Friday, September 28, 2007

Little Traditions

I was reading in my Parenting Magazine about the things children remember about their childhood. It's not always the big, grand gestures the parents made but often the little things that end up meaning the most.

In our house we have had the same bedtime routine since Gavin was very young. Pajamas, teeth brushed, prayer, story, and songs. Gavin chose the same 3 songs for years. I got so sick of those songs but he loves them. Parker now requests those same 3 songs but not always in Gavin's order. The songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Bear in the Big Blue House, and the alphabet song. Most of the time Gavin, and now Parker, even sings with me. Everyone knows Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the alphabet song. Gavin calls it "A B C D E F G." But Bear in the Big Blue House is our own family tradition. It started with Bear being on Playhouse Disney between shows. Gavin loved Bear. I searched and searched for the show Bear in the Big Blue House to record for Gavin. It was difficult to find but my efforts were finally rewarded. Gavin thought it was cool maybe the first one or two times but he didn't care that much about the show. One night he asked me to sing the song. I don't know the song! So I made it up. And it is now a family favorite.

Welcome welcome welcome to the big blue house.
We're gonna have some fun.
Welcome welcome welcome to the big blue house.
And now our day is done.
Goodnight Bear; Goodnight Gavin; Goodnight Parker. Good night, good night, good night.

Gavin sings this song a lot. He even sang it to my mom who, of course, had no idea what he was singing. Gavin wasn't quite two years old yet and he was hard to understand sometimes. All she clearly heard was the last line. She said she understood Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and loved how Gavin said, "Yike a diamond in the sky." She got the alphabet song, complete with "double x." But the middle song she didn't know. So I told her our story.

When I became a mother I had no idea that a bedtime routine (and now naptime routine for Parker too) would be such a tradition to last through the years. Most of the time I am too tired to really want to go through the routine but I'm starting to see how much it means to the youngest members of our family.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm . . .

I heard on the radio this morning that a woman in New York passed away. Her daughter noticed a library book next to her mother's bed. So, being a good daughter and a good citizen, she took the book back to the library. She was told the book was overdue and had a 50 cent fine. The daughter explained that she was sure her mother would have returned it in time but she died! The reply was, "You still owe us 50 cents." Hmmm . . . Then the DJ said that the library did call the daughter two weeks later. The other DJ said, "And they told her the fine was up to a dollar by then?!?" They both laughed for a minute about that. Unfortunately, I never heard what the library had to say. I'm sure it was to apologize for their insensitivity to the situation.

The baby cooperated for the first time. The doctor found the heartbeat right away without having to do an ultrasound. But the nurse was telling me that she has all boys and with her last baby she really wanted to find out if it was a girl. The baby would not cooperate. They tried and tried and put her in different positions and everything to see what that baby was. Finally, they tried one more thing and the baby opened her legs enough that they could see she was a girl. I may not be able to find out what I'm having. Hmmm . . . Good news is I will be doing a bunch of non-stress tests again at the hospital. If they check the amniotic fluid levels each time they will see the baby and can tell me then.

I tried to get prescription refills last Friday. Albertson's changed to Lucky's while we were in San Diego. I worried about what that meant for my prescriptions. I had 3 new prescriptions written by my doctor with me. (insulin, synthroid, and BD test strips) I was immediately told that since the system had changed it would take a few hours to fill the prescriptions. That was fine. I said I would be back later in the afternoon.

Upon my return, I was told that my insurance doesn't cover BD test strips. I wasn't surprised. Heath had called the insurance company to see if they would and the guy didn't know! Insane I know! And he told Heath that I should just try to have it filled. If it was rejected then I should call the insurance company back to see what they would cover since they don't cover my Freestyle test strips either. A lot of running around on my part because some guy was too dumb to give me better answers. So no on the test strips. The pharmacy tech said something about Accu-Chek strips. Of course I didn't remember I still had an Accu-Chek Complete meter at home. So I said I would figure out the test strips and the pharmacy tech gave me 50 Freestyle strips (I normally get 300 for a month) until we got it all sorted out.

