Friday, December 21, 2007

Hopefully a sign of things to come!

I have just completed my second week of non-stress tests. Only 8 more weeks to go. Every time I go in for a non-stress test I'm always told that the baby looks good and is cooperating very well. I have not been hooked up to the monitors for more than 20 minutes, which is the shortest amount of time for a NST.

The first time I went with this baby the nurse told me that the baby was doing well probably because I had eaten a snack before seeing my doctor. She suggested that I schedule my appointments for a time of day when I have recently eaten. So far it's a great trick! I talked to the nurse about it today and she said that it's best to go in when my blood sugars are stable and I have recently eaten. If I go in at a time when I tend to run high then the baby is too sleepy. She also said that another trick they do to wake up a sleepy baby is have the mother drink ice water. The baby feels the cold in the stomach and perks up. Weird huh! I love all the crazy things I learn about unborn babies when I'm pregnant.

The nurse finished her "lecture" as she called it and told me that my baby looked good. I had only been hooked up for 5 minutes and the baby had almost met the criteria required! I hope this baby continues to be this good for every NST. The nurse was speculating that a cooperative unborn baby may be a cooperative infant. We'll see. I do worry about the drama that is almost inevitable with a girl. But then again, Gavin is pretty dramatic and he's a boy. Every kid is different.

It's hard not to eavesdrop because there are 5 or 6 beds separated by a thin curtain for privacy. Another lady had come in for a NST while I was there. She gets to be induced next week. Lucky her. But she was saying that her baby is measuring big and that she hadn't gained much weight with the pregnancy. The lady said she was down another 2 pounds. It sounded all too familiar! I wonder what that all means. I've been told that it's not a big deal and the doctors aren't worried about me or the baby. But it does seem strange to be pregnant and not really gaining much weight while the baby just gets bigger and bigger. Who knows.

My next NST is scheduled for Christmas Eve. My next obstetrician appointment is the day after Christmas. Good thing we aren't going anywhere for Christmas! I'm so excited about Christmas. Time has gone quickly but it's starting to drag now because I have nothing left to stress about! I plan to enjoy my family these next 2 weeks. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Anyone can cook?

One of the themes in the movie Ratatouille is that anyone can cook. The last time we watched the movie that line came up and I said something derogatory like, "I can't cook." Gavin piped up with an enthusiastic, "Yes you can Mommy!" I couldn't help but laugh. At least my son believes in my abilities because I sure don't.

I believe anyone can cook if they have the desire to. That's my problem. I couldn't care less about cooking. I wish I cared about baking too but it always seems to be more trouble than it's worth. I see my friends cook for their families and they seem to get such satisfaction out of preparing meals for the ones they love. Try as I might, I can't seem to care. The few things I can do don't fill me with excitement that I made something. I cook because if I don't my family would starve. Also because it's not fair to make Heath do the cooking anymore now that his commute is so long and he gets home late more often than not. We used to have an agreement. He did the cooking because he was good at it and enjoyed it and I would clean for the same reasons.

Cooking really isn't difficult, nor does it take talent to make something edible. Anything is possible if you pay attention. That's my other problem. I rarely pay attention. In high school I was making dinner for my family and became so consumed in my own thoughts about a dramatic issue I was dealing with, that I actually put a plastic bowl on one of the burners (that I had forgotten to turn off when I took the pot off) to fill it with food. I didn't notice until I smelled the horrible stench of burning plastic. My mom knew the drama in my life at the time and was actually very nice about me melting one of her new serving bowls.

In college my philosophy was fast food or anything that could be microwaved in 2 minutes or less. It's amazing I didn't gain weight! The most adventurous I ever got was to throw ingredients in my slow cooker and eat it hours later. I even came up with my own way of microwaving Ramen noodles. Maybe I had some unconscious fear of burning boiling water! I bet I would be the one person to do that!

