Saturday, March 29, 2008


Every once in a while I am overwhelmed by how much I love my babies. I woke Gwen up around 7 pm to feed her. She had been asleep for nearly 3 hours. I fed her and she went back to sleep. Heath and I were pretty excited. I was ready for her to sleep in her clothes if it meant she would stay asleep for several hours.

She did wake up at one point so I got her in pajamas and we wrapped her in the big fluffy fleece blanket my grandma made for her. Gwen quickly fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder and stayed asleep when he put her down. We believe it's because the blanket is so big and warm she feels like she is still being snuggled by someone.

Well, she recently woke up hungry again so I fed her. I went in her room to lay her back down. But I had to have a moment of near tears I love her so much! She was so sweet sleeping on my shoulder and she smelled so good from her bath. I put her down only because I can't believe our good luck she's asleep right now!

But it made me miss the boys. I was the one who put them to bed tonight but my heart ached as if I was at a church activity or something and couldn't do the bedtime routine. So I walked in their room knowing I could only kiss Parker. Gavin sleeps on the top bunk and I am too short to reach him. I really was ready to cry when I saw Parker snoring on the floor. It was too cute! I wished I could pick him up and put him back in bed. (One more week and my recovery should be complete.) I said a silent awwww and left the room. I love my kids!

Friday, March 28, 2008


To whom it may concern,

I would like to request more hours in my day. Twenty four hours is a lot of time but somehow for me it's just not enough. I am the mother of three very young and needy children and I have many goals each day. Some days my goals are simple - keep family fed. But other days I branch out to include goals like cleaning myself, my children, and my house.

It takes a lot of time to do those basic things especially when the unexpected happens and my attempts at organization are shot. I don't use up a lot of time sleeping. The task that takes up a lot of time is nursing. I try to do other things while I'm nursing. I can watch a couple of seasons of Friends in 10 days. Recently I have read several magazines. The magazines give me ideas.

Even though my job as a mother takes time it doesn't take away from my thoughts. So my mind is constantly coming up with new ideas I would like to try. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to execute on many of my ideas if I execute on any at all. Which is why I am requesting more time.

A Time Deprived Woman

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shhh! Pregnant Firefighter

Gavin: Look Mama! The firefighter is getting rescued.
Me: Oh yeah. That's good.
Gavin: He needs to go to the doctor.
About 30 minutes later . . .
Gavin: The firefighter is at the doctor.
Me: What's the doctor going to do?
Gavin: The doctor needs to listen to his heart because he's going to have a baby!
Me: Really? (Heath and I are smothering laughter)
Gavin: Yep, he's going to have a baby boy.

Heath took Parker with him to Costco. Parker had a toy cell phone in his pocket that Heath didn't know about. Normally the kids aren't allowed to have toys with them when we go anywhere or at least the toys have to stay in the car.

Parker would take the phone out of his pocket and say, "Shhh Daddy! Calling." Then he would have a whole conversation on the phone and then hang up.

I love kids.

Compare and Contrast

Some of you may already know this story, but not long after Parker had joined our family I saw a picture (picture #1 here) and I was surprised that we already had a print of a picture of him. It took me a few seconds to realize the picture I was looking at was me!!!
The pictures are #1 Tristan #2 Gavin #3 Parker #4 Gwen #5 Heath and Gavin at Downtown Disney when Gavin was 3 months old.
I am amazed at how much Parker looked like me when he was brand new and how much Gwen looks like so many people. She looks like me and several people in my family and she also looks a lot like several people in Heath's family. This is the biggest reason why she is named Gwenyth Louise. Louise is Dawn's middle name and also my great grandma's first name. Lori commented that Gwen's picture on our blog's sidebar (picture #4) looks like Gavin. Immediately I thought of our trip to California and Gavin in Downtown Disney (picture #5). I think this is the only picture we have of Gavin making that pursed lip face that we see daily in Gwen.
These pictures aren't the best comparisons. Looking at each person living life and getting to know them makes comparisons easier than pictures. But this is the best I could do.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Crappy Evening

Me: What, besides the obvious (I was thinking relaxing in front of the TV) do you want to do tonight?
Heath: I don't know.

Seconds later I came around the couch where Heath and Gwen were sitting. I looked down at Gwen and noticed a weird brown squiggle on her sock.