Then he told me that he had to get the doctor's approval for my insulin. Hmmm . . . I had a written prescription signed by my doctor! That made no sense to me. My synthroid was filled just fine. I asked about my prenatal vitamins that I also needed to have refilled. The pharmacy tech said something about needing approval for that too! I told him I had over a year's worth of refills left. I had only filled the prescription maybe twice. So he gave me a box that wasn't the same brand but it was close enough. He put a label on it that said I have 6 refills by July 2008 or something to that effect. Is anyone else confused by all this? I paid for my synthroid pills only and was told I would get a phone call when the rest was sorted out.

Here we are nearly a week later and I get my phone call! It was the same pharmacy tech I talked to on Friday. He tells me my insurance won't cover my Freestyle test strips. My mind was screaming! I thought, "You waited 6 days to tell me something I already knew???" I reminded him that he had said maybe Accu-Chek was covered by my insurance. I told him I had an Accu-Chek Complete meter. He put me on hold to try to run that to see if the insurance would accept it. I waited for not too long while I finished getting lunch on the table for my boys. Then I heard a click . . . silence . . . and a busy signal. We had been disconnected. I figured he would call right back. Becky and I always call each other right back even if we were disconnected saying goodbye. No such luck. It's been over an hour since he called and I haven't heard back. I have to leave in less than 45 minutes to babysit Tori at her house. (Janelle watched my boys here while I went to the doctor because it was closer that way and I will watch Tori there while she sees her dentist because it is closer that way.) Maybe I will swing by Lucky's on the way home to find out if I can get the rest of my insulin for the month and if I can get test strips for the month. The pharmacy tech has a thick Middle Eastern accent. That already makes it hard for me to understand but then he starts talking about other stuff I don't understand and I feel like I am walking in a dark fog. This is why I make Heath call the insurance company for me. He understands things better than I do. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Christmas

Apparently I don't have profound thoughts everyday like I thought I would! Maybe it's just because the sun fried my brain today. It's 85 degrees outside but it feels so much hotter. We played at the playground for Park Day today for about an hour and a half. The sun was merciless! Both boys were begging to go home so we did.

All I can think of to write today is how excited I am to find out who this baby is. Two weeks until I find out. It may as well be an eternity. I told Heath this morning that this is worse than the excitement a child feels before Christmas. This is my Christmas - waiting to find out the gender of my baby. I see the OB tomorrow. Heath asked if I wanted to "tamper with my present early." Meaning, I tried to find out what I was having the last time I saw the doctor, do I want to do it again. Yeah. If the doctor can't get the heartbeat without doing another ultrasound then yes I want to find out what it is. But I would still want it confirmed on the 10th. I was excited to find out the gender for each of my kids but this time the anticipation is killing me!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Everyday Dialogue

I thought I should hurry and write this stuff down before I forget it.

Parker: No, Gayah, ick my!!! (No, Gavin, it's mine!) Gayah! Umm baaaa! (Gavin! Come back!)

Gavin: It's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Parker: Gicky!
Gavin: No, Mickey!
Parker: NO! Gicky!
and on and on until I intervene!

Parker: Head. Milk. (Mom, I got water on my head.)
Parker: Mom. Gayah. Milk. (Mom, Gavin sprayed me with water.)

Me: Parker, are you ready to take a nap in your new bed?
Parker: Yeah. Dinosaur. (Sure Mom. My bed has dinosaurs on it.)

Me: Boys, get in the van.
Gavin: Why? Where are we going?
Me: For a drive.
Parker: Daddy! Daddy!
Gavin: We not getting Dad from the BART station.
Me: No, we're just going for a drive.
Gavin: I not want to get Dad from the BART station.
Me: We're just going for a drive.
Gavin: I want to go to Burger King. I want a burger with a pickle on it.
we pass Arby's and Gavin gets excited.
Gavin: Mom, look it's Arby's. Turn here.
as we turn left into the BART station . . .
Gavin: No! I not want to get Dad from the BART station!
(Gavin throws a bigger fit when I tell him where we are going first!)

Gavin: Tomorrow after we take Dad to the BART station, Daphne and Calvin will come over.
Me: Daphne and Calvin live too far away.
Gavin: Tomorrow when I waked up in the morning I will put on my raincoat and go outside and build a snowman.
(I don't even try to explain to Gavin that he may never see snow again! He doesn't understand that his cousins can't just come over anymore. Everyday he says some random thing that will happen "tomorrow." I think it's a fairly fluid concept for him right now.)