As a wife and mother I have managed to ruin casseroles from a box, nearly burn the house down with overflowing boiling water with milk and butter in it (for noodles from a box), forget to set the timer while boiling eggs and get so involved with other things that I had no idea how long the eggs had been boiling, I have forgotten ingredients in taco soup, and last night I managed to ruin another packaged meal with the easiest of easy heating instructions. Last night I set the timer and followed Heath upstairs completely forgetting about the fact that I was making dinner! The timer had gone off (I don't know when because I can't hear it upstairs) and the food was still boiling. It took some effort to scrape and scrub off the food burned to the bottom of the pan today after it had soaked overnight.

When I make mistakes like that (as Heath so sweetly puts it) I feel like such an idiot! Unfortunately I haven't learned to pay any more attention the next time. I am a firm believer in miracles but some things just can't be done like nailing jell-o to a tree!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things that make me laugh

Heath recently found a quote that said "A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of." So true!

We received a check today for Christmas. It was made out to Health and Tristan Westover. That made me laugh only because I have made the same mistake.

I was telling Gavin and Parker that they have been very good to not touch all the holiday gifts and decorations. Then I told them that there are only 6 more days until we can open presents. Their eyes were wide as I talked about Christmas day and Santa coming at night while we slept. I said that a couple of days after Christmas Grandma and Grandpa would come visit. Gavin said he wanted to show them the toys he got for Christmas. I asked, "But what if you don't get any toys? What if you only get socks and underwear for Christmas?" His eyes got wider and wider as I asked the question. He paused with the biggest eyes I have ever seen and finally said, "Put them away?" Good response kid! If you only get socks and underwear you should put it away to be used when needed.

The other night we were watching part of some countdown of the top 100 songs of the 90's. Those shows are interesting in that I thought I understood pop culture from a certain time period but really I was apparently raised in a barn and know very little. One song I did recognize was My Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. The celebrities being interviewed for the show made fun of his incredibly tight jeans (I agreed!) and his hairstyle choice. It was described as the encyclopedia mullet. Meaning if you wanted to look up mullet in the encyclopedia you would see Billy Ray Cyrus' hair! One celebrity said it was a mullet with an umlaut over the u. He called it an uber mullet (stretching out the word uber). That cracked me up.

I saw a video on America's Funniest Home Videos that I thought was hysterical. The dad was filming a baby dance and in the background you hear, "When are you going to tape us together?" The dad says, "I already taped you guys together." The little boy says, "But you didn't put tape on us." I love kids in the preoperational stage!

Every time Parker puts his hands on his hips I crack up. My favorite was when one of my visiting teachers asked her son to get his shoes on so they could go home. Parker dropped Owen's shoes on the floor in front of him and then put his hands on his hips. I was waiting for him to start impatiently tapping his foot as if to say, "Come on kid I may be younger than you but get your shoes on already."

Gavin said, "Parker check it out! I'm the first Wiggle." On Playhouse Disney you can design a Wiggle to look like you and have your name. I just love the term 'check it out!'

Sonic commercials. I love the one where the guy and girl are eating the holiday minty shakes. The girl starts blowing at the guy so he can tell how minty the shake is making her breath. She says something like, "See it's minty fresh right?" He looks like he's trying not to gag and says, "Minty isn't the word I would use."

I saw something last Saturday night that made me laugh. Unfortunately, I can't say anything until Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Most people experience high levels of stress around the holidays. Too many parties, not enough time. Obligation to buy a gift for every person you know. Crowded stores. Crowded streets. Commercials specifically designed to make you feel your gifts are inadequate and that you need to buy more to make up for it. Typical things like that. It's sad to think that such a beautiful time of year can cause so much emotional turmoil in so many people.

I love all the efforts people make to define the "reason for the season." Most are good ideas but still come up short. Songs are sung and stories are told of the miraculous birth of the Savior but sometimes it seems all the emphasis is put on that night and we forget why the Savior's birth was so joyous. We forget what a blessing His life was and continues to be for us.

I look around me and I am surrounded by blessings and beauty. My kids play so sweetly together 95% of the time. Who am I to complain about their running through the house scream giggling? They're having fun. Gavin pretended to go trick or treating around Halloween, which was creative and cute. Now he pretends he's Santa. He uses his inflatable sword as a reindeer or sled and carries toys in a bag. He repeatedly says, "Ho Ho Ho. Very Christmas!" It's adorable.

