Friday, July 27, 2007

Found a peanut, found a peanut . . .

So I went to the doctor again today. Since I am 8, almost 9, weeks along it's still too early to hear the baby's heartbeat through dopplar (or whatever they call it). So I had another ultrasound. Very exciting stuff. The picture is fuzzier than what I saw on the computer and of course the scanned picture I am posting on this blog is even fuzzier. It looks like a peanut (hence the title). But I saw my baby. It didn't look like a blob or anything. It looked like the widget on the side right there ---->

I could see the heart beating in the center of the chest. It was so cool. My baby is still alive and is slowly starting to look more human. No baby squid for me!

I'm still working on getting my blood sugars in a tighter range. Things were great for a few days but have slowly started getting bad again even though I have made no changes since seeing the Endocrinologist. So I changed my basal rates a bit hoping that might help. I think I may call the Endocrinologist next week for some advice anyway. I also got a list of Pediatricians to choose from. I want to choose the ones who are across the hall from my Obstetrician because I think that is the easiest. I could also choose the ones in the next building over or the ones who practice by the mall. I need to get appointments for Gavin and Parker since they both just had birthdays. All is well here. The day has blown by. Enjoy the weekend.

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BeccaJane said...

Did you find a pediatrician yet? Sorry I haven't called you back, I'm up in Logan at my friend's house. But guess what, I got a nasty case of mastitis, that horrible breastfeeding infection. It's miserable!!!!! So much for weaning....... Oh, and yes it poured a few nights ago, it was really cool actually. I'm sure your house is fine though.