Right now Gavin is singing "Don't Go Breakin My Heart" from Ella Enchanted. It's too funny.

Every time I push Parker in the swing we have this exchange.
Parker: Oh! Fraw!
Me: Frog?
Parker: Yeah. Riddit, Riddit.
Parker: Oh! A Wiggle.
Me: The Wiggles?
Parker: Yeah. La la la la laaaah.
Parker: Oh! Cat. Sneep. (he points to the tops of the trees)
Me: Is the cat asleep in the tree?
Parker: Uh-huh.
he continues with the name of every animal he can think of with the correct sounds they make. It's pretty cute. He also periodically points out Gavin with an enthusiastic, "Oh! Gayah!"

Gavin and Parker hold each other's hands as they stand on the bricks in front of the fireplace.
Gavin: 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . 7 . . . 8 . . . 9 . . . 10 . . . ZERO!
both boys jump off the bricks and land in a heap of giggles.
Gavin: See Mom, we counting to zero!

Gavin calls any sand the beach, even if it's just sand at a playground.

It's true when they say to enjoy this time because kids grow up too fast. I actually miss Gavin arguing with me that it was "double x" not the letter w. I can hardly remember some of the funny ways he pronounced things unless I wrote it down.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My, what a big bed you have!

Saturday night we looked at bunk beds for the boys. We were just going to look because we figured it would be really expensive and after all the hundreds of dollars we gave the DMV on Friday . . . well, we figured we'd just look. But then we found exactly what Heath wanted to buy. I know nothing about bunk beds since I never grew up with any in my house. For less than $1000 we bought bunk beds that separate into two different beds, plus we got two brand new mattresses as part of the deal. I thought that was very reasonable. They were delivered today (free delivery by the way!).

The boys love their new beds! They are really nice. I had the delivery guys set them up as separate beds because we think our boys might be a little young for bunk beds right now. There's a tag on one of the beds that says no child under the age of 6 should be allowed on the top bunk. The beds take up most of the room! The crib is still in there because the delivery guys said they don't break down the old beds unless you want them to take them away. We would like to keep them for now. That room is literally full of beds.

Parker got new sheets of course. We got him the dinosaur bed in a bag because everything else was some sort of character like Lightning McQueen or Sponge Bob Square Pants. Gavin would be upset if he couldn't have cool new character sheets too. We figured the dinosaurs were as close as we were going to get to the dragon theme they have had in their room so far. Maybe we can find something at for Christmas. Gavin's dragon sheets were a Christmas present from Parker was actually excited to take a nap today. He told me goodbye before I even sang him any songs. He never cried either. I may not have needed to put up the gate but I did anyway.

I love how excited kids get over such mundane things like beds, sheets, and clothes. I was the same way as a kid though. I think it helps that these new things weren't attached to any holiday or birthday. I will never get over how for my birthday my parents gave me a new blood glucose meter and test strips. That was all I got. Something I medically needed anyway! Their excuse was it was so expensive and Christmas was coming soon. Oh the joys of a December birthday.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Evil Beurocrats

Heath took the day off to go to the DMV this morning. We had a scheduled appointment but somehow lost our appointment status when we were told to move our vehicle to license it in the state of California. Irritation number one. Number two was the fact that Heath checked online to see what we needed to bring with us to license our van and ourselves. The website said bring nothing. So we were told we could not get a license unless we had a birth certificate or passport and a marriage license. I don't have my birth certificate. The first and last time I left the country (for our honeymoon to Victoria, BC) was before September 11, 2001 so I wasn't required to have a passport to enter Canada.

I went home to find Heath's birth certificate and our marriage certificate. I couldn't find his birth certificate but I found my social security cards - maiden name and married name. Those were unacceptable. Heath asked the lady why, out of all the states he has lived in, California wouldn't accept just a driver's license. The answer was that California has stricter laws. I'm learning that more and more everyday. I couldn't believe how hard my obstetrician pushed for me to get the first trimester screening. When I ended up cancelling the appointment altogether I had to sign a form saying the test was offered and I refused. It's still my baby right? Why do I have to go through so much drama about my baby??? Anyway, we were both pretty ornery about the whole DMV fiasco. Oh yeah, we also have to get a smog check done on our van before we can complete licensing it. That would've been nice to know beforehand as well. So Heath is getting the smog check done and taking in his birth certificate to get his California license so he doesn't have to miss work again. He also alerted a co-worker getting her driver's license on Monday. I guess I'll go back as soon as my mom sends me my birth certificate or if she can't find it I will pay through the nose to get a new one sent to me.

