Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Burst of Energy

Today I was determined to take Dawn's advice that she gave me yesterday. She told me I had her permission to lie around watching TV. Well, instead I cleaned my house again. On Saturday Heath started stuffing the packing paper that was taking over our dining room into garbage bags. The pile of paper was about 4 feet tall at it's tallest by the window and spilled out past the kitchen door when the boys jumped in it. Even though we cleaned up all the paper there was still a box and lots of tape wads lying around. I cleaned it all up today and vacuumed. I even tried to find places for the plants and roses we had stored in that room too. Now there is one box sitting neatly in the corner with a floral arrangement on top of it. I will have Heath put the floral arrangement up on a wall when he gets home tonight. The box will most likely find its way to the garage.

I played outside with the boys. Neither one of them seem interested at all in learning how to pedal! Parker sits on his trike and goes backwards all over the yard. Gavin just sits on his bike talking about races and bumpy roads. My favorite part about being outside was when both boys were doing my hair with their chubby little hands and a toy hammer. Who needs a hairdresser when you have a 4 and 2 year old! Gavin has been wearing his helmet ever since I put it on him around 10 this morning. He refuses to take it off. He told me he wants to wear it to Abraham's house. Abraham is a boy in Gavin's Primary class and Gavin played with him yesterday while I did laundry there. I think it's nice that Gavin is starting to find local friends. I feel bad that he misses his Utah friends. He has told me several times in the last week that he wants to see Becca and Cameron and Becky and Kaleb. I miss Becca and Becky too but it makes me feel good to know that Gavin is starting to make friends here in California.

I did indulge in a little TV today. The cable guy was scheduled to come because there were some channels that we couldn't get to come in clearly and some channels told us it would be available momentarily but never was. I figured I better have the TV on and ready to go because it takes a minute to warm up. So I watched a couple baby shows on TLC. I love watching baby shows when I'm pregnant. Today was the first time I actually sat down to do it. When the last show was over Take Home Chef came on and I was about to start one of my Friends DVD's. The cable guy came right then. Good timing! It was a simple problem with a simple solution. The kids hadn't even finished their "distraction" snack before he was done. He was happy the problem was so easy because he thought it would take an hour or two to fix. We may have been his last job for the day. I was happy the kids stayed out of the way and it was so easy. I hate having to be the one home when people have to fix things like that.

Today I actually feel hungry. I ate some bagel bites with my lunch and they were good. The kids hated them the last time we had them several months ago. Parker didn't seem so sure when I gave him one but I called it a chip and he was hooked after that. Gavin was too. They kept asking for more chips. I guess it's all in what you call it. I want to eat more right now but I better not. The Endocrinologist wants me to not only bring him my blood sugar readings on Thursday but he wants a food log too. I hate being pregnant because so many people want to invade my privacy with stuff like that. He'll probably make me sit on a table with crinkly paper, my half nakedness covered with a breezy hospital gown, while he tells me I don't eat healthy for a diabetic much less a pregnant diabetic. I have decided that pregnancy is the nine month flu with 6 different doctors poking and prodding me and judging me. The only breath of fresh air is when I see the obstetrician because she only makes me lift up my shirt a bit to hear the baby's heartbeat or do an ultrasound. (of course that was not the case for my first invasive visit) Anyway, enough whining and complaining. I better go now and tend to my boys who are trying to destroy the house as I type!

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