Me: What is that?
Heath: I don't know.

He picked her up a little higher and we had our answer. The front of his pants were covered in baby poop. She had it all down her leg and all over her clothes. If the weekend had been any different I may have freaked out about a blowout diaper but instead we were quite pleased with our little girl.

Background info - She hadn't pooped as much as usual on Friday. By Friday afternoon she finally did. I tried changing her diaper but she decided she wasn't done yet and squirted all over the bed! Then she only produced wet diapers until tonight. Heath and I were worried that she was not eating well at night, not sleeping well at night if at all, and seemed to be bothered by gas while not pooping. I called the Pediatrician's office this morning. The receptionist suggested I use a rectal thermometer to encourage her to go. I didn't want to do it so I fed Gwen first. Then I set everything up and wiped her bottom first. She pooped immediately. Relieved I decided not to violate her right then. A pediatrician noticed the note left about the conversation I had with the receptionist and called me. He wanted me to know that breastfed babies can go as long as 2-7 days without pooping and it's normal. He said to give her diluted prune juice before trying the thermometer. He said to use the thermometer method as a last resort because some babies get too used to it and it's a hard habit to break.

Honestly, I think in one bowel movement, Gwen gave us the quantity of all the bowel movements she should have had in the last couple of days!!! I cleaned her up as best as I could with wipes. Heath changed clothes and then quickly unloaded and loaded the dishwasher so we had counter space to give her a bath. She screamed bloody murder the entire bath because she still hates baths. I fed her and she fell asleep. We thought maybe she would actually stay asleep. Wishful thinking on our part. She is awake now, as she usually is most nights until the wee hours of the morning, and she is currently pooping.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Our Easter was supposed to be fairly uneventful. The Easter Bunny came to spoil our children. He left darling baskets for each of our kids. A blue dinosaur for Gavin, a yellow chick for Parker, and a pink dinosaur for Gwenyth. I realize now that for all the pictures I have included I failed to include any pictures of the baskets or of the boys on their egg hunt. Oops!

Saturday night we dyed eggs. I think Heath and I dyed eggs once as a married couple. This was the first time since then. The boys were so excited to help and to dye the eggs that I think Heath wanted to tear his hair out! We don't seem to have the patience most parents do for messy crafts and activities! The kit Heath bought was Sponge Bob Square Pants. The boys love Sponge Bob. They had fun coloring eggs and later decorating with stickers. Inevitably one egg dropped and was broken during the sticker decorating part. Since it was way past bedtime we took that as an excuse to send the boys to bed. Sorry boys.

Gavin and Parker discovered their baskets before we were up. That was not surprising and since it wasn't supposed to be a secret we didn't care that they were up before us. Christmas is a different story. They loved the baskets, the candy, and the books. Gavin got "My Favorite Stories from the Book of Mormon." Parker got "Joseph's First Vision." And Gwenyth got "I am a Child of God" with art by Greg Olsen. Luckily the Easter Bunny brought plenty of chocolate bunnies since that's what Gavin wanted.

When we sat down to breakfast Parker had his head buried in his hands on the table as if he were ready to pray. I thought it was a little premature for him but thought nothing of it. We prayed and when he put his head up his face was completely drained of all color. His lips were as deathly pale as his face. He never threw up like we thought he would. We decided I would take Gavin and Gwenny to Sacrament Meeting and Heath would stay home with Parker. By the time we were ready to leave for church Parker looked fine. And he never looked or acted sick the rest of the day. Weird. Parker was just sad that he couldn't wear his new clothes and go to church with us. He kept saying, "My tie, my tie."

When we got home we took pictures with Heath's new remote for the camera. Easier posing when nobody has to run back into the picture before it's taken.

This was my favorite of all the family portrait attempts. Parker has a weird look on his face but overall we look good!

My eyes are half shut in this one and I look like an overstuffed marshmallow peep. (Must start some sort of diet tomorrow! Just kidding!) But don't the boys look cute?
My babies.
Gwen found some eggs too!

Gavin looking so handsome in his spiffy duds.
This has got to be my favorite picture because Gavin looks just like my brother! Such a Tyson expression!
Parker in his handsome outfit. Brotherly love.
Parker trying out Dad's remote for the camera.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Whole Month!