Yet sometimes I can't wait for it all to be over. I can't wait for the frantic commercialism to end. I can't wait for my family to see the gifts I wanted to give them. I can't wait for the preachiness of the season to end - why can't we preach charity, thanksgiving, and goal setting throughout the whole year rather than just in the dismal winter months?

But the biggest reason I can't wait for the holiday season to end is actually my source of stress. I can't wait for life to go back to normal. Normal business hours, normal medical service from my endocrinologist, etc. His office is closed until January 2. Apparently it has been closed all month. Meanwhile I can't get my pump supplies because my prescription has expired and the nurse is taking her own sweet time finding the 2 faxes sent for a prescription request. I'm not stressed though. No, not me! (heavy sarcasm!) In this time of year when we open our eyes to the miracles all around us I will pray for a miracle and know that my Heavenly Father will bless me because He always has. In the meantime I will try to scrapbook because my mother in law is coming soon and will want something to read!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Celebrity Moment

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa. How elite! The boys did really well. Gavin had already practiced this year with the Santa at the mall but this was Parker's first time ever sitting on Santa's lap. He never cried. He asked for a movie but Santa didn't understand him.

Gavin asked for Marlin (from Finding Nemo) but Santa didn't realize it was a character. He thought Gavin meant a real marlin fish. So he was telling Gavin that some of them are really big and some are small. He hoped Gavin wanted a small one that would fit in a fish tank.
This is my favorite picture of Parker with Santa. He was never afraid and even laid his head against Santa's shoulder. The room erupted into spontaneous ahhhing!
After their moment with their favorite celebrity, the boys made Christmas crafts. I threw the trees away today because I was tired of finding the little pom poms torn off all over the house. Gavin had a blast decorating his tree and wreath with Shauna. She was the first babysitter we had in California. Her older sister Amy was also helping with the crafts. Amy had just babysat for us the night before but Shauna somehow became Gavin's new best friend. She even helped Gavin get a doughnut to eat. It reminded me of my brother who was a well known ladies man at the tender age of 3! Maybe girls love little boys or maybe little boys know how to get older girls to do things for them, like tie their shoes. It was cute to watch Gavin and Shauna have so much fun together.
Parker loved the soft Christmas tree with the big buttons that held the decorations. He would name the nativity characters that were hanging on the tree. He knew Baby Jesus but insisted that one of the sheperds was named Noah!!!

Later that afternoon we had Michelle babysit for us while we went Christmas shopping for the boys. It was weird grabbing a cart because we would fill it with purchases and not boys. We had fun buying for our sweet kids that we love to spoil. I'm so glad that we're done shopping because it looks like Santa tripped in our front room spilling half his pack under our tree. He hasn't even come yet! The boys have been very good to not touch my decorations too much. I see some of the different picks on the floor every once in a while so I just find an empty spot on the tree to stick them back in. Today I noticed one of Gavin's packages had a rip in the top. It wasn't a complete box. The top was not level or flat like the rest of the box. I'm sure my boys were not trying to figure out their Christmas presents but poked it somehow and the top ripped a bit. I rearranged a few things including putting Parker's strangely shaped packages in the back where they can't reach. Then I told them not to touch any of the gifts because some might rip open and they would feel sad on Christmas morning if they didn't have anything new to open.
We have connections with Santa. (most parents do!) I know what he's bringing Gavin and Parker. They are going to be so excited. I can't wait.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Pointless Story (my specialty)

Have you ever had the dream of sleeping on the beach under the stars with the waves crashing in the background, your warm tan from the tropical vacation keeping you just the right temperature as you peacefully doze? Last night I got to do that . . . sort of!

