Friday, July 6, 2007

Nice Ride

Gavin got a new bike for his happy birthday. He was so excited. We maybe should have done things in a different order because the transitions weren't very smooth. Gavin was allowed to choose a place to eat dinner. He chose Arby's and said, "I'm going to tell the guy that I want a sandwich." Heath got home from work and I had the boys ready to go to dinner but Heath wanted to see Gavin's reaction to the bike first. He brought it in singing Happy Birthday. Gavin was ecstatic and Parker was shaking from excitement and frustration when he was pulled away from the bike. Gavin has a Swain head so his helmet is way too big! Oh well. Both boys were screaming and crying when we tried to pry them away from the bike to go eat.

Dinner went well. The cashier had a thick Asian accent and I think he misunderstood us a little too because he only rang up one kids meal instead of two. It worked out perfectly though because Parker only eats fries and Gavin really only wanted the sandwich. I shared some fries with Gavin who gave half of them back saying he wanted to share with me! I'm telling you, my kids are funny!

After dinner Gavin insisted on eating cake before playing with his bike. It took some effort to get him outside instead. Gavin has no idea how to pedal. Heath and I tried in vain to teach him. Heath even brought out his own bike to show Gavin how to ride. Gavin barely looked at Heath since he was so busy ringing the bell on his bike! He did notice how Heath rode his bike on the lawn a few times so today he kept trying to put his bike on the lawn. I had to tell him it would be easier to learn to pedal on the sidewalk. (sorry Dawn, he understands that word better) The pictures look like good action shots but really the only action happening is Gavin's feet rocking back and forth from the brakes and the point of resistance where he needs to start pedaling!

Gavin sat on his bike for a few more minutes while the rest of us went inside to get the cake ready. We must have gotten so sidetracked with having no matches or lighters (movers wouldn't allow those items) to light the candles, that we actually forgot to use the special hats, plates and napkins we bought for our "party." Maybe we can fake a couple of pictures tonight or something!!!

Gavin had several people call to wish him a happy birthday. Grandma Holmes called, Aunt Candi, Grandma Clarke, Becca on behalf of Cameron who will turn one in a couple of days, and Grandma Westover. Grandma Westover actually got real responses from Gavin rather than quiet unintelligible sounds. She was excited to know that.

We'll do it all over again in 10 days from now for Parker. Fun stuff.

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