Wow! I can't believe we've had our sweet little Gwenyth Louise for a whole month now. It's gone by so fast. She just gets cuter and sweeter every day.

Last night I got more sleep than I have been getting the last several days. We went to bed around 10 or 11 pm instead of 2 am. That was really nice because being overtired with an overtired, cranky baby uncomfortable with gas is hard. I was so tired and enjoying my sleep so much that I didn't even wake up when Heath got out of the shower. He came up to say goodbye before he left for work and I decided to go back to sleep for another half hour. Gwen was hungry then.

I was feeling pretty good about myself when I came up with a good love and logic consequence for Parker. The job he signed up for is to singlehandedly destroy everything. Especially our house. The Diaper Diaries talks about baby proofing a house. It's not to keep the baby safe, it's to keep the house safe from the baby! Truer words have never been spoken!!!

Parker's big thing right now is to pick at things. I don't know if he does it because it's calming to him or if he does it because he's mad. But he picks off the paint on the back of their bedroom door and he tears off the contact paper from the shelf in their room. It's so irritating. It looks ugly and then there are little specks of whatever all over the floor. I made him clean it up last night and lectured him about not doing it again. Today he was sassing me and when I told him to stop he started playing with the blinds. My pet peeve! When I told him to stop he started picking at the paint under the window. He hasn't picked at that paint in months and months. I told him to stop then spanked him and sent him to the naughty stair. Then I got some stretchy gloves that I bought thinking it gets cold here in the winter (it doesn't! Not unless you think 40 degrees is cold) and put them on Parker. I told him I would spank him if he took them off and lectured him about picking at paint and paper. He did well and at snack time I told him he could take off the gloves.

But Gavin and Parker started slamming doors (another pet peeve!) and playing in the garage (a big no-no that they got in trouble for doing yesterday!). How can you stifle curiousity without stifling curiousity? Sometimes I look at Gwen and think we have a chance to raise her right since we learned on the boys. But then I think that she will grow up to be just as hellacious as the other two!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We live at the end of a one mile street. On one side is a park and on the other side is houses in courts and circles. I love that mile drive because it is so beautiful. Fall was pretty with all the brightly colored leaves on the trees. And green grass. Christmas was fun because of the lights. One house had a menorrah in their front window. Now it's spring. It's a spring unlike any I have ever seen in Utah. Spring in Utah looks like this. (This is a picture of my friend Becca and Nate's little boy Cameron. I took it from their blog and I hope they don't mind!)
Do you see the brown grass and the snow that just won't melt? This is spring in Utah.
Pictured below is our backyard today. Temperature 60 degrees. Utah was actually forecasted to be warmer than us in California today!
There are blossoms on the trees same as in Utah but the colors are more vibrant.
When I mentioned to Dawn that I love California springs she said that it's because spring actually happens in spring here! People kept saying I would have a spring baby. I didn't quite see how a February baby could be considered a spring baby but now I understand. Everything is so green and blossomy and beautiful. Any land not watered in the summer will be the definition of the "golden hills of California." But I don't think it looks too bad. I have blogged over and over how pretty I think the ditch is behind our house. Now it's super green and there is water flowing. You can kind of see the green behind the fence in the last picture. I just can't believe we live here! I love it.

Guess Who Answer

Dawn, you were right the first time. They are in birth order. Gavin on top, then Parker, then Gwen. It was hard to find good pics of all 3. We don't have very good pictures of Gavin at all in the hospital. But I will be forever grateful to the anesthesiologist for taking pictures of Gavin being born. Those pictures are cool since it was my first c-section so the surgery pictures are unique.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Guess Who

These pictures were taken the day after each baby was born. Can you tell who is who?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving!

These kids look cute enough right? You would never suspect them of being anything more or less than what they appear to be in these pictures. And for the most part you are right. They are cute kids who do funny things. I write this for everyone's enjoyment because everything is funny when it happens to someone else.

Gwen kept us up most of the night again. Curse my night owl gene that she apparently has! And unlike Gavin and Parker, Gwen doesn't prefer sleeping alone. She is very social. She sleeps best in Mom and Dad's room, particularly in Dad's arms. In fact, once she gets comfortable in his arms she grunts and growls if he tries to get his numb arm out from under her neck! True story!