We let Gavin and Parker watch a movie in our room yesterday. Heath was working from home and wanted some background noise. The boys are obsessed with the new TV Heath gave me for my birthday. They were told they could be in our room as long as they didn't get off the bed. It worked for maybe 10 minutes. Parker doesn't like to follow directions when it comes to being in our room. They both love to play with the little stuffed animals I have. These are toys that are special to me so they stay in our bedroom and have not been given to Gavin and Parker. My favorite is Sammy the Seattle Salamander that Heath bought for me when we were engaged and we went to Seattle for me to meet his family for the first time. We used to act like Sammy was real. Heath would call me at work and ask if I had seen Sammy. Then I would find him on the steering wheel in my car! We were always doing goofy things like that. We were crazy in love what can I say! We still are it's just that with kids we act a little different.

Anyway, I let Gavin and Parker play with the cow Charie gave me when I was done student teaching her class, Chocolate the cow Heath bought me as an anniversary present one year while we were out on our date, and Sammy the Seattle Salamander. Somehow Sammy got a little hole in the top of him and there is a beach load of sand in our bed! Heath was so funny. He layed Sammy on his back and frantically asked, "Sammy, are you ok?"

I didn't have time to change the sheets. Yesterday was a weird day. My visiting teachers came in the early afternoon, Heath was home which always screws up my schedule for the day, and I had a non-stress test at the hospital in the afternoon. (Baby's fine by the way. I have to do 2 NST's a week until I deliver.) That night we went out to dinner with the Cluffs, who are moving soon, and the Qians. Since we were going out that night I had to have the house look halfway decent! I'm so obsessive it's really sad. So I made our sandy bed so the babysitter would think I actually make the bed everyday, which I don't! And we brushed out as much sand as we could but we still felt like we were sleeping on the beach in the tropics somewhere.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Elf Dance

I just made a total elf of myself. Becca did the same and I couldn't let her be the only one! I didn't do a very good job of cropping Gavin and Parker's faces but it's still the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In the song "Everybody's Free" it says, "Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft." Too late! After only 6 or 7 months I have totally acclimatized to life in Northern California.

Right now it's 54 degrees outside and I think it's cold! I checked the temperature before we left for Park Day. The computer said it was sunny and 39 degrees. I'm sorry but that is downright cold. I put the boys in their fleece jackets my mom made for them last Christmas and put gloves on them so their hands wouldn't get cold. I wore a coat. I almost gave the coat back to my friend who lent me her maternity clothes. She is moving soon and I wanted to give her all the maternity clothes I am not using and send the rest to her when the baby is born. The heaviest coat I have worn so far is my leather jacket. But I chose to wear the coat today figuring I would be freezing in anything less. Plus, my friend said it does get cold in the winter. It's the middle of December so I'm just wondering when although I will trust her. The coat was a good call. The boys were quite comfortable dressed as they were. A heavier coat would have been too warm for them while they were playing so hard. I think it was warmer than 39 degrees by the time we got to the park and it certainly warmed up while we were there but I was very content in a warm coat.

We ran into a couple of guys from Utah while we were shopping a few weeks ago. Heath was wearing a BYU shirt, which is the only reason they stopped us to talk. They were visiting from Utah to help set up some kiosks in the mall. They commented on the warm weather here. Heath and I looked at each other and then looked at them and said, "We've been here in the hot summer and now we're used to the temperatures. We think it's actually a little chilly now." It's so funny that these temps in Utah meant shorts for me. Now I'm bundling up in jackets for outside and blankets in the house.

The humidity level is different here too. I have only recently started using lotion on a daily basis. Normally my skin is so dry I have to use lotion year round. I guess that's what happens when you get used to living in different climates.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mountain Man

Gavin is a free spirit. When I think about his pet peeves in life I think he would be most happy as a mountain man. He hates to be groomed in any way. He hates being told when to do anything. He would rather live his life according to the way the wind blows him. He would rather live in the mountains using the occasional rain as a means of getting clean, eat when and if he could find something, yell at the top of his lungs because in the mountains he can, fall asleep among the stars when he is good and ready, and wake up only if the mood strikes him. In the mountains he can have conversations with the Lord, as he does now, and be less bothered with the formalities of going to church. (going to church is a huge fight we have every Sunday five minutes before it's time to leave!) In the mountains long fingernails may actually be an asset, toys never have to be cleaned up, and the world is a playground. To mountain men, long hair is in vogue and combing it is a joke.

