Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Magical Porch

Lately our porch has been a source of wonder and excitement. We drive somewhere and as we go by our front porch there is something there. It feels like Christmas every time because it always feels like such a huge surprise to get another package since there never seems to be any warning - no knock on the door or anything. Of course, sometimes we are just not home when the package is delivered.

On Saturday we had gone to Costco and when we came back there were bags on our front porch. Heath and I looked at each other like what the heck? The Lamberts and the Weidmers used to leave bags on our porch with clothes and things for the boys but we don't live by them anymore so we were completely stumped. What was even more mysterious was the fact that the bags were full of toys. Just toys. And no evidence of who may have left the toys.

While Dawn and Barry were visiting us we came home to 3 boxes of baby girl clothes left on our porch. But the fact that one box said Jen 4T and another said Caroline's clothes we figured it was our from our friends in the ward. Jen called later to say that the clothes were from her. There was less mystery and more excitement with those packages.

But the toys. The toys were very nice. They were action figures that looked like EMT's or firemen or other emergency heroes. My guess was Lori's neighbor who had noticed Gavin's hand me down shirt with Rescue Heroes on it. We found out the next day that yes, the toys were from Lori's neighbor. The boys are very excited about the cool new toys. They don't need them but I have always wanted to move past all the cars and racetracks and get some action figures for my boys. Now they have that stuff.

We had forgotten that Dawn was sending a package to us. It was a pleasant surprise when we saw it on our porch. She had sent me a 2x2 square punch that she saw at the craft store. I have wanted one for a long time since I read in my scrapbooking magazine that one of the contributing editors uses one to punch out 2x2 pictures. Cutting 2x2 pictures is a pain in the neck! I love Dawn for remembering and buying it for me! She also sent a baby blanket. I told her I wanted to make a blanket for each of my kids but never did. This time I really wanted to just do it. The Young Women had made a blanket for Parker that I love. It's a bunch of squares stitched together with frayed edges. Janelle told me it was super easy to make and that she would help me but I waited too long before she ended up moving to Utah. So Dawn helped me pick out the fabric and sewed it all together. I just had to cut the edges to fray it. I washed it yesterday so the edges would fray and it's the cutest thing I have ever seen! I especially love how Dawn stitched butterflies onto the blanket from the fabric she's using for the curtains. So cute.

Last night I needed to change my insulin pump site. As I got out a new reservoir I realized that there were only 4 left in the box. That meant I had enough for about a week and then I would be out. I had called MiniMed last week to see when I may get my new reservoirs sent out. The guy I talked to said that he guessed they would be sent on Friday. Well, here it was Tuesday night and I still hadn't received an e-mail from MiniMed about my supply order. I was nervous and annoyed and figured I needed to call in the morning to see what was going on. I told Heath about my soon to be dilemma. When he got home from basketball he took the garbage out since today is garbage day. He brought in a box from MiniMed that was just sitting on the porch. Heath says he doesn' t know for sure but he doesn't remember seeing that on his way to basketball. I was home all day and never once heard the doorbell or a knock on the door! I'm telling you, it's a magic porch. If you wish it, it may come!!!

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BeccaJane said...

I cannot believe you have less than a month left! I can't wait to see pictures of little Whitney/Gwenyth/Paige/Portia (that was in no particular order).