Hopefully I don't get pulled over. The DMV lady said we wouldn't be fined for driving with an out of state license but that's not what the website said!!! Good luck to me right! What a great Friday. The weekend can only improve from here. I was supposed to speak on Sunday but then I was told I would speak sometime in October. I have never received a phone call as to when my new speaking assignment is. I'm mentally preparing to have to speak this week after all! I can wing it. I have thought about the topic enough. Heath told me I can ignore the advice on the sheet they gave us about speaking. One piece of advice is to not talk about the circumstances surrounding receiving the call to speak. He said if I'm surprised with my name on the program I can tell everyone about it! We'll see.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shop til you Drop

Janelle and I went shopping today at the outlet stores in Tracy. Gavin and Parker needed new clothes, as I mentioned yesterday. I looked in our stash of extra clothes just to be sure but all we had was baby clothes. The biggest size was 12-18 months. I wondered where the 2T/3T bag was but then I realized the boys have been wearing those clothes for a year now.

I got the boys each 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of gray cargo pants, 2 long sleeved T-shirts, 2 T-shirts, and 3 pairs of socks. I made a little mistake when I accidentally bought two 3T T-shirts from Osh-Kosh. Oops. It does fit Gavin, but I know it won't for long. Thank goodness the clothes were all on sale from outlet stores because I still spent a lot more than I thought I would. My only concern is the jeans I bought for Gavin. I thought the size 4 pants would get too short too quickly so I bought the size 5 pants. But he is so skinny that they kind of look weird on him like his Sunday pants do. Poor kid. He's too tall and skinny to look right in anything. I wish I had that problem!!!

We also went to the Halloween store where Janelle scored on a $5 bear costume for her daughter. Gavin and Parker hated that store. They did ok with the scary skeletons and what not by the door because we moved to the costumes quickly. Gavin kept begging for all the costumes. "I want to be Buzz Lightyear. I want that one. I want to be a Penguin." and on and on. He also wanted to be a dragon when I tried the costume Grandma made on Parker this morning. I think Gavin will think his knight costume is cool when Grandma sends it. We had a little boy meltdown as we tried to leave the store. Parker had his face buried in his hands at one point. I wasn't sure what he was doing. When I pulled his hands away he started crying hysterically. I carried him the rest of the time in the store. Gavin lost his mind when the mummies started making noise by the door. Janelle had to push both strollers while I escorted my upset children out the door and calmed them down. I'm sure my brother is glad that his kids aren't afraid of Halloween since it's his favorite holiday. I hate most holidays but now that my kids are getting older I'm actually excited for the different holidays. I'm really looking forward to Halloween this year. Shocking I know!

I'm becoming more and more of a girl everyday. I love shopping with my friends. I've never really done it before. I loved shopping for maternity clothes with Lori and I loved shopping for kids clothes with Janelle. I want to decorate my house for fall. Janelle's blog about decorating for fall made me fall off the fence onto the side of really wanting to decorate for fall! I told my sister the other night that my front entry way is "begging for a bench." She laughed at me and told me I was becoming our mother. I guess I am. And I don't think it's a bad thing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't Tell Dad!!!

I checked on BYU's website and they don't sell maternity BYU shirts. Crazy huh! So Heath made me this one. I love it.

The weather was unseasonably cold today. I put everyone in long pants to go to Park Day with our friends. Unfortunately, I can't find any long pants that fit Parker. I did find a cute outfit that was given to us by friends. It's a red football looking jersey with matching track pants. The shirt has the number 26 on the front and on the sleeves. Parker kept touching the 26 on his chest and saying, "BYU!" Then Gavin said that it was a BYU shirt. I tried to explain that BYU's colors were blue and white. Red was Utah. They didn't care. Don't tell Dad the troops are defecting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Giving in

Playing with toys in the hotel. I love the lighting in this picture. Heath is a great photographer.

Parker has sand on his face because he fell asleep on his belly, with his life jacket on, still periodically moving his hands in the sand. Heath took off his life jacket and picked up Parker, who almost immediately fell asleep on Dad's shoulder. We wrapped him in a towel so he wouldn't get sunburned. Heath pulled the towel off his face to get this picture.