The funny thing about Gavin is how unpredictably predictable he is. The other night I announced to the boys that they needed to take a bath. Gavin went into his usual fit about not wanting to take one. I thought I had a brilliant idea when I thought of a book I bought as a child called No Baths for Tabitha. I read the book to the boys that night. Gavin thought it was great because he completely missed the point. He liked how Tabitha kept telling her mother, "No baths!" and her mother just let her go for 3 weeks. Today I gave the boys a bath and Gavin was not happy about it. He tried to say, "No baths for Gavin." When I told him he was taking one anyway he said he wanted presents in the tub. That was something Tabitha's mother tried in the book but it didn't work. I told Gavin he had toys in the tub and that was good enough. He got in a little unwillingly but he did get in without me having to help. I got Parker out early after he tried to dump a 32 oz mug full of water on the floor. I got Parker dressed and down for a nap and Gavin was still happily playing. For as much as this kid fights us on bathing he never wants to get out until the water is not much warmer than a frozen river, and sometimes not even then.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Traditions

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is seeing the lights people put on their homes. Last night we decided to get the boys ready for bed and drive around for 30 minutes or until they fell asleep, whichever came first. 9:00 pm came first and we shouldn't have been surprised! Last year Gavin called any house or business with Christmas lights on a "Christmas House!" Both boys were so excited to see all the "Christmas Houses" in our neighborhood.

From the backseat we could hear, "I see Santa!" "I see a reindeer!" "Look, Mickey!" "Oh, I see Whinnie the Pooh!" "Look, a train!" and so on. My favorite part was Gavin gasping so hard Heath swore he would develop asthma! Gavin would gasp really loud and hard and say, "Look, another Christmas house!" Then he would immediately do it again. He would start to comment on a snowman decoration but cut himself off to gasp at another Christmas house! It was hysterical!

When I asked Gavin what his favorite part was he said, "I liked Santa in the airplane. Can we go see it tomorrow? I forgot what color it was!" I told him it was red and we would see if we were going to look again tomorrow.

Gavin and Parker are so excited about Christmas. Gavin was making Christmas lists yesterday. He wanted scissors so I gave him a pair of safety scissors I used when I was his age. (I don't throw anything away!) He would cut up these little scraps of paper and scribble a little on it. They were everywhere. It looked like a confetti machine exploded in our family room. As we were working on dinner I had the boys clean up the paper. Parker was very excited about finding pieces to throw in the garbage and Heath helped Gavin put the paper on the fire in our fireplace. That was one of the easiest clean up sessions we have had in a while.

Today I have 5 grocery bags sitting on my counter full of persimmon from our persimmon tree. I didn't even pick all of them. I was cold and tired of it after 5 bags full. I maybe could get 3 more bags with what is left on the tree. Heath will have to help me with the high ones though since I'm short. I don't know the first thing about persimmon. Heath picked one to show my mom when she came for Thanksgiving. They kind of look like mini pumpkins. My mom said we should take some to my aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving. We left them with 2 or 3. They didn't know what they were either. My aunt has a cookbook dictionary kind of book. It said that they are inedible until after the first frost. (the first frost happened to be the night before Thanksgiving.) Then the book said something like they have a really stringent flavor (I don't know what that means but I'm guessing it's not too pleasant) and you should put the persimmon in a bag with an apple for 3-4 days to make the flavor better. I looked online and found some recipes for pudding, cake, bread, cookies, icing, you name it and there was a recipe for it using persimmon. We'll have to try something and if it's good maybe that's what our friends and neighbors get for Christmas! Also, if it's good maybe this will be a nice tradition for as long as we spend Christmas in this house.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh my wordy, guess I'm 30!

Yesterday was the last day I will ever be in my 20's (unless I lie). I'm not sad that I have turned 30. I feel the same today as I did yesterday. I don't think being 30 is a bad thing. I'm still young and, bonus for me, I have yet to feel like a real grown up! I never had a list of things I wanted to do by the time I was 30 so last year was just a good year. I was excited to be 29 for the first time (I may lie about my age eventually. My mom has been 29 for as long as I can remember!). Unfortunately, it rarely came up that people wanted to know my age. I was asked what my birthdate was a lot though.