This morning our cherubic boys wreaked havoc on our kitchen. Like I said, if they weren't my kids I would laugh my head off over this story. Heath heard kitchen chairs being pushed around the floor. A sign they are up to no good. Heath came up a few minutes later holding a cup with a Kool-Aid packet in it saying, "Apparently they were thirsty!" We had a good laugh over that as we both remembered the first time we had straight Kool-Aid with no sugar.

As we were frantically getting everyone dressed for church in time (we were late) Parker came upstairs with the Go Diego Go bubbles we bought the other day. It's a special no spill container with 3 different wands. They are allowed to play with the bubbles in the house as long as the container stays on the bricks in front of the fireplace, oh and as long as Mom and Dad know they are playing with the bubbles! Unfortunately we didn't think we had to say the last rule.

Then as we were herding kids down the stairs for church I saw tiny colored balls all over the floor. It took me a minute but I realized they had gotten into the Nerds in a high cupboard and spilled them all over the floor.

Later when I had the boys clean up the mess they made I told them not to eat the candy because once it hits the floor it's garbage. They would sneak pieces in their mouths as they were picking up and throwing away pieces. Gavin would yell at Parker to take the candy out of his mouth, like he was completely innocent of the transgression. Gavin seemed surprised when after 30+ minutes of them cleaning up I told them they were done and got Parker down for a nap. So later Gavin decided to clean up more. He would eat a lot and throw a piece or two at the garbage can as if he were slam dunking a basketball, which meant those pieces would wind up several feet away from most of the candy on the floor.

When Heath got home from his Presidency meeting today he brought in the mail from yesterday. I had a couple of new magazines. Oh happy day! I started reading my Creating Keepsakes Magazine and immediately felt good about myself. Lisa Bearnson, the founder of CK, talked about how in the first year of the magazine she met with Lucie Arnaz (daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz). Her advice to Lisa was to always be "real" in her scrapbooks. Lucie said, "We need to be real on our pages and showcase the good and the hard times. Families aren't 100 percent happy all the time, and documeting the hard times and how they were handled gives people courage and hope for the future." After quoting Lucie Arnaz, Lisa challenged readers to scrapbook a hard time. I'm happy to say I have done that.

I have given several lessons on journal keeping and the one point that sticks out in my mind the most is to write about the good and the bad. Don't focus only on one. I hate keeping a journal. I tend to only write about the negative in my life or I think nothing in my day is worth remembering and then I get depressed. Then I got into scrapbooking which became my journal. Then I met Becca who started a blog. The funny thing about that is Heath had been trying to get me to blog for quite a while but I never understood it or cared until I started reading hers. Now I journal almost everyday about the good, the bad, and the ugly. My life is immortalized on the blog. Because I know most of my audience the negative stories are more than just depressing rants. I like to think I talk about the lessons we have learned or ways we have laughed in spite of the negativity.

So I leave you this story about my silly and creative problem solving children. They make me crazy but they also make me laugh. And I can't resist melting when I look into their eyes and see the world from their point of view, even if it's just for a moment.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Resident Sweetheart

A long time ago Becca asked to see pictures of Gwen with clips in her hair. The last pictures I posted of sweet little Gwenyth in her bathrobe after her bath were taken on a day when I expected to get pics of her hair done too. Didn't happen. But I did get some cute pictures of her with bows in her hair the other day.

I had to get a couple of pictures of Gavin and Parker lovingly mauling their little sister. It was too cute as they smothered her with kisses and took turns putting her pacifier back in her mouth. I'm glad I have pictures of this day because it was the first time I gave Gwen a bath. Not only that but I also showered and gave Gavin and Parker a bath. That was all that was accomplished that day but I was proud of me for getting 4 people bathed and dressed all by myself! And yeah for me, I did it again today! Plus, I actually did my hair instead of wearing it in an ugly Mom ponytail. I may get the hang of having 3 kids one day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fortunately . . . Unfortunately . . .

That is a great book. I had a lot of teacher friends who would read it to their class and then have their students write their own version of the book using the same fortunately, unfortunately pattern. Here is my sort of attempt at it.

Fortunately I have lost over 25 of the 30 pounds I gained while pregnant. Unfortunately I was still carrying around an extra 20 pounds from my pregnancy with Parker and my tummy is still big.

