could drop off Heath at the BART station and go right to her house. I told her I wanted to go home and feed my kids breakfast first and get everyone dressed. I called her about 8:00 this morning to make sure she was ready for me to come over. She had just woken up with her baby and her 3 and 2 year old were still asleep. She asked me to give her half an hour before I headed over.

I got to her house about 8:45 am. I wasn't there for more than 5 minutes before she started complaining of back pain. She had tears in her eyes as the pain became more intense and she became very nauseated. She tried throwing up but she hadn't really eaten yet. I didn't really know what to do for her. I wanted to just hug her and make it all go away. She kept saying over and over that it was comforting just knowing I was there.

Her older two children started waking up and wanting breakfast. They wanted mac and cheese for breakfast and Lori didn't care what they ate! I asked if I could help but, like all of us would, she said she could handle it. She had little store bought pre-made mac and cheese cups so all she had to do was open the lid and put it in a bowl. She would hug her kids and tell them she was hurting and was sick. She wanted to just be their mom and not feel that way. I probably let her do too much.

She called a 24 hour ask a nurse involved with her insurance. They suggested she go to the Emergency Room. I agreed. She then called a member of the Relief Society to give her a ride to her hospital in Walnut Creek. I told her I could stay with her kids as long as she needed me to.

Her kids were angels. I had no problems at all watching 5 kids in someone else's house. I don't enjoy babysitting but I do it because I need babysitters so often. I really prefer to watch other people's kids at my house because I know my rules! But today I wanted to watch her kids. I wanted to help her in any way I could. I think the Lord allowed me to be there just in time and He blessed me all day with easy, angelic kids.

I felt so guilty calling for backup even though Lori kept calling to update me and kept insisting I call for someone to help me. I decided about 3:45 pm that Parker needed to take a nap. That meant I would have to go home. I was exhausted from the unplanned day (even though none of the kids were ever a problem). So I called the Relief Society President. She had been calling to check up on me throughout the afternoon. She had a prior engagement so she called the Compassionate Service Leader to come relieve me. I hope I did the right thing. Lori is much more laid back than I am and I tried to take care of her kids the way she would so they would feel comfortable. The Compassionate Service Leader (I can't remember her name!) came in all military and ready to lay down the law! I hope those kids are still happy and know they are loved.

As for Lori . . . thank heavens her husband was able to get to the hospital soon after she checked in. I can't imagine going through anything like that without the love and support of my husband. Lori couldn't receive pain medication until around 3 pm. That breaks my heart. But they gave her morphine, the good stuff! The last I heard they think she has gall stones. She may have to have surgery and of course spend the night in the hospital. She was having the ultrasound she had been waiting for some time to get when I told her husband I had gone home but their kids were safe and sound with the Compassionate Service Leader in charge. He was grateful for the time and help I had given them. I was just glad I was there. I saw how quickly she deteriorated this morning. I was so grateful that I could help my friend the same way some of my friends have helped me. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and people come into our lives for a reason. She has been wonderful to let me do something so mundane as laundry and we have become pretty close in those few hours. I am so glad I could be there for her and her sweet, sweet children. Get better soon Lori!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Early Start

Heath's offices moved from the Financial District to Pier 39 on the Embarcadero. Nicer offices but it adds about 30 minutes to the commute. So we woke up at 6 am and were on the road by about 6:40. I don't mind but that is so early for my babies. Gavin went back to sleep for a little while. I left him in the van. I rolled the windows down and kept checking on him and the temperature in the garage. Our garage gets really hot. The last thing I want to do is cook my kids while I think I'm being nice by letting them sleep in the van.

About a week ago I left Parker in the van to finish his nap. However, I did not roll the windows down and it was in the middle of the hot afternoon. Luckily we hadn't been home for very long before it was time to pick up Heath. That's kind of why I left Parker in the van. The poor baby was sweating and flushed by the time I got out there. I ran the air conditioner as high as I could and brought Parker in as soon as we got home. A day or two later I saw on the news that a man had forgotten to drop off his 11 month old son at day care before going to work. He had been working long hours and was fearing for his job. So stress was high. Six hours later the day care called his wife wondering where the boy was. She called her husband but by then the boy had died. I feel so bad for that family because no matter what caused the man to forget, his son is still dead.

Gavin woke up well before the temperature got past 60 degrees outside. The garage still felt pretty cool. I went to check on Gavin and was even thinking of just bringing him inside because I was thinking of that story. But he woke up. As I opened the door to get him out Gavin had the saddest look on his face. He accused me of forgetting him. I told him I didn't forget him I was letting him sleep. I may never leave my kids in the van again. It stresses me out too much and the extra time they are asleep is not really very productive time for me. But believe me forgetting Gavin is not what happened. He broke my heart with those big blue eyes and that sad, sad, frown. We may be looking into a cheap car for Heath so we don't have to do this to our kids anymore.

I was fairly productive the rest of the day. I cleaned all 3 bathrooms - quite a feat for me. I showered. Then I babysat my friend's 3 kids while she went to a doctor appointment and ran a couple of errands. Thank heavens her 3 year old had a messy accident after she had come back. While she was busy cleaning him up I realized I had lost Gavin. He didn't come inside with everyone else. I looked all over the backyard, including both side yards but no Gavin. I went to the front door to check the front yard. I didn't think it was possible for him to get through the gate. The latch is above my eye level. But I could hear Gavin calling for me. I opened the door and there he was. He said he opened the gate. I kept asking how. I realized the gate wasn't latched from when the gardeners came on Friday. I will be checking that in the future!!!