I told Heath to get pictures of me. I said we could photoshop my legs. I believe fat looks better tan! Just kidding! I wanted pics of me so we could see my prego belly and my cute maternity swimming suit I payed too much for since I only used it 4 times! I like this picture because we're all little. You can't really see my flaws and you can't hardly tell Gavin is screaming his head off because he didn't want to go in the water.

Gavin enjoying watching the dolphins play with a ball in the pool.

So I'm giving in. Since I can't think of anything else to write about here are some pictures from our trip.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Back to Reality

We are now back from our trip to San Diego. It was such a blast. We've known for a while that Heath needed to go to San Diego for a business trip. At the last minute the boys and I were invited. I was nervous since I went on a business trip to Irvine, CA when Gavin was 3 months old. That was a waste of my time. But Heath assured me that I wouldn't be imprisoned in a hotel room. So I agreed to go.

We left on Sunday. We wanted to listen to General Conference sessions in our van while the boys watched movies. But the CD's didn't burn correctly. Heath only had time to make one music CD. He put over 90 songs on it but for some reason our van only played about 60. I never thought I could get sick of Jack Johnson, Poe, and KT Tundstell but for now I am!

Our hotel was within walking distance of the beach. A perk that helped me agree to the trip. Sunday night we walked to the beach to see if I could load up a stroller with beach stuff. There were countless sets of stairs so taking a stroller was obviously not a good choice. The steeper the steps got the more I worried about taking more than just the boys with me. I decided the pool would have to be good enough while Heath was working.

Monday we went to Sea World. My first time ever. (I've led a sheltered life!) That was so much fun. We saw a dolphin show, Shamu, and a third show with seals, otters, and a walrus. September is the time to go! It was not very crowded at all. The boys touched starfish and bat rays. I was brave enough to touch a bat ray. That was weird! It felt slimy, but not, velvety, but not, and cartiligy and definitely alive. It was very strange. Heath and the boys loved it but I'm a total pansy!

Tuesday Heath worked. We went to the pool and later I took the boys to the beach. I was so glad I didn't have life jackets for them or sand toys. The boys walked down the stairs fine but I carried Parker up almost all of the stairs. Let me tell you being pregnant and out of shape carrying a dead weight 2 year old about to fall asleep is a recipe for a heart attack! Somehow we made it and Parker napped for over 3 hours afterwords. I had to wake him up for dinner.

Heath worked for half a day on Wednesday. We did the pool thing again and Heath got back after lunch. His meetings ended early so the employees from the different companies could go on a private photo safari at the zoo. Since the boys and I were only invited to the zoo but not the safari, Heath just spent the time with us. We drove down the road a little bit to another beach area. We were all decked out in swimming suits, the boys had life jackets and their sand toys. They hated the water but loved playing in the sand. Parker fell asleep in the sand.

Thursday was the day that would never end. I took the boys for a walk when housekeeping came in the morning. We went to the pool after lunch. Heath came back in time for dinner because he took care of his Friday meetings after his Thursday meetings. That was nice. I was tired of the hotel by the end of the day.

We played at Legoland on Friday from open to close. That was a blast. I wished so hard I knew if we were having a girl because I saw the cutest girl stuff. I wanted to get the Lego doll house. Heath bought me a Lego rose. I love it. There was no waiting to get on any of the rides. Parker ate his slice of cantelope from lunch, rind and all!!! Later that night we went to a scrapbook store where the clerk gave the boys stickers. Parker was frustrated that it wouldn't stick with the paper backing on. So he put it in his mouth. I heard this weird slurping noise so I asked Parker what was in his mouth. He shut his lips tighter and tighter as I talked. When I held out my hand for him to spit out whatever was in his mouth, he swallowed his sticker! No one can say he doesn't get enough fiber!