Fortunately I put away most of my maternity clothes (I have a couple pairs of pants that I kept out). Unfortunately I'm still in between maternity and real clothes. And just because I can fit into my old jeans doesn't mean they look good on me!!!

Fortunately my old jeans are made of stretchy denim so they fit. Unfortunately stretchy denim hugs all the wrong curves in the most unflattering way!

All my friends are way into reading right now. I feel good about myself on days where everyone is bathed and fed. Unfortunately reading is pretty low on my to do list. Fortunately I am reading an article here and there in my stack of magazines I'm behind in reading. And fortunately I am rereading The Diaper Diaries which is making me laugh.

I've decided that I'm happy that I no longer subscribe to "beauty" magazines. Unfortunately it's true that they only make you feel ugly. It's not the underlying message that model thin is in, for me it's the depressing negative articles about how dismal life is to the writer. I'm too happy for that junk to be in my head. My mom gave me 2 magazines to read when I was in the hospital. Fortunately that always makes me happy. And fortunately I can be entertained by them while sifting through the negative junk which only makes me a happier person as I realize the blessings I have that others can't see in their own lives.

Fortunately Gwenyth is growing like a weed. Unfortunately she is too tall for her 0-3 month clothes. (She never fit into the newborn clothes given to us.) Unfortunately we don't have a lot of 3-6 month clothes. Fortunately we have gift cards to Babies R Us. Thank you Publicis Modem!

Unfortunately her feet are too big for newborn shoes and too thin for size 1 to stay on well. Fortunately she is young enough that socks are good enough. Unfortunately even some of those don't fit over her long feet. She is a tall little thing!

Fortunately Heath signed Gavin up for Kindergarten this fall. Unfortunately Gavin doesn't understand that he won't be going to school for several more months. He wants to go now.

Unfortunately Gwen has regressed with her good sleeping habits at night. Fortunately we only lost 2 full nights of sleep in a row and now she's back on track.

Unfortunately life was never meant to be easy. Fortunately I am a part of a loving family and we are, for the most part, enjoying the roller coaster ride called life! I have an awesome husband who has completely changed my childhood opinions of men and marriage. And we have 3 of the cutest most sweet little kids. Two boys and a girl - exactly how I wanted my kids to come. Fortunately life is good and fortunately I can see that.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Life with a Baby Girl

Rub a dub dub Gwen really hates the tub! We think once she's able to take a real bath instead of a sponge bath she may change her mind. I feel like the rotten mother police may take me away because Gwen's umbilical cord stump fell off early Friday morning. I figured she could have a real bath at that point. Heath didn't disagree. So we gave her a real bath. She screamed the entire time. (We realized later that maybe the water was stinging her sensitive belly button) Then we took her to her 2 week check up and the doctor cleaned off her belly button with something. Dr. Smith said to put medicated ointment on her belly button twice a day until it dried completely from having the cord stump fall off. She also said to continue sponge baths until Gwen's belly button was completely dry. She gave the issue a name but Dr. Smith has a thick accent and Gwen was screaming loud enough for people in neighboring countries to hear, so I didn't catch what was up!

"There once was a girl with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was horrid." Aren't nursery rhymes great? (heavy sarcasm!) We took this picture before I put the headband, that is in the background, in her hair. She looks super cute with her curls around a headband.

We see this expression a lot. Wide eyes and mouth in the this-world-is-amazing position. Sometimes I forget how new and exciting everything is for little kids. Yesterday Gwen was crying in her crib so Parker went in there, pushed her laundry basket over to her crib, and without turning it upside down he tried to stand on the edge to comfort her!!! Not only is the world new and exciting but so is logic!

Gwen just relaxing . . . on my pillow! Heath called her the Queen of the Bed and said other things about her being on my side. It was funny.

Checking out the room from a different perspective than she usually does.

