Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's the 24th of July!

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Washington a couple of weeks after Gavin turned 1. We happened to be there over Pioneer Day. Kirk kept saying, "It's the 24th of July!" I guess it was a line from a play the family had seen or something like that. Every year since then I always think about how he said that on July 24th.

My friend Lori and her kids visited for a few minutes this morning before I followed her to our friend Janelle's pool. Ok, ok, so it's not really her pool. It's part of the apartment complex she lives in. The kids had fun floating around and splashing. Parker didn't like being in the water for more than 2 seconds at a time. Surprise, surprise! Gavin, on the other hand, didn't enjoy being in the water either. That was a surprise. Gavin is my little fish but today he wasn't in the mood I guess. Gavin kept saying he wanted to get out of there and go home. He got out of the pool and decided to take off his swimming suit. Annabelle was stripping too so it's hard to say if that's why Gavin thought of it. All of us women just laughed and said that that would not be appropriate at a Young Men/Young Women activity! Of course while we were all trying to gather our stuff to go home, Gavin started stripping again and wanted to put his swimming suit back on because he wanted to get in the water again. It took some convincing to get him back in his clothes. We are planning on doing that again after Janelle's family gets back from their vacation. Maybe Gavin will actually play this time.

When we got home Gavin told me he was a cow. He got into our hall closet where we keep the blankets and pulled out the cow print blanket. He would put the blanket over his shoulders and tell me how he was eating the carpet. Then he told me that cows don't eat spaghetti but people do. Too funny!

If Heath gets home in time we will try to head to the Fairgrounds for a Pioneer Day Celebration with our stake. Happy 24th of July everyone.

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Dawn said...

It is the 24th of July! Since our stake celebrated last weekend I had forgotten today is the day. Kirk was indeed quoting from a play. It was called Zion and Barry was in the church production at the Tabernacle and Dawn was in the production at the stake center. In the play a family wakes up to all this noise and wonders what it is all about? Some one mentions that is the 24th of July then they all realize the significance of the date and shout, “It’s the 24th of July!” Since then that is how we greet Pioneer day at our house. So Happy 24th of July to all!