Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I want some popcorn!

So every day after lunch I put Parker down for a nap and rush to the computer to blog. It's like blogging is my drug or something! I sat down today and realized I have nothing in mind to blog about. The Relief Society President came by to visit today because she has been out of town and hasn't met us yet. I thought it would be great to give her the plate from the second night we had dinner delivered to us. I totally forgot. Oh well. She told me that Jennifer (my laundry friend from Monday) had her baby yesterday morning. I just have to laugh because Jennifer acted like she had all the time in the world to be overdue and still take on as many projects and playdates as humanly possible. I knew she would have her baby sooner than she expected. I'm pretty happy for her because her first three babies were induced in one way or another. She was convinced that number four would be incredibly overdue and would be induced. Nope. She went into labor on her own and had a baby girl named Rebecca.

Gavin has been crying in pain most of the morning. He whines a lot so at first I thought he was faking it. Then I thought maybe his foot was asleep. We all know how unnerving that can be. But it wasn't his foot. He said it was his leg. The fact that he kept pointing at the same leg in the same place made me think maybe something was wrong. I pulled his pants down and didn't see anything. When I started poking around both thighs I noticed the left one (the one he said hurt) felt like the muscle was tighter than the right. I rubbed and massaged it for a good 20 minutes while I talked to him trying to figure out what happened. He said he had a bad dream that hurt it. I asked what happened in the dream that hurt his leg. I never ask him about his dreams because I don't want him to get even more freaked out about them. But usually I hear about it in the middle of the night so I try to get his mind on happier things so he can go back to sleep. This was in the morning and he was well awake so I tried to be a detective. He told me he was playing basketball. A few minutes later he told me he was playing football. Then he told me he had a bad dream about a dinosaur that was trying to eat him.

The pain wasn't going away. Every time I changed his position on the couch he cried or if I tried to get him to stand up he cried. I called Heath who tried to check Web MD. The best we could figure was he had strained his muscle or had a charlie horse or something like that. So I gave Gavin some Ibuprofen. He limped around for a couple more hours before he started acting like himself again. Poor little guy.

So now that my morning drama is over and the Relief Society President came over much sooner in the afternoon than I expected her to (she came shortly after 12:00), I don't know how to fill the rest of my day. I should just clean my bathrooms but who wants to do that? Dawn wants me to clean her house in exchange for watching my own resident Curious George. But the cleaning bug has passed and I don't think BART goes to Washington and we all know I don't want to drive that far!!! I really just want to eat popcorn and watch TV but it makes me feel guilty to waste time like that. I'll think of something and when I do Parker will wake up and start eating everything inedible in the house so I'll be busy then.

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