So far it's been a great day. Heath wished me a happy birthday as soon as he woke up this morning. That's always my favorite gift - when people just say the words. Last night he took Parker shopping for me. I couldn't imagine what he was getting since I have known for some time what I'm getting. He wanted to give me an extra surprise. I got up earlier than usual because nature was calling urgently. It wasn't even 6:3o yet and I didn't have my glasses on but I did see the box Heath had left on the side of the tub. So I got my glasses to open it. I thought it was cool that the box had a W on it, not realizing he went to a jewelry store called Whitehall Co. I couldn't imagine what he had gotten me although I knew it was a jewelry box. When I opened it up it was a diamond necklace. Very pretty and classically understated. He knew I wouldn't want anything big and gaudy. It's a dainty silver chain with a straight pendant sort of thing with 7 diamonds. Heath had no idea that if I had to pick a favorite number it would be 7. So I thought that was cool. He told me that Parker helped pick it out. He said that Parker looked at the glass case and said, "Rocks!" I can just hear it and it makes me laugh.

Every morning I stare longingly at our jacuzzi tub for about 10 seconds before I decide it's not worth it to take a bath. I'm either getting ready for something in the morning or I know if I sit in the tub I will be so relaxed I won't want to do anything the rest of the day. I gave in today. It's my happy birthday so why not! Very relaxing and nice to just sit and veg with my own thoughts for a while. Tonight Heath is taking me out to dinner. I'm so excited because we rarely go on dates anymore. It's too hard with little kids. The last time we had a babysitter the girl told me that her parents didn't go out too much until she and her younger sister were old enough to watch the rest of the kids. Now they go out every Friday or Saturday night. I love my kids and I would much rather be home with them than make someone else watch them, but I do look forward to the day that I can run errands without them and go on more frequent dates with Heath.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just a Big Baby!

Let me just start out by apologizing to Dawn. I hope I haven't stressed you out about blood sugars. But I'm sure you will roll your eyes and want to give me a pork chop to the forehead when I say that my A1c was 5.5!!! So she's just a big baby and it has nothing to do with me. I think the reason why I was so worried was because I feel like my blood sugars are on a swing - one minute they are really high and the next minute they are really low. There was a lot more consistency when I was pregnant with Parker. But I only have about 10 1/2 weeks left to go and then I can go back to being regular old crazy me rather than sleep deprived, hormonally imbalanced, crazy me. But maybe not. I saw on TV once a guy talking to his buddies about his pregnant wife and how insane she had become. He said, "Once the baby is born she'll go back to normal right?" His friends just gave him the "I'm sorry you're so naive" look!

The endocrinologist gave me information to get my blood sugars to him via his message board on his website. And then he can post any changes he wants me to make in my file that I can access. I was thrilled about that. It will help to not feel so alone in all this diabetes management. He also told me to try a 1-1.5 insulin to carb ratio at lunch. That only bugs me because it seems like an extraordinary amount of insulin. He was very understanding about the mind games those numbers play on pregnant women. I know it will all end soon and I end up with a cute little baby girl when it's all over. If there wasn't that kind of light at the end of the tunnel I'm not sure I would try so hard and I certainly wouldn't think all this effort was worth it.

Dawn, hang in there. It's only a few more days until Christmas break. Then you can relax and really enjoy the holidays. Plus, you get to come see us. We can't wait. Gavin was very excited to see my mom but as soon as she left he started talking about how Grandma and Grandpa will come after Christmas. We're all looking forward to it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Biggest Baby Yet?

Today I had another ultrasound to check on the growth of the baby. It was quite the adventure getting there as I accidentally took the wrong fork in the freeway as it split. Thank heavens I have a loving husband not only smart enough, but willing to talk me through what to do as I drove while having a panic attack because I was so lost! I hope I give him new reason every day to love me because every day I love him more and I am so happy he's my husband.