We left around 9:00 Saturday morning and drove to Downtown Disney. It's basically an outdoor shopping mall with a Disney theme. We ran into the VanValkenburgs. They lived about 4 doors down from us in West Jordan. Kacie and Tiffany were former Beehives of mine. Kacie was one of our favorite babysitters. Darren was the Elder's Quorom President and our home teacher. They had moved into a house they had built for them in January. They are still happy there. Junae's sister passed away a few months ago so they welcomed her children (ages 14 and 11) into their family. They were in town for a family reunion. Small world that we would bump into them at Downtown Disney of all places! I wanted to eat at the Rainforest Cafe. I thought the boys would enjoy the ambiance. My foot is still in my mouth. Our table was right next to a robotic gorilla that would make noise and move every so often, usually before the pretend rainstorm. It startled Parker who clung to me the rest of the time there. Heath pulled him out of the high chair kicking and screaming to sit on my lap to eat. His head never left my chest. Way to go Mom!

We left Downtown Disney at 12:30 pm and after 2 plus hours of LA traffic we felt like we were on our way. We got home between 7 and 7:30 pm. It's good to be home even though we miss San Diego.

I thought of sharing a couple of pictures but we have 600 pictures from our week long trip! Too many to choose from. So if you want to see pictures or hear more details of our adventures, you just have to check out my scrapbook. I plan to do full 12x12 2 page layouts for each day.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

More often than not my kids are so cute when they play together. In fact, it's more like every once in a while they fight. Well, maybe more often than that but you get the idea. Yesterday they had the idea of pushing around these big trucks. One is a dump truck that we got when Daphne and Calvin were done with it. Parker would fill it with toys. The other was a truck my Barbies drove when I was a kid. I don't think Gavin put anything in it. The boys would hunch over these trucks and push as fast as their little legs would go. Our downstairs is set up in a bit of a circle so the boys would push these trucks around the circle over and over. They would giggle a lot too. So cute. It was really loud but I didn't want to wreck the magic by asking them to go upstairs.

They also like to run around the circle chasing each other. Sometimes they growl at each other like they are dinosaurs or monsters and giggle and giggle. I love when they run around like that because you can hear their feet. I imagine that's what people mean when they talk about missing the pitter patter of little feet in their house.

Some of their favorite toys are the ones we got with kids meals. Last night Parker slept with "Yeehaw." I love that that's what he calls the toy. It's really a Homer Simpson figure with a cowboy hat and when you press the button he says, "Yeehaw." My kids make me laugh.

Gavin is getting better at drawing. He finally asked his dad to fix the computer so Gavin could print and color pictures from Playhouse Disney. Heath is the only one with admin rights so he had to fix it. Well, Gavin was too impatient to wait for the pics to download. Since then he just draws the pictures he sees on the computer. Yesterday he drew Safety Patrol. Lou and Lou were in a car that Gavin drew. He also drew Mickey Mouse. Gavin didn't draw his ears but he did get the buttons on Mickey's shorts. I thought that was impressive.

Motherhood calls so I must be off.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

You're better than you think you are!

Yesterday was a bad technology day. I spent hours on the computer trying to get prepared for my Endocrinologist appointment today. Now I realize that if I would work on documenting my blood sugars all along I wouldn't be panicking the day before. The computer didn't want to cooperate half the time.

Later, my friend and I took the BART into San Francisco for a baby shower for a mutual friend expecting twin boys. That was fun. I did feel bad that we fed the MUNI machine and ended up with 4 tickets. Bad news is that when I told Heath he said that he could have given me his monthly MUNI pass if he knew that's what we would do. He expected us to take a cab to the party. And if we had left the party a few minutes earlier we could have used the extra MUNI tickets. Oh well. We saw a guy on the BART that looked just like Orlando Bloom. Unfortunately, neither one of us know how to use the camera feature on my new cell phone!!! I'm just glad I know how to answer my phone. See more bad luck with technology. While I was gone Heath bought a new camera. I'm excited because the nicer equipment will allow Heath to take even better pictures. But I had to pretend to get mad at him because I can't keep up with all his technological upgrades lately! Like right now. I put in 5 different CD's in our new stereo (the movers broke our other one that was a happy anniversary present not even a year ago!). The problem is I can't get them to play.