Now it's just the waiting game until Heath comes home. It's pretty hot outside so we may be watching movies until then. Don't call the cops on me. I have repented of my bad choices of leaving my kids in the van and I found Gavin soon after he opened the gate. And I even set up an appointment for Parker to see the Pediatrician. I was told to wait until Spring for Gavin so he can do his Kindergarten checkup. I am trying to take care of my kids!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Found a peanut, found a peanut . . .

So I went to the doctor again today. Since I am 8, almost 9, weeks along it's still too early to hear the baby's heartbeat through dopplar (or whatever they call it). So I had another ultrasound. Very exciting stuff. The picture is fuzzier than what I saw on the computer and of course the scanned picture I am posting on this blog is even fuzzier. It looks like a peanut (hence the title). But I saw my baby. It didn't look like a blob or anything. It looked like the widget on the side right there ---->

I could see the heart beating in the center of the chest. It was so cool. My baby is still alive and is slowly starting to look more human. No baby squid for me!

I'm still working on getting my blood sugars in a tighter range. Things were great for a few days but have slowly started getting bad again even though I have made no changes since seeing the Endocrinologist. So I changed my basal rates a bit hoping that might help. I think I may call the Endocrinologist next week for some advice anyway. I also got a list of Pediatricians to choose from. I want to choose the ones who are across the hall from my Obstetrician because I think that is the easiest. I could also choose the ones in the next building over or the ones who practice by the mall. I need to get appointments for Gavin and Parker since they both just had birthdays. All is well here. The day has blown by. Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


When I feel really good I cook up these crazy projects I want to work on. I may have more projects than I have time or energy! My latest idea . . . teaching Gavin to read and write. I want him to know how to write his name before he goes to kindergarten next year and he is very interested in learning how to read. The only problem is he only recognizes capital letters and he doesn't know what sound any of the letters make. Kind of tough to read when you don't know the formula. Yesterday I pulled out my Next Steps kit I used to tutor students after school who were struggling with reading. I quickly realized I needed to start from the very beginning with Gavin. So I pulled out my white board and quized him on letter recognition. Like I said, he only knows capital letters. We talked about the difference between capital letters and lower case letters. He was bored by K. So today I wanted to make some worksheets for him to practice beginning writing skills like slashes and curves to get him ready to write letters. Heath installed the software last night for me but unfortunately, I can't find the fonts to make the worksheets. I'll have to ask him later to help me.

My other project . . . potty training Parker. He keeps asking so I guess it's something I better work on with him. I have decided that I will teach him to go standing up from the very beginning. I have sat him down on the toilet and on his potty chair and he is very much not interested in doing that. He announces he needs to go, pulls his pants off, and stands in front of the toilet with his diaper on. (Funny that he hasn't ever tried to take it off! Part of the reason I let Gavin stop taking naps was because he would take his diaper off and then later fall asleep naked.) I won't make Heath and Gavin sit just because I want Parker to learn to sit. I have heard of people doing that. I think that's dumb. Eventually you teach little boys to stand so that's where we'll start. I just don't know how I'm going to do it. I tried to hold him up high enough yesterday but Parker didn't know what he was supposed to do! I think we need to find another stool or something for the bathroom downstairs. That way he can be tall enough and maybe we can make some progress. But honestly, if the kid is 3 and still in diapers I don't care. I pushed Gavin too hard and it backfired. I don't ever want to do that again even if it means too kids in diapers again. That's certainly not the end of the world.

Other projects . . . catch up on scrapbooking and I decided I want to read the Book of Mormon again before the baby is born. Then of course, read it to the baby before he/she/it turns 1. So far I have read the Book of Mormon to each of my babies before they turned 1. The day I decided to read it before the baby was born, I opened the book and before I could read more than 2 words Gavin wanted my attention. The challenge will be to find time to do it. Read at night, you say? Good idea except once we get through the ordeal called bedtime I'm asleep in front of the TV until Heath tells me to go to bed! Like I said, I don't have the time or energy for all these great projects. How do other mothers do it??? I guess they usually pay for pre-school so their children are ready for kindergarten, they have more patience for potty training than I do and probably better motivating ideas too, they are more organized than I am, and don't suffer from extreme perfectionism. I guess I just need a new personality and I'll be all set! You can't tell, but I am being so sarcastic right now! Wish me luck with my pie in the sky, doomed to fail, plan!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Does it get any better than this?

Sunshine, breeze, and peach juice dripping down our chins. I just had to ask - does it get any better than this? Today we had an early lunch and then headed outside so the boys could play with their crazy caterpillar sprinkler. It wasn't a really warm day (currently 73 degrees) and the breeze was sometimes more windy than breezy so I wasn't surprised that the boys didn't get completely soaked in the sprinkler.

While they were playing I thought I would check out the ripeness of our peaches. They were perfect. I grabbed an armload and carefully went inside to wash them. I brought them back out in a bowl so we could enjoy as many as we wanted. Parker called them apples even though I tried to tell him they were peaches. At least he has stopped calling every kind of fruit a banana!