I got to the hospital safe and sound. The baby looks good. I had the technician check again that she was a girl. So obviously a girl that I would be totally surprised if I gave birth to a boy!!! I didn't need the technician to interpret. I knew what I was looking at!

She is estimated to weigh 2 pounds 11 ounces. That's about the 68th percentile. The perinatologist said that was a little big but they aren't concerned. That's basically what I heard from my OB last week. She told me I was measuring a little big but it was nothing she was concerned about. I just can't believe that in October we found out this baby has 2 blood vessels in her umbilical cord instead of the normal 3. The biggest concern with that issue is growth. She seems to be thriving and surviving quite well! My only concern with it all is whether or not it's my fault she's so big. Is my blood sugar too high and so the baby is a typical baby of a diabetic mother - fat and living on extra sugar??? I really hope not. I've whined about my blood sugars before. I can't seem to consistently stay in range. My averages look good so I have hope that I'm doing better than I think I am. Tomorrow I see my endocrinologist who will tell me the results of my latest A1c. Cross your fingers for a low number. I'm sure it's fine. I just like to panic about everything especially when things are new to me. This is my first girl, my first baby with an "abnormal umbilical cord," my first time I feel out of control as I attempt to control and manage my blood sugars, etc. etc. etc.

Unfortunately, the baby would not cooperate for a picture. The technician tried to get a good face picture but the baby rolled deeper into my pelvis making it impossible. Oh well. I saw her and she looked really good. The perinatologist said things looked good and that it's unlikely she would suddenly have problems. Time will tell.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pet Peeves


the boys' bathtub - I hate dealing with bathtubs in general just because they are awkward to clean and it's hard to reach kids to clean them. But the boys' bathtub is plain old annoying! It has shower doors instead of a curtain. I grew up with shower doors and I was responsible for cleaning the tub a lot. How did I do it? The metal circle thing under the faucet is stripped so it doesn't stay in place. The handyman knows about it. He knew about it before the owners rented the house to us but he is lazy I guess. I told him about it in September and he said he would get the tools to fix it. That's the last I've heard about it! Should I say something? Yes, but I hate having people over to fix things or install things or whatever.

cleaning the kitchen - How many times a day is one person expected to sweep? A million if you live in my house with my messy kids. I hate when I get the kitchen all sparkly clean because inevitably it will be messed up again in 10 minutes. It's like the kitchen is one of those high traffic areas in the house or something!

emptying the dishwasher - I love to fill it and get all the dirty dishes off the counter and out of the sink but I hate putting them away.

garbage sculptures - I love to throw things away but I don't love taking out the garbage. It feels like we are holding a contest with some of our garbages to see how high we can pile the garbage before someone is willing to just take it outside! Our downstairs bathroom looks like an over the rim shake with how high the pile of fruit snack wrappers is. The kids are good to throw things away when they are finished but they choose the bathroom garbage instead of the kitchen garbage 90% of the time.

toy chaos - I think I have a mild to moderate case of obsessive compulsive disorder. I hate when my kids don't keep their toys together like Mr. Potato Head. There are pieces of him all over their toy box and not one in the plastic bag I had dedicated for those things. I will periodically go through their toys just to put things back together! I think I have a problem!!! Is there medication for this problem?

poor hug timing - I have many pet peeves about myself including myself as a mother. But I hate when my kids want a hug in the middle of eating. I'm sure that makes me the worst mother ever that I would value my appearance over a public display of affection. But try as I might I can't stand the thought of receiving a wet and gooey hug from a kid dripping with dinner! I also hate when Gavin uses hugs as a stall tactic. I ask him to do something and he starts with, "I just want a hug!"

grooming boys - Gavin acts like I'm chopping off his right arm with a dull knife and no anesthetic rather than simply cutting his fingernails! Parker just thinks everything tickles, which is funny but gets old quick. I hope my little girl is a little more interested in having her hair combed every day and other grooming things like that.

swoopy singers - I don't generally like people who try too hard when they sing but my pet peeve is famous singers who swoop and overdramatize the Star Spangled Banner and classic Christmas carols. We all know you are talented and it's a good song on it's own, just sing it.

my Christmas music collection - why do I have so much Church sounding music? Christmas songs can be fun too! I need to find Heath's Harry Connick Jr Christmas CD. I hate Harry Connick Jr.'s sound but at least he sings fun songs like Happy Ho Ho Ho to You. Right now we have one fun CD by a group called Voice Male. They do a lot of acapella stuff. I think Heath told me his dad's pet peeve is acapella but I may be wrong. We had another fun CD but somehow lost it.