So today I went to see my endocrinologist. I always panic before seeing the doctor because I expect to be told I'm not doing as well as I could be. No, he told me that even though I had some high numbers every once in a while he was pleased with how well I was doing. My A1c went from 7.5 to 6.0 in about 2 months. That made me happy because that's more how it should be always and especially when I'm pregnant. I was given a book about being a parent with diabetes. That should be interesting and helpful. I really need to cut myself some slack because I'm really doing better than I think I am. It's like in the Sunscreen song I talked about a few days ago -"Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults. If you succeed in doing this tell me how." That's what I need to do with every aspect of my life and I would be a much happier person.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss Interpretation

I'm listening to music again after spending half an hour putting all the CD's back in order. Parker likes to open the CD player and grab handfuls of CD's and then stuff them back in at random. So then I turn it on to listen and hear this nasty grinding sound because he has shoved too many CD's into one spot. As I was putting them away I noticed that there were several CD's that were facing the wrong direction. It was a long process but what can I do? We went through the same thing with Gavin and actually found the Heywood Banks CD, we had been missing for over a year, in the VCR! Good thing we had ripped it from my brother and burned our own copy. (Totally legal by the way) We still have the files and can burn another copy. Kids are amazing in that they remember things you don't necessarily even want them to know but they can't remember anything you harp on daily! Like don't touch the CD's, flowers, blinds, toilet, swim diapers in the garbage, and don't pick at the chipped paint on the wall from when you scratched it with a chair!(Just to name a few)

I heard a Blue's Brothers song. I think it's called Twistin'. It totally took me back to my childhood. My parents bought the record and my mom would put it on every summer morning to wake us up. Pretty ingenius on her part since she knew her kids aren't morning people like she is. We would wake up so much happier those mornings because that was our favorite record. Anyway, when I was a little kid I totally thought the song was about me! I thought the words were "Tristan, shake a shake a tail feather!" My dad would listen to a song by Aretha Franklin (I think) and I thought she sang "Oh X the Owl" you know, from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. No, she was really singing "Oh yes they are."

As I'm taking this trip down memory lane an Adam Ant song comes on. It reminds me of another song on that CD. I bought the CD because I liked it and my brother's best friend Jason had it on tape. He would come with us on different family outings and bring that tape. We would sit in the back of our truck with the carpet kit and shell and listen to music. I had a little portable tape player that when the batteries were fresh the songs played super fast, when the batteries started to die the songs played really slow! Anyway Adam Ant is a very flamboyant British punk rock band from the late 70's and early 80's. You can imagine that not all of the lyrics are appropriate for young girls to know. Jason would sing really loud to one song and being the naive and gullible girl I was, I had no idea he was singing the wrong words for my benefit! I feel like an idiot but I didn't really figure it out until I was in college and found the CD and saw the name of the song!!!

A college roommate of mine bought a new Seal CD. My dad turned me onto Seal, like most of the music I listen to. I was excited she bought the CD because even though I love his voice there were some songs I couldn't figure out the lyrics to. I grabbed the CD case to read the lyrics. There were none. There was just a long note from Seal to the listeners saying essentially that he doesn't like to include the lyrics because it ruins the magic when people find out they were singing the wrong words. He wants people to interpret the music in a way that makes sense to them and if that means they sing the wrong lyrics so be it. Speaking of Seal, I have to say one of my favorite songs right now is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. I thought maybe the song was a cover but now I'm thinking it's not because the lyrics aren't the same. I think Alanis Morisette did a cover of Seal's Crazy though.

I just love when Gavin bebops to whatever song is playing. He says, "I love this song." or "This song is stuck in my head." I love music. I just wish I was the musical scholar my brother is.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Kids say the darndest things

Me: Gavin, take your finger out of your nose!
Gavin: No, it's sticky in there.
several seconds later . . .
Gavin: It's not sticky anymore!

Heath: Gavin, do you know what a missionary is?
Gavin: Uh-huh. I want some chwackate!(chocolate)

Gavin: Don't sit back there Parker. That's for the scalps!(scouts) Gavin thinks the back seat of our van is reserved for my Cub Scouts because we took a field trip to Tracy Aviary several months ago.

Gavin was trying to drink the last of the ice-cream in his bowl. It was gross especially since we had the missionaries over for dinner. So I took his bowl away from him and while I was getting a paper towel wet to clean him up he started licking the ice-cream that had spilled on the table cloth.