When people ask how the boys like having a baby sister these pictures illustrate the answer. Parker loves her to death! He wants to be a part of everything that is going on. I don't remember why Gwen was eating from a bottle I had pumped earlier but Parker was more than happy to help feed her.
I think Gavin is sort of bored by Gwen. He wants her to be able to do things she is physically not capable of right now. He wants her to talk, walk, play games with him, and on and on. But he does say, "I think my baby sister is the best baby sister ever!" He only calls her Gwen when we ask him what her name is.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Gavin: Will my baby sister grow up to be a girl?
Me: Yes. She already is a girl.
Gavin: Will she grow up to be a sister?
Me: Yes, she already is your sister.
Gavin: Will she grow up to be a mommy?
Me: One day she may be a mom.
Gavin: Then I must call her "Mother."
Me: She's not your mom so you shouldn't call her "Mom." But if she has any kids you will be their uncle.
Gavin: When I'm a man I must be an uncle?
Me: You will be an uncle to any kids Gwen or Parker have and if you have any kids you will be a dad and Parker will be an uncle and Gwen will be an aunt.
Gavin: When she's an ant we must build a big tree house outside for her to live in!

Gavin went on for about 10 minutes about Gwen being an ant. I don't remember most of what he said because I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Gavin asks the funniest questions sometimes and says the most off the wall things. He is obsessed with growing up and becoming a man. Parker just has hysterical mannerisms when he talks. He cocks his head to one side and shakes his hands in this really funny matter of fact way. I guess when Heath put the boys to bed tonight Parker did his silly mannerisms while saying, "Put up the gate Dad?" Normally Parker has some excuse to not go to bed but tonight he was worried Heath wouldn't put up the baby gate to lock them in their room! Crazy kids. I realize that these stories are not nearly as funny if you weren't there to witness them. But I wanted to write it before I forgot.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Doctor Morning

So far having 3 kids hasn't made us late to anything but it does take considerable effort to time feedings, baths, and dressing 3 kids, and still get out the door on time. I'm considering going to church this Sunday because once I have a baby I get cabin fever! We could never get to church on time regardless of the number of kids we had or didn't have! And it's daylight savings time so good luck to us right? We'll see what happens.

This morning I had an appointment to see my doctor because I was out gallavanting yesterday when the nurse returned my call so I missed seeing the doctor yesterday. I have a spot in the middle of my c-section scar that is not closing up. Heath said the skin around it was turning red and looking irritated. So I called and the doctor wanted to check it out. My appointment was 30 minutes before Gavin was supposed to retake his hearing test, which was 15 minutes before Gwen's 2 week check up. It's a good thing my doctor and the pediatrician are in the same building on the same floor across the hall from each other.

Dr. Carlson (my doctor) basically said that my guts won't fall out (she didn't really say that!) but I have a yeast infection in that spot. It kind of makes me laugh because I remember one day my brother and I were fake arguing like we did a lot. He told me he hoped I would get a yeast infection . . . in my armpit. That's how he said it too, pause and all. We laughed so hard over that. Now I have one in my stomach. I took an antibiotic pill and it should heal itself by the time I go to my 6 week check up. Dr. Carlson said this is fairly common with people who have had more than one c-section. Usually what happens is the previous scar tissue prevents part of the incision from healing properly. But I have a very mild case of it and I'm sure in 4 weeks it will all be better.

As soon as I was done I went down the hall to relieve Heath who had all 3 kids in the pediatrician's office. Gavin finally passed his hearing test after the nurse bribed him with lollipops. He can hear, he just doesn't follow directions well!!! As soon as Gavin was done Heath took the boys back out to the van to watch a movie while they waited for Gwen to finish her appointment. Gwen has been growing. She weighed in at 9 lbs. 13 oz and was 22 inches long. She is in the 95th percentile for both weight and height and her head is in the 50th percentile. Our poor kids get their little heads from me. It's so strange to have such a large baby after two little babies that were long and thin. But I am relieved that she is gaining weight. She was such a fussy eater for about a week after we got home from the hospital. She is starting to eat really well now. I rarely have to wake her up for feedings anymore. So I'm glad she's getting what she needs.

The nurse was asking Heath developmental questions about Gwen like does she look at our faces for a few seconds. Heath said, "Yes, she stares at us for quite a while!" We both love to see her big eyes that look like they may turn blue. I have to admit that sometimes she makes me nervous with how long she studies my face. She only left heaven 2 weeks ago. What does she know about me? We bought her some toys to hang from the handle on the carseat. She loves to stare up at those toys. What amazes me is how she will bat her hand at them. I didn't think babies this age had that much control of their bodies to do something like that but to watch her it looks pretty intentional. She is such a sweetheart. Of course we love her but it's fun to hear people say how cute she is. The pediatric receptionist said she was so cute and loved all her hair. She does have a lot of nice hair.