Michael McCheese (oh I mean McLean) and his Forgotten Carols - I call him McCheese because basically all his music is dripping with cheesiness. My all time pet peeve song of his is the one that talks about how we are not homeless like the Christ child was. Correct me if I'm wrong but when was the Christ child homeless? The story I read in the King James version of the Bible said that Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem paying their taxes. Nowhere in the story did it say they were evicted, their house burned down, or was otherwise condemned. So even though the Savior was born in a stable because all the rooms were taken it didn't mean he didn't have a home to go to. So every child born in a car on the way to the hospital is considered homeless?

Rude medical professionals - like the receptionist I talked to yesterday who used an uncalled for condescending tone of voice with me. I didn't realize I was putting her out by asking her to do her job, which was to schedule an appointment for Gavin to see the pediatrician before Kindergarten registration in March. She was really mean and I was really stupid for letting her ruin my day. Maybe something bad had happened to her and she took it out on me and I don't know that part of the story. But one thing I can't stand is people who offer unsolicited opinions. Like the opthamologist nurse who told me I was crazy (her words not mine) for being pregnant again because my kids would be 2 years apart! I wasn't aware that she should have been consulted in my family planning! Or the opthamologist receptionist making small talk that asked how long I had been diabetic. When I told her I found out when I was 10 she said, "That's scary." Why? Because my pancreas stopped working correctly? She also was very judgmental when she found out Gavin was 9 months old and was just starting to crawl. I didn't like her. I guess I have bad luck with opthamologist staff members because at my last appointment here in CA the nurse kept suggesting that I had poor diabetes control. But when the doctor came in and saw that she had written 6.0 as my last A1c reading he praised me for my efforts and after looking at my eyes he said he couldn't be happier with someone who has had diabetes as long as me and has had 2 and 1/2 kids. I trust his opinion more than the nurse.

snickers candy bars - have they changed the recipe? I haven't had one since Halloween but I was so disappointed that there weren't more peanuts. I like the peanuts.

reality TV shows and most game shows - There is a new reality show on TLC about making over Miss America. It's not on yet but the previews look like they have created an entire show about someone's pet peeve of beauty queens. Not interested. Yesterday I watched a show on TLC called Moving Up. I don't like the idea of this show. It's about 3 different families who are moving. They criticize the house they are moving into and the owner's sense of style. Then they fix it up and all the families go back to their original house to see what the new homeowners have done to it. It's stupid because people get so upset and defensive when it's not even their house anymore. The point of the show is to pit all those people against each other. Dumb. I was watching yesterday to do something mind numbing. I wanted to strangle one couple. The couple who had bought their house had their mortgage company drop the ball and they found out on they couldn't close on the house because they didn't get the loan. The woman went with another mortgage company immediately and got the loan. I don't know how long it took but it didn't look like it was more than a few days. The first couple was all upset because all their stuff was on a moving truck and this new couple had the audacity to not be able to close! The husband was all upset because he owned 2 houses! Big deal! That happens to people all the time because sometimes it's easier to buy a house than to sell your old one and people end up owning 2 homes for a while. The wife was relentless in her criticism of the new couple and said forgiveness didn't apply in this situation! Are you kidding me? I am the queen of drama and even I am not that mean!

I could go on and on. I have a whole list of pet peeves. My biggest one should be myself for being such a negative person! I didn't type this list to bring negativity into people's lives but to inject some humor into my bad mood and blue cloud I have been under for a while. I also don't want to create controversy with anything I said. I saw a blog post recently where the girl shared an innocent opinion that turned into a pretty ugly blog debate. That is not my intent here.