Gavin ate one while making yummy noises the whole time. I ate the largest one. It was the sweetest, most juiciest peach I have had in a long time! Parker ate a couple bites out of one, told me he was going to put it down, and then grabbed another peach to eat a couple of bites out of! He did go back to one of his peaches several minutes later. I loved watching the juice drip down their chins, their arms and off their elbows, and down their little chests. This is what being a kid in summer is all about. Maybe later this afternoon or tonight sometime we can pick peaches together. I think they would love to help that way.

I remember eating plums and cherries out of our backyard and picking them so my mom could make jam and pie and whatever else she did with the fruit. I do remember hating to pick the cherries for my mom. They were a pain to pick. I also remember slipping on overripe plums that had fallen off the tree while we played kickball. And having plum guts squish through my toes when I didn't wear shoes, which was most every day. (I remember that every time Parker picks up overripe plums from the ground.) I remember my grandma picking peaches and canning them and drying them. I remember eating the most delicious johnny apples off of her tree in the backyard. Those made the best dried apples! My grandparents also had a vegetable garden. Nothing tastes better than fresh peas from the pod. Some fresh fruits and vegetables make my mouth itch when I eat them. Weird huh? (Can you tell I'm slowly getting my appetite back?) I also remember the current bushes we had in our garden when I was really young. Those were kind of interesting. They would sort of pop in your mouth squirting the inside with warm juice. My mom had strawberry bushes or something like that for a while. I don't remember eating any but I certainly remember looking like I lost a fight with a cat every time I mowed the lawn!

I know I tend to be overly romantic. I look at the dead grass on the hills and think of the golden hills of California! But some days are magical, even if it's just in my own head.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's the 24th of July!

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Washington a couple of weeks after Gavin turned 1. We happened to be there over Pioneer Day. Kirk kept saying, "It's the 24th of July!" I guess it was a line from a play the family had seen or something like that. Every year since then I always think about how he said that on July 24th.

My friend Lori and her kids visited for a few minutes this morning before I followed her to our friend Janelle's pool. Ok, ok, so it's not really her pool. It's part of the apartment complex she lives in. The kids had fun floating around and splashing. Parker didn't like being in the water for more than 2 seconds at a time. Surprise, surprise! Gavin, on the other hand, didn't enjoy being in the water either. That was a surprise. Gavin is my little fish but today he wasn't in the mood I guess. Gavin kept saying he wanted to get out of there and go home. He got out of the pool and decided to take off his swimming suit. Annabelle was stripping too so it's hard to say if that's why Gavin thought of it. All of us women just laughed and said that that would not be appropriate at a Young Men/Young Women activity! Of course while we were all trying to gather our stuff to go home, Gavin started stripping again and wanted to put his swimming suit back on because he wanted to get in the water again. It took some convincing to get him back in his clothes. We are planning on doing that again after Janelle's family gets back from their vacation. Maybe Gavin will actually play this time.

When we got home Gavin told me he was a cow. He got into our hall closet where we keep the blankets and pulled out the cow print blanket. He would put the blanket over his shoulders and tell me how he was eating the carpet. Then he told me that cows don't eat spaghetti but people do. Too funny!

If Heath gets home in time we will try to head to the Fairgrounds for a Pioneer Day Celebration with our stake. Happy 24th of July everyone.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes Take Two

This morning Gavin woke up and told me that he had two dreams. I repeated it thinking that was exciting. But he seemed sad and said, "I not want to have two dreams. I just want one!"

As we were eating lunch, Gavin blurted out of nowhere, "The number 3 is home!" Later he said that he was saw a bear and was scared of it tomorrow. I love this kid!

When I announced that I was going to take a shower Gavin said, "You don't be scared!" He also told me not to be scared when I went to see the Endocrinologist. He told me not to turn to Daddy, don't be scared, and that he (Gavin) would give me a hug when I came home.

One day I was praying over our lunch. I thanked Heavenly Father for the baby growing inside of "Mommy's tummy." (I often refer to myself in the third person around the kids, especially when I pray. I don't know why I do that. I guess I thought they would understand whose baby it was if I said it that way!) When I was done with the prayer Gavin said, "You mommy has a baby growing in his tummy?" I tried to explain that it was me who was growing the baby not Grandma. I don't know if he really understood even though he said, "Oh." That's the other thing . . . Gavin keeps saying random things about "you mom." I have tried to explain to him that my mom is Grandma. But he says the craziest things and I have no idea where he even begins to think this stuff is true! He says things like, "You yell at you mom yesterday?" I just look at him and say, "What???" The kid is crazy!

Today I took the kids to the playground just down the street from us. Gavin always runs off and does his own thing. I don't worry about him too much because he is so overly cautious. I usually follow Parker around because he has a tendency to steal toys or get himself in a dangerous situation climbing on things like the little monkey that he is. Anyway, Parker wanted to play with sidewalk chalk. The mother said it was ok and told her daughter that it's nice to share! After a couple of minutes Gavin came over to me and said, "I'm looking for Parker." I pointed at Parker who had been standing right next to me the whole time and told Gavin that Parker was right there. Gavin said, "I just keep looking for that guy!"