For those of you who don't know I teach the CTR 5 class in Primary. They are 4 year olds going on 5. For Sharing Time the Primary President talked about service. She had the kids (Junior Primary ages 3-8) make smiley faces on paper plates that had a string attached that they could hang over their necks. The kids were supposed to wear the smiley faces and stand at the front of the room while a Sunday School class of teenagers came in as our guests. I think the point was just that the kids could do a simple service of smiling at someone to make their day. It was a little awkward as the teenagers sat and stared at the kids and the kids acted shy, or showed off, or had nervous energy while they stared at the teenagers. Several kids held their plates up to their faces. One kid was pretending to cry. It sounded like Gavin but I couldn't really see him. The teenagers kept asking who was crying. Whenever they did all the kids would pull their plates down and nervously giggle. After our guests left we had Singing Time. Gavin continued to hold his smiley face plate to his own face and pretend to cry. It was Gavin! I thought that was funny since he didn't understand the irony of wearing a smiley face while pretending to cry!

The magic of my calling is wearing off after a few weeks of teaching. The kids ask me every week (including asking the substitute I had last week while Heath was being set apart for his calling) if I brought food. I tell them every week that I did not bring food. They come back with, "Our last teacher always brought food." I just say, "I'm not your last teacher." They're never impressed with me.

I was teaching my class about remembering Jesus during the Sacrament. As I told stories of Jesus one kid started arguing with me. He said that Jesus was not alive! He died! I said, "Yes he did but he was resurrected and lives today." The kid wouldn't have it. He kept insisting I was wrong and that Jesus died. So then the other kids started talking about Easter and how that was the day Jesus died. I should have let them finish because they may have remembered the rest of the story but instead I told them we weren't talking about Easter.

The kids in my class are really chit chatty and even though there were only 5 of them yesterday (1 didn't show up and 2 were visitors) they get out of control easily. I tried to get their attention by saying, "If you're ready to listen raise your hand." They all started criticisizing my methods and telling me that in school you raise two fingers. They all started kindergarten last week. I wanted to say something sarcastic like, "Well pardon me your highness!" I was just amazed that they knew the rules for school but somehow they weren't generalizing the rules and applying them in Primary.

When I had them color a picture one kid chose not to color. He wanted to take it home and use his markers. I didn't care. But he was so critical of the girls who were coloring. He kept saying, "You're not doing a good job. You're scribbling. You need to stay in the lines!" Thank you color police! I did love the rainbow hair and the purple faces with green arms. Very creative color choices. The kids were arguing over what kind of book was on the girl's lap in the picture. Some thought it was a hymnbook and should be colored green while others thought it was her scriptures and should be colored black. You'd think they were deciding what to do with the government's budget with how intense they were with that argument.

I thought it would be powerful for the kids to sit quietly for 60 really quickly counted in my head seconds and think about Jesus. But I made the mistake of telling them that when the minute was over I would say the prayer. All they heard was I would say the prayer. So they thought we were preparing to pray. After 13 seconds they started asking why I wasn't saying the prayer yet! A few seconds later it was apparent that my little spiritual moment was not going to happen so I just started praying. The second I was done I hear, "That was really fast." This was from the little girl who wanted to give the opening prayer but needed me to whisper the entire thing in her ear while she repeated after me!

I told the class that they couldn't get their plates and leave until they told me a way they would try to remember Jesus during the Sacrament next Sunday. The first girl to reach the door said, "My mom has my plate." Her mom is in the Primary Presidency. I have always loved how hard kids try to find the loopholes. I just said, "You still have to tell me how you are going to try to remember Jesus during the Sacrament next week." The next girl kept pointing at the top plate and saying, "That one's mine!" I said, "Yes, but you have to tell me . . . " I finally got them all to say something.

That story reminded me of something funny Parker did. I had his door barricaded like Fort Knocks and he was in there playing around for hours. Why don't I just let him out? Because the kid is cranky as can be when he doesn't nap and I have a tendency to get caught up in a battle of wills when it comes to my kids. Anyway, I walked by to do something and Parker saw me. I walked over to the door and saw him sitting on the overturned laundry basket. It's not a strong plastic basket so it was sagging under his weight. I pointed at his bed. He covered his eyes with his fists. I exercised great self control and did not laugh. He slowly took his fists away to peek and see if I was still there. I was still pointing at his bed. He covered his eyes again and I walked away. So really, Parker won that one.

Kids make me laugh. Dawn, I hope you enjoyed the Primary stories. Heath laughed and that's when I realized it was pretty funny. Just be glad you're in Nursery and I'll be glad I'm in Primary!