Monday, January 28, 2008

Lack of Integrity

I was so annoyed with the way TLC handled the Miss America Pageant. This is my rant that I e-mailed to TLC. I doubt I will hear a response but I felt it was important to voice my opinion because anyone who knows me, knows I am opinionated!

The American public has been robbed! Our intelligence has been insulted as we wasted our time believing that the Miss America Pageant would be different.

Why would TLC profess to change the image of Miss America only to immediately eliminate the few contestants who fit the "new image" as "it" girls? Clearly America embraced the new values by voting for Miss Utah. She was every bit the "it" girl TLC claimed to be looking for. Maybe the judges felt America was not ready for a modestly dressed Miss America. But the rest of the pageant eliminations were so random. Girls who had fun and flaunted in their swimsuits, as they were instructed to do in the Reality Check series, were eliminated.

Miss Washington seemed to be the only girl who actually took evening gown advice. The first two talents were so laughable and the epitome of the classic pageant syndrome that was supposed to be done away with.

It's amazing that Miss Michigan, with her big pageant hair, ice skater evening gown, fluffy Disney princess talent dress and a voice that sounded very much like a Disney princess from the 50's, would actually be chosen by the judges as the girl to represent the new made over Miss America.

I for one am very disappointed with the results of this “makeover” that was certainly a makeover in name only and not in substance. I hope that if you repeat this process next year that it will not be a charade intended to only boost ratings but a show that is actually worthy of higher ratings.

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