I'm telling you, there is never a dull moment around here. I love being a mom. I especially love staying home to be with my kids. Think of all the insanity I would miss out on if I worked.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Endocrinology Update

So I guess I left it open yesterday that I would blog about my experience with the Endocrinologist. As I predicted everything went well. Dr. Christianson gave me the respect I wanted right off the bat. And an extra bonus - I never had to get undressed. He told me he would never use disparaging words like brittle. (I can't remember any of the other words he used as an example because I had never really heard them used in reference to me before. Brittle sticks out in my mind because my OB/GYN called me a brittle diabetic because I have a pump. I brushed it off as her not realizing that the pump is as close to me having a normal, functioning pancreas as you can get. It's just a machine I wear on my hip.) He wouldn't allow me to use disparaging terms about myself. I gave him my month of blood sugar readings and told him they were terrible. He stopped me and said, "No, they just aren't as good as they can be but you're working on it." I was happy because those blood sugar readings are terrible. That's the high school or college Tristan, not the Tristan who has worked her butt off for the last 7 years to keep things under control and has had 2 successful pregnancies in the process.

He basically told me he would be a resource for me but ultimately everything was up to me because I was the one who had to live with diabetes, not him. He gave me a couple of ideas I have never had about bolusing for meals. I tried them out today and it feels like magic! I never realized how much of a difference it would make for me to take a bolus 30 minutes before eating. My blood sugars have been pretty d--- near perfect today! Awesome! Less work, less insulin, less drama all for the same results. I love it! I feel completely empowered today. I told him I was really good with my last pregancy and I will do it again. (My last A1c with Parker's pregancy was 5.0! Normal people probably aren't always 5.0! I will do it again.) He was concerned that I was putting too much pressure on myself so he told me if I fail with my blood sugars while I am pregnant that I can't jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. I told him I wouldn't.

I haven't hardly even felt sick this week. I feel like a million bucks today although I look like Mrs Frumpadump. I showered at least. The other day I felt good about myself because I at least put a bra on! I'm so pathetic! No today I showered and did makeup of course but I didn't finish my hair and I'm in basically pajamas because my clothes are tight and I don't want to wear maternity yet. But it's a beautiful day and I have even tried to scrapbook a little. I love that I have been blogging every day because all I have to do is copy, paste, and tweak just a bit and the story is done. Yeah!

Grandma C, this is for you!

Not only does Parker love the "Finding Nemo" bath toys, he couldn't wait to take a bath. So he helped himself to a dry bath before dinner! The boys took a real bath after dinner and had even more fun. Thanks Grandma!

Grandma Westover, this is for you!

Sorry Grandma, we forgot to post these pics of Parker in his new duds. He loves them and looks way cute as you can see! Thank you for the cute gift.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quality Time

Of course I love both of my boys and I love them together. But my favorite is when one of them has fallen asleep and I get to eat a meal with the other. Last night Gavin fell asleep when we went to pick up Heath from the BART station. Gavin slept on the couch while the rest of us ate dinner. Parker was so cute. He said the prayer. He has done this before but it helps when his older brother isn't there to peek at him or make faces or whatever. So the prayer was much more reverent than usual. And Parker just makes me laugh when he eats. He is such a little man. We had soft shell tacos and Heath put all the ingredients on half a tortilla for Parker thinking Parker would just pick it off with his fingers to eat. But Parker was trying so hard to fold it like Mom and Dad and eat that way. If he gets anything on his fingers he asks for a paper towel. He is so precious.

Today Parker fell asleep on the way home from the park. This is our second week going to the ward Park Days Playgroup. It's so fun for the kids to be able to play with other kids their age and it's nice for me to get to know other women. I was invited to a baby shower last week and I have been a slacker and haven't responded. My first thought when I saw the shower would be held at a restaurant was that all food makes me feel sick right now so I didn't reply. Then I thought even though it would be nice for me to go and get to know people better I didn't know the girl having the baby and I felt awkward going to a stranger's shower. Today at the park I realized it was a girl I met last week at the park and she was there again today. She's not in our ward or even in our city but she knows the girl who organizes the playgroup. I think I will go to the shower because I feel a lot more comfortable now that I know her and two other women who will be going.

That was an irrelevant tangent! So anyway, Parker fell asleep causing him to miss lunch. I love when I get to eat with Gavin alone. He talks and talks and has the most interesting things to say. He eats really well when it's just the two of us and I just love the unique one on one time we get to share. Lunchtime used to be my favorite part of the day before Parker was born. I love eating with Gavin alone. He's such a sweetheart. I just love my boys and I love seeing their individuality.

I am nervous to go to the Endocrinologist today. The paperwork made it seem like he was a nice guy who wasn't going to criticize me for what I eat. I was supposed to list 2 different typical meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, a list of 5 typical snacks and 5 of my favorite foods. But I'm so skeptical of people's motives that I think it's his way of making me feel comfortable so he can really lay into me when I get there! Although I'm pretty sure that tomorrow I will blogging about what a refreshing experience it was and how nice he is and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! We'll see. I gave him a month's worth or blood sugar readings when his paperwork only asked for one week. I am supposed to bring my logbook but I will have to admit that I haven't kept a blood sugar log like that since I was a kid and I don't plan to now. I figure a month should be enough for him. He wanted a 3 day food log. I was panicked about that because I remember the uncomfortable experience I had with food logs with the perinatologist I saw with my last pregnancy. My doctor told me I ate really poorly and soon after Heath lost his job so really all we could afford to eat was Ramen noodles! I wrote down everything I ate in the last 3 days and it's alarming how little I actually eat. If anything, he'll think I have a poor memory but I'm just not hungry with this pregnancy. Food is a necessary evil right now. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life is like bubbles . . .

