Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Parker

So two years ago today, Parker was born. I remember feeling so worried that I would completely neglect my baby to love Gavin. Gavin and I bonded slowly but once we did I was so in love with him and I didn't think I could love another baby the same way. When Parker was born the love came instantly and he fit in with the rest of the family so easily. Now I can barely remember what life was like without Parker. It sounds dumb but it's true.

Since Parker is our Curious George and he loves Curious George so much that's how we decorated for Parker's birthday. The Happy Birthday banner didn't stay up for more than 3 hours. No surprise there. Although Gavin's car banner stayed up for days until I finally took it down. We bought a tricycle for him on Saturday. He didn't really know because Heath put it together that night while the boys slept. I took it out of the garage this morning with Gavin's bike so they could play outside. It was very anticlimactic. I showed Parker and said an enthusiastic Happy Birthday. He sat on it and kindof thought it was cool but it was nothing like the reaction we got from Gavin just 11 days earlier. Parker seemed more interested in the water bottle that came with it. Then he was more interested in picking up squishy plums from the ground than actually caring about his new gift. Oh well. He's only 2 years old today.

Today hasn't really even felt like a special day. I have to keep reminding myself that it's Parker's birthday. I think I'm just more excited for this upcoming year. The year Gavin was 2 was a joy. Let's hope it's the same with Parker. I can't believe that last night Parker slammed his head in the wall. It was major deja vous of Gavin splitting his head open the Sunday before his third birthday. Gavin spent some time in the Insta Care getting stitches. Parker didn't actually break the skin. He has a big goose egg though! We spent most of last night watching Parker for signs of concussion. He seems to be ok. I just wanted to snuggle with him and let him fall asleep in my arms. But we kept him awake for nearly two hours trying to see if he would behave normally. Considering the fact that he never took a nap yesterday he was very alert and acted just like himself. He fell asleep on the way to finding another friend's house from the ward who offered us her washer and dryer today. We had Parker sleep in our bed so we could easily check on him throughout the night. He did fine and we put him in his crib at 3:15 am when he woke up. He woke up again at 6 am so we brought him back to our bed where he slept for about 45 minutes before we got everyone ready to take Heath to the BART station.

We did laundry today so the boys were able to play with Lori's kids that they know from their classes in church. That was fun but hardly a happy birthday thing to do. We will probably go out to eat so it's at least the same as what we did for Gavin's b-day. And I forgot that Grandma Westover sent a gift so we can open that. Grandma C will send a gift soon. July is happy birthday month at our house. Well, Heath is almost home so I better go get him. I hope everything I typed makes sense. I don't have time to proofread before publishing the post.

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BeccaJane said...

Awww, I already forgot how cute your boys are! I miss them! Give them kisses for me!!!
Oh, and by the way, turns out the fridge was broken. The fan in the back had bent, so it wasn't going. The fridge was overheating! My brother fixed it good as new!

Westover said...

Oh good. I'm glad that you will be eating frozen ice-cream again instead of soup!