Well, I was supposed to be folding Gwen's laundry but the "evil" computer tempted me again! I will finish what I started since Miss Gwenny will need to eat again soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Unexpected Serendipity

It's really been nice having Heath home from work to help out while I recover from surgery. Two issues have come up that have made his paternity leave serendipitous. On Saturday we loaded everyone into the van to go to the mall. The boys needed new jeans badly (I've already blogged about that) and we wanted to get Gwen a couple of pairs of pants so even onesies would be like a complete outfit. Heath turned the key to start the van. The van turned into a snarling mess! The engine wouldn't start and the guages had terrets (Heath's explanation to OnStar!). The OnStar button wouldn't work. Heath had to dial them directly from his cell phone. They checked the diagnostics and found no issue.

I was upset because I have had a similar experience several times. I have driven somewhere, ran my errand, and had the engine not start when I was ready to drive home. I have learned to turn off the radio and air conditioning and after 3 or 4 tries I can get the engine to start. If Saturday had happened to me alone I would have had a heart attack or stroke! The van acted like it was possessed. Thank heavens we were only trying to leave our driveway and Heath has another car. The boys love riding in Dad's car so we were fine. I hated that Gwen and I could only go for walks to get out of the house but things could have been worse.

Heath bought the pants everyone needed with only Gavin for help. The nice part was Heath was able to find a pair of slim fit jeans for Gavin. I have never seen that kid look good in a pair of jeans before! They fit him perfectly. Heath considered jumping the battery in the van but he was afraid it would restart the computer and we would never know why our van randomly refuses to start. He waited until Monday and called OnStar, who sent a tow truck as soon as Heath said the engine wouldn't even turn on after days of sitting in the garage. The dealership basically told us that they have seen this issue with Chevy Uplanders before. For some reason the original battery is weak compared to a replacement battery. We also had a faulty connection. All was replaced for free since our van is still under warranty. Heath was shuttled to the dealership about an hour ago to pick it up.

Heath wanted to take the boys into work yesterday because his coworkers want to meet them. He decided not to because we thought we would hear from the dealership yesterday. And since I can't easily get the van with a newborn we all stayed home. The sad part about that is Parker is sick. He woke up 4 times in the night. I just thought he was having bad dreams because he was crying and would stop and fall asleep after I tucked him back in. But the last time he got up Heath went to him. Parker was coughing so hard he was gagging. Heath changed his diaper which was bigger than his usual overnight water balloon because Parker drank most of my slurpee that I didn't like.

Parker threw up a lot this morning but he seems to be done with that now. Poor little guy. It was nice that Heath was here to be an extra set of hands and to go to the store to buy BRAT diet food. So even though Heath meant to take the boys into San Francisco (and he may not be able to now) and he wanted to take them to the movie theater and Park Day at least he was around for the unexpected. The Park Day thing is disappointing because last week I had my staples out and Gwen had an appointment around Park Day time. Today Parker was puking his guts up! Oh well.

Monday, March 3, 2008

shout out to shani!

i'm holdig gwen and typing with one hand so that's why i'm not capitalizing or spelling well i guess! anyway, i meant to mention shani and i forgot in my last post. she is one of my former beehives and this wednesday she's getting her young women's recognition medallion! i'm very proud of her and her amazing accomplishments. way to go shani!!!

More Gwen Pics

We took some really cute pictures of Gwen in her bathrobe after a bath with her super curly hair but they are still on the camera. Because I am afraid to touch the new camera and wouldn't even begin to know where the card is to plug into the computer anyway, and because Heath is grocery shopping right now, you will have to wait until another day to see those!

These pictures are from Sunday in the hospital and Monday soon after we got home. A little old but it's amazing how much Gwen has changed in just a week. Her face has slimmed down considerably and I thought it slimmed down quite a bit in the hospital! She looks different every day!

Heath had me take this picture to show how thin she actually is. A 9 pound baby seems like a chunk a munk but she's really just long and thin.
Everything about her is long and thin. I don't know if this picture accurately portrays her feet but they are the epitome of Swain feet. I think Gwen's feet look like my mom's feet while Gavin's feet look exactly like my sister's feet. Funny how I pass on genes that I don't show! I have Clarke feet. Again, I'm not sure if