Does that title even make sense? Life is like bubbles because bubbles are cheap? They float along blissfully and then pop? Life can be pretty soggy when wet and when it rains it pours? I don't know. I just wanted to type about bubbles today. To go along with the Curious George theme for Parker's birthday, Heath bought some Curious George party favor bubbles. There were no Cars bubbles or we would have gotten those for Gavin's birthday. The boys love bubbles but in all their enthusiasm they spilled all the solution in less than five minutes! Parker walks around carrying the empty tubes saying, "Joe" over and over. I love how he says George.

I had held in reserve the last two tubes of bubbles for another day. Enter another day. Parker did really well not spilling for quite some time then he spilled a little and soon decided he was done. He preferred to play with the empty tube anyway. Gavin likes to chase the bubbles. I kept warning him that he would spill if he wasn't careful. He agreed to let me blow the bubbles so he could chase after them trying to pop each one individually. It's an overcast and breezy day today. (Rain in North Bay was forecasted for today. Too bad we're too far south and east to get any.) The breeze would swoop underneath the bubbles and lift them up as high as the roof. I kept blowing down so Gavin could have as many as possible but it didn't always work. The bubbles sure looked cool floating along as high as could be.

I love that Candi and Ed had bubbles at their reception. It was very fun romantic. So totally Candi's style! I also love that we still have the bubbles in our van. Heath turns up the air conditioning fan and blows into the vents which blow the bubbles back to the boys who squeal with delight. Gavin always says, "Eat my bubbles!" and tries to pop the bubbles by biting at them. I don't think Gavin understands that line from Finding Nemo, nor do I think he really cares!

Last week Heath bought a whole bunch of shower gel, lotion, perfume, etc. from The Body Shop. It was a company that used to be headquartered in his building in San Fran until Este Lauder bought The Body Shop. Anyway, Heath got all this stuff for less than $5. There was some Vanilla bath melt. We didn't know what that was but I thought I'd give it a try. Little hint - don't use bath melt in a jacuzzi tub with the jets turned on! The bubbles just kept growing higher and higher. I did enjoy turning the jets back on when the bubbles had all fizzled and gone away. The jets sure brought them back to life in a jiffy!

So I was pretty boring and lazy this morning. I keep thinking of a line from The Italian Job. Edward Norton's character had double crossed everyone and kept the gold for himself. He bought what each of the other characters dreamed of spending the gold on. They just found out and "The Napster" said, "So what does he do all day in his big house with all that money? He watches his big -- screen TV!" Yep, that was me until Becky called and saved me from myself! Then I discovered bubbles. So when life hands you monotony and you don't know what else to do, go blow bubbles.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Burst of Energy

Today I was determined to take Dawn's advice that she gave me yesterday. She told me I had her permission to lie around watching TV. Well, instead I cleaned my house again. On Saturday Heath started stuffing the packing paper that was taking over our dining room into garbage bags. The pile of paper was about 4 feet tall at it's tallest by the window and spilled out past the kitchen door when the boys jumped in it. Even though we cleaned up all the paper there was still a box and lots of tape wads lying around. I cleaned it all up today and vacuumed. I even tried to find places for the plants and roses we had stored in that room too. Now there is one box sitting neatly in the corner with a floral arrangement on top of it. I will have Heath put the floral arrangement up on a wall when he gets home tonight. The box will most likely find its way to the garage.

I played outside with the boys. Neither one of them seem interested at all in learning how to pedal! Parker sits on his trike and goes backwards all over the yard. Gavin just sits on his bike talking about races and bumpy roads. My favorite part about being outside was when both boys were doing my hair with their chubby little hands and a toy hammer. Who needs a hairdresser when you have a 4 and 2 year old! Gavin has been wearing his helmet ever since I put it on him around 10 this morning. He refuses to take it off. He told me he wants to wear it to Abraham's house. Abraham is a boy in Gavin's Primary class and Gavin played with him yesterday while I did laundry there. I think it's nice that Gavin is starting to find local friends. I feel bad that he misses his Utah friends. He has told me several times in the last week that he wants to see Becca and Cameron and Becky and Kaleb. I miss Becca and Becky too but it makes me feel good to know that Gavin is starting to make friends here in California.

I did indulge in a little TV today. The cable guy was scheduled to come because there were some channels that we couldn't get to come in clearly and some channels told us it would be available momentarily but never was. I figured I better have the TV on and ready to go because it takes a minute to warm up. So I watched a couple baby shows on TLC. I love watching baby shows when I'm pregnant. Today was the first time I actually sat down to do it. When the last show was over Take Home Chef came on and I was about to start one of my Friends DVD's. The cable guy came right then. Good timing! It was a simple problem with a simple solution. The kids hadn't even finished their "distraction" snack before he was done. He was happy the problem was so easy because he thought it would take an hour or two to fix. We may have been his last job for the day. I was happy the kids stayed out of the way and it was so easy. I hate having to be the one home when people have to fix things like that.

