Thursday, July 26, 2007


When I feel really good I cook up these crazy projects I want to work on. I may have more projects than I have time or energy! My latest idea . . . teaching Gavin to read and write. I want him to know how to write his name before he goes to kindergarten next year and he is very interested in learning how to read. The only problem is he only recognizes capital letters and he doesn't know what sound any of the letters make. Kind of tough to read when you don't know the formula. Yesterday I pulled out my Next Steps kit I used to tutor students after school who were struggling with reading. I quickly realized I needed to start from the very beginning with Gavin. So I pulled out my white board and quized him on letter recognition. Like I said, he only knows capital letters. We talked about the difference between capital letters and lower case letters. He was bored by K. So today I wanted to make some worksheets for him to practice beginning writing skills like slashes and curves to get him ready to write letters. Heath installed the software last night for me but unfortunately, I can't find the fonts to make the worksheets. I'll have to ask him later to help me.

My other project . . . potty training Parker. He keeps asking so I guess it's something I better work on with him. I have decided that I will teach him to go standing up from the very beginning. I have sat him down on the toilet and on his potty chair and he is very much not interested in doing that. He announces he needs to go, pulls his pants off, and stands in front of the toilet with his diaper on. (Funny that he hasn't ever tried to take it off! Part of the reason I let Gavin stop taking naps was because he would take his diaper off and then later fall asleep naked.) I won't make Heath and Gavin sit just because I want Parker to learn to sit. I have heard of people doing that. I think that's dumb. Eventually you teach little boys to stand so that's where we'll start. I just don't know how I'm going to do it. I tried to hold him up high enough yesterday but Parker didn't know what he was supposed to do! I think we need to find another stool or something for the bathroom downstairs. That way he can be tall enough and maybe we can make some progress. But honestly, if the kid is 3 and still in diapers I don't care. I pushed Gavin too hard and it backfired. I don't ever want to do that again even if it means too kids in diapers again. That's certainly not the end of the world.

Other projects . . . catch up on scrapbooking and I decided I want to read the Book of Mormon again before the baby is born. Then of course, read it to the baby before he/she/it turns 1. So far I have read the Book of Mormon to each of my babies before they turned 1. The day I decided to read it before the baby was born, I opened the book and before I could read more than 2 words Gavin wanted my attention. The challenge will be to find time to do it. Read at night, you say? Good idea except once we get through the ordeal called bedtime I'm asleep in front of the TV until Heath tells me to go to bed! Like I said, I don't have the time or energy for all these great projects. How do other mothers do it??? I guess they usually pay for pre-school so their children are ready for kindergarten, they have more patience for potty training than I do and probably better motivating ideas too, they are more organized than I am, and don't suffer from extreme perfectionism. I guess I just need a new personality and I'll be all set! You can't tell, but I am being so sarcastic right now! Wish me luck with my pie in the sky, doomed to fail, plan!

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Dawn said...

First off my dear, NO mother does it all, even when it looks like they do. We only judge their best against our worst.
I know the feeling of having so many more projects than I have time and I don’t have two little boys to chase around. I had great intentions this morning but so far I have accomplished very little. I curled up to work on the new Harry Potter book and fell back asleep. That was okay but I woke up with such a headache I could hardly move. After some medication and a dark room I am feeling better but not really ready to do anything.

• I have a stack of sewing to do before school starts.
• Melina’s birthday is next week and I have to get her present done.
• My house is a disaster area and spring cleaning has been postponed for years now.
• The garage MUST be cleaned out so we can finish all the projects that are stuffed in there.
• I am still not finished with Barry’s Bishop’s scrapbook. I told him he can’t be called as a Bishop again ‘cause I can’t keep up. He had no problem agreeing to that.
• Then there are the scrapbooks I want to make for my grandchildren.

And the list goes on and on. I can’t believe I only have half of my vacation left.
Hang in there and don’t push yourself too hard. Your boys won’t remember when they were potty trained or even how they learned to read. Just keep enjoying their childhood days and keep loving them.