Friday, January 18, 2008

Sight Unseen

Gavin 4 days old and Parker 7 days old. Who will my baby girl look like?
I am so happy that I only have 5 weeks left until my baby is born. In fact, 5 weeks from now she will already be here since she's scheduled to be born in the morning. I can't wait. Today Michelle watched my kids for me while I went to my NST. The boys spent most of the time in her van since she had to pick up Jacob from pre-school and then later Rachel from Kindergarten. Jacob was looking forward to playing with Gavin. He asked his mom if we could stay a little later so they could all play. We did. The kids all had fun together and Michelle and I had fun chatting. She is fostering a new baby girl right now. They brought her home from the hospital 6 weeks ago. I enjoyed watching her eat and sleep and just be a sweet baby. It makes me super excited to have my little girl.

Time is certainly marching on and I'm so glad. I want to meet this tall glamazon I've been carrying around for nearly 34 weeks now. I want to see what she looks like. The other day I imagined her with red hair. I would love that. I was always jealous of my cousin who had red hair and now her daughter looks just like her. Whenever I think of what this baby looks like I imagine a female Gavin or a female Parker. Today was the first time the thought crossed my mind that she could have Heath's face but my coloring. That would be my ideal!

The other day Gavin looked up at the fridge and saw the ultrasound pics of his baby sister's face. He asked what it was so I took the pictures down to show him that it was his baby sister. Then he asked if she would look like that and have a black face. I had to laugh and then explain that she will be born in color! I tried to explain that the picture didn't have any color like the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where the color kept disappearing and they had to find all the colors of the rainbow. I think he sort of understood. It's amazing to me that after my boys were born I compared their face to their ultrasound pics and realized they didn't change at all. But I never can see that until they're born so this baby is still a mystery to me.

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BeccaJane said...

Omigosh.....that's all I have to say. Omigosh. Too yummy.

BeccaJane said...

Tristan, Cameron wore those snow boots you gave us to play out in the snow today! They're a tad big, so he was funny clomping around, but they did the job! Thanks so much!

Westover said...

I'm glad he was able to use them. It's bizarre not having snow here, just rain.