Today I actually feel hungry. I ate some bagel bites with my lunch and they were good. The kids hated them the last time we had them several months ago. Parker didn't seem so sure when I gave him one but I called it a chip and he was hooked after that. Gavin was too. They kept asking for more chips. I guess it's all in what you call it. I want to eat more right now but I better not. The Endocrinologist wants me to not only bring him my blood sugar readings on Thursday but he wants a food log too. I hate being pregnant because so many people want to invade my privacy with stuff like that. He'll probably make me sit on a table with crinkly paper, my half nakedness covered with a breezy hospital gown, while he tells me I don't eat healthy for a diabetic much less a pregnant diabetic. I have decided that pregnancy is the nine month flu with 6 different doctors poking and prodding me and judging me. The only breath of fresh air is when I see the obstetrician because she only makes me lift up my shirt a bit to hear the baby's heartbeat or do an ultrasound. (of course that was not the case for my first invasive visit) Anyway, enough whining and complaining. I better go now and tend to my boys who are trying to destroy the house as I type!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Parker

So two years ago today, Parker was born. I remember feeling so worried that I would completely neglect my baby to love Gavin. Gavin and I bonded slowly but once we did I was so in love with him and I didn't think I could love another baby the same way. When Parker was born the love came instantly and he fit in with the rest of the family so easily. Now I can barely remember what life was like without Parker. It sounds dumb but it's true.

Since Parker is our Curious George and he loves Curious George so much that's how we decorated for Parker's birthday. The Happy Birthday banner didn't stay up for more than 3 hours. No surprise there. Although Gavin's car banner stayed up for days until I finally took it down. We bought a tricycle for him on Saturday. He didn't really know because Heath put it together that night while the boys slept. I took it out of the garage this morning with Gavin's bike so they could play outside. It was very anticlimactic. I showed Parker and said an enthusiastic Happy Birthday. He sat on it and kindof thought it was cool but it was nothing like the reaction we got from Gavin just 11 days earlier. Parker seemed more interested in the water bottle that came with it. Then he was more interested in picking up squishy plums from the ground than actually caring about his new gift. Oh well. He's only 2 years old today.

Today hasn't really even felt like a special day. I have to keep reminding myself that it's Parker's birthday. I think I'm just more excited for this upcoming year. The year Gavin was 2 was a joy. Let's hope it's the same with Parker. I can't believe that last night Parker slammed his head in the wall. It was major deja vous of Gavin splitting his head open the Sunday before his third birthday. Gavin spent some time in the Insta Care getting stitches. Parker didn't actually break the skin. He has a big goose egg though! We spent most of last night watching Parker for signs of concussion. He seems to be ok. I just wanted to snuggle with him and let him fall asleep in my arms. But we kept him awake for nearly two hours trying to see if he would behave normally. Considering the fact that he never took a nap yesterday he was very alert and acted just like himself. He fell asleep on the way to finding another friend's house from the ward who offered us her washer and dryer today. We had Parker sleep in our bed so we could easily check on him throughout the night. He did fine and we put him in his crib at 3:15 am when he woke up. He woke up again at 6 am so we brought him back to our bed where he slept for about 45 minutes before we got everyone ready to take Heath to the BART station.

We did laundry today so the boys were able to play with Lori's kids that they know from their classes in church. That was fun but hardly a happy birthday thing to do. We will probably go out to eat so it's at least the same as what we did for Gavin's b-day. And I forgot that Grandma Westover sent a gift so we can open that. Grandma C will send a gift soon. July is happy birthday month at our house. Well, Heath is almost home so I better go get him. I hope everything I typed makes sense. I don't have time to proofread before publishing the post.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thanks Again Grandma C!

Thanks again Grandma C. We love the caterpillar. Don't forget to scroll down and look at the last post. Love, Gavin and Parker

Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Baby!

Most of you who read my blog already know this but if you aren't family you probably haven't heard yet . . . I'm pregnant!!! I apologize for emphatically claiming in a blog a few weeks ago that I wasn't but in my defense, I didn't know then. I will be seven weeks along on Monday. I saw the doctor today and she did a vaginal ultrasound because it's too early to see the baby any other way. I asked if she would know if there were two babies this early and she said it's sometimes hard to tell this early but she's pretty certain that there is only one baby. Whew! After all the twins I have seen and having two friends expecting twins I am relieved there is only one. I have no food cravings with this baby. With Gavin I craved fresh vegetables and with Parker I craved junk food. The very sight of food makes me feel nauseated and when my stomach is empty I feel nauseated or if my blood sugar is too high I feel nauseated. Basically I have been feeling really yucky since Monday. I of course feel tired a lot and I use the restroom frequently. I have never really had any other pregnancy symptoms than that. The cramping I felt with this baby early on has completely disappeared. We are thrilled to be expecting another baby although still laughing about the fact that this wasn't supposed to happen for another month. No birth control method is 100% effective and we are proof of that! Tell all the youth you know that they really can't get away with anything they want. Sometimes the Lord has other plans. If you are confused by the picture the baby is the white circle on the left side of the black circle. I did see the baby moving. The circle looked kind of fluttery. I don't know if that was the heart or what but it was pretty cool.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thank You Grandma!

We got the package and Gavin loves it! Thank you.

Two Year Old for Sale!

Do you remember a book or poem or something where an older sibling wanted to sell their two year old brother or something like that? I need to find that for some much needed humor. I don't really want to sell Parker but at the same time I'm willing to ship him express mail to either of his grandmas. Who wants him?

His latest transgression? He pulled off all the toilet paper from a fairly new roll and put half in the garbage and the other half he started tearing up on the floor. I'm telling you, this kid is Curious George personified. Only the Man in the Yellow Hat is much more patient than I am.

Heath pointed out the fact that I have not had a break from our kids since the middle of May when I stopped going to Cub Scouts for an hour a week. They make me laugh though. They have been playing and giggling for about an hour now. We went to our ward's play group this morning. That was fun. I have been too busy in our new house to take them to a park so they needed that.

The pictures have nothing to do with anything. They just make me laugh and like I said before, if I don't laugh I cry and crying gives me a headache. Here's to laughter.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I want some popcorn!

So every day after lunch I put Parker down for a nap and rush to the computer to blog. It's like blogging is my drug or something! I sat down today and realized I have nothing in mind to blog about. The Relief Society President came by to visit today because she has been out of town and hasn't met us yet. I thought it would be great to give her the plate from the second night we had dinner delivered to us. I totally forgot. Oh well. She told me that Jennifer (my laundry friend from Monday) had her baby yesterday morning. I just have to laugh because Jennifer acted like she had all the time in the world to be overdue and still take on as many projects and playdates as humanly possible. I knew she would have her baby sooner than she expected. I'm pretty happy for her because her first three babies were induced in one way or another. She was convinced that number four would be incredibly overdue and would be induced. Nope. She went into labor on her own and had a baby girl named Rebecca.

Gavin has been crying in pain most of the morning. He whines a lot so at first I thought he was faking it. Then I thought maybe his foot was asleep. We all know how unnerving that can be. But it wasn't his foot. He said it was his leg. The fact that he kept pointing at the same leg in the same place made me think maybe something was wrong. I pulled his pants down and didn't see anything. When I started poking around both thighs I noticed the left one (the one he said hurt) felt like the muscle was tighter than the right. I rubbed and massaged it for a good 20 minutes while I talked to him trying to figure out what happened. He said he had a bad dream that hurt it. I asked what happened in the dream that hurt his leg. I never ask him about his dreams because I don't want him to get even more freaked out about them. But usually I hear about it in the middle of the night so I try to get his mind on happier things so he can go back to sleep. This was in the morning and he was well awake so I tried to be a detective. He told me he was playing basketball. A few minutes later he told me he was playing football. Then he told me he had a bad dream about a dinosaur that was trying to eat him.

The pain wasn't going away. Every time I changed his position on the couch he cried or if I tried to get him to stand up he cried. I called Heath who tried to check Web MD. The best we could figure was he had strained his muscle or had a charlie horse or something like that. So I gave Gavin some Ibuprofen. He limped around for a couple more hours before he started acting like himself again. Poor little guy.

So now that my morning drama is over and the Relief Society President came over much sooner in the afternoon than I expected her to (she came shortly after 12:00), I don't know how to fill the rest of my day. I should just clean my bathrooms but who wants to do that? Dawn wants me to clean her house in exchange for watching my own resident Curious George. But the cleaning bug has passed and I don't think BART goes to Washington and we all know I don't want to drive that far!!! I really just want to eat popcorn and watch TV but it makes me feel guilty to waste time like that. I'll think of something and when I do Parker will wake up and start eating everything inedible in the house so I'll be busy then.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Order in the Chaos

Today I have been running around cleaning all day. When we moved in Heath and I put away a lot of stuff but our room was barely touched. I would look at all the boxes and chaos in our room and feel overwhelmed and discouraged. But today I have gone crazy tidying up. I broke down boxes and put them on the growing pile of boxes in the garage. Now Parker can't tear off pieces of tape and cardboard and eat it or throw it in the toilet! Our room is an organized mess since I stacked boxes in the office area for Heath to go through. But you can walk easily across the floor without picking your way through like a land mine. I cleaned the kitchen counters and stove top. With the exception of the pile of packing paper taking over our formal dining room, I think our house looks sparkly now.

So I mentioned Parker throwing things in the toilet. . . That kid is making us crazy! To him the bathroom is a water park and the toilet is the main attraction! Today he pulled out a bunch of wipes and dumped them in the toilet then he threw the toilet paper roll in the toilet, fished it out and put it in his potty chair (good thing it wasn't a full roll). He was completely soaked down the front with toilet water! EWWW!! I just wanted his little mind to understand that even though he is easily washable we can't afford a washer and dryer until our house in SLC sells therefore, he shouldn't go through more than one outfit a day.

Yesterday I did laundry at a girl's house in our ward. She was due to have her fourth baby yesterday and will be induced next week. I really appreciate her generosity but I can't in good conscience go there again while she has so much going on. We may be going to the only laundromat in our city to do our laundry. Jennifer was good company and her kids had fun with Gavin. Parker was able to take a nap but preferred to be a silent lone tornado when he woke up. I loved Jennifer's high capacity washer. I was able to do our laundry in two loads instead of my predicted three. She told me that her house (a duplex) used to be a convent for nuns and there used to be a Catholic church just across the street. Her half of the building was larger and had more rooms than her neighbors she shared a wall with. Water was part of rent because there was only one water source for the whole building. So she said she didn't care how often I used her washer. Like I said, she will soon be up to her elbows in nursing and diapers and potty training and whatever else her kids are doing now. My laundry is clean and put away so right now I think I may vacuum and worry about tomorrow when and if it comes.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Nice Ride

Gavin got a new bike for his happy birthday. He was so excited. We maybe should have done things in a different order because the transitions weren't very smooth. Gavin was allowed to choose a place to eat dinner. He chose Arby's and said, "I'm going to tell the guy that I want a sandwich." Heath got home from work and I had the boys ready to go to dinner but Heath wanted to see Gavin's reaction to the bike first. He brought it in singing Happy Birthday. Gavin was ecstatic and Parker was shaking from excitement and frustration when he was pulled away from the bike. Gavin has a Swain head so his helmet is way too big! Oh well. Both boys were screaming and crying when we tried to pry them away from the bike to go eat.

Dinner went well. The cashier had a thick Asian accent and I think he misunderstood us a little too because he only rang up one kids meal instead of two. It worked out perfectly though because Parker only eats fries and Gavin really only wanted the sandwich. I shared some fries with Gavin who gave half of them back saying he wanted to share with me! I'm telling you, my kids are funny!

After dinner Gavin insisted on eating cake before playing with his bike. It took some effort to get him outside instead. Gavin has no idea how to pedal. Heath and I tried in vain to teach him. Heath even brought out his own bike to show Gavin how to ride. Gavin barely looked at Heath since he was so busy ringing the bell on his bike! He did notice how Heath rode his bike on the lawn a few times so today he kept trying to put his bike on the lawn. I had to tell him it would be easier to learn to pedal on the sidewalk. (sorry Dawn, he understands that word better) The pictures look like good action shots but really the only action happening is Gavin's feet rocking back and forth from the brakes and the point of resistance where he needs to start pedaling!

Gavin sat on his bike for a few more minutes while the rest of us went inside to get the cake ready. We must have gotten so sidetracked with having no matches or lighters (movers wouldn't allow those items) to light the candles, that we actually forgot to use the special hats, plates and napkins we bought for our "party." Maybe we can fake a couple of pictures tonight or something!!!

Gavin had several people call to wish him a happy birthday. Grandma Holmes called, Aunt Candi, Grandma Clarke, Becca on behalf of Cameron who will turn one in a couple of days, and Grandma Westover. Grandma Westover actually got real responses from Gavin rather than quiet unintelligible sounds. She was excited to know that.

We'll do it all over again in 10 days from now for Parker. Fun stuff.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Childhood is Calling!

So we are most of the way moved in. Pretty much just the master bedroom/office need to be unpacked. But we may need to unpack every box in the garage too because I can't find our shoes!!! Most of the unpacking was easy but when we started working on the master the boxes were labeled weird. Heath opened a box labeled books that had only 2 books in it with a lot of other stuff that were not books. Heath said, "Hmmm . . . their definition of books is pretty broad." I opened a box with shoes as part of the label. There was not a single shoe in that box!

But other than that we are doing good. The boys seem to be enjoying the new house as well as having their extra toys back. Unfortunately, the packers were so quick and efficient that Ted E. Bear got packed before Heath or I could do anything about it. Those of you who don't know, Ted E. Bear is Gavin's favorite toy and Gavin calls him "my best friend Ted E. Bear." I frantically grabbed as many "lovies" as I could so the boys would still sleep well at night. I grabbed the plush Lightning McQueen and Mater and the stuffed dog Parker sleeps with. There was never any mention of Ted E. Bear or Clifford the Big Green Dog (a stuffed dog my mom made for Gavin) the whole month we were in corporate housing. I was relieved. But when Gavin saw Ted E. Bear again he said, "Ted E. Bear is sad that he got put in a box. Now he's happy."

This morning we all went outside in our pajamas so I could thin out the peaches. The peach tree is sagging down to the ground with the burden of its fruit. One limb broke off altogether. Anyway, I wanted to get out there before it got too hot (currently it is 102 degrees - ouch!). Plus, it's our backyard - there's no need to look presentable to people! The boys blew bubbles while I picked peaches alternated with blowing bubbles too. I thought, ah yes, this is the life! Gavin got bubble soap on his pants and decided he needed to change even though I never found a wet spot. He came out in a pair of shorts and the same pj shirt he wore to bed. I asked him to find a T-shirt but he told me he wanted to wear his giraffe shirt. I figured he could wear it. It's his happy birthday today so why not be a kid and wear whatever he wants! You're only 4 once.

I had it all planned to blog about our morning where we all rushed to childhood's call. I just love that not long after I got a phone call from Grandma Holmes calling to wish Gavin a happy birthday. She also told me that she loves when I blog about loving being a mom. Being a mom is her favorite too, even more than being a grandma and great grandma (but that is fun too). I love how coincidental that all was. Aunt Candi also called to wish Gavin a happy birthday. I talked to Becky this morning and this afternoon I talked to a member of our ward (who is letting me use her laundry facilities on Monday while our kids play together - yeah!) I have been on the phone a lot today. Those are my favorite days. I miss talking to people. Blogging is so one sided. But I know we have a lot of friends and family who enjoy these daily blogs. Everyone have a great day and try to stay cool, I know I will.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Short Farewell

Hi all my friends and family. Things will be busy for the next several days so I don't think I will be blogging for a while. Here are a couple of pics of the house we will be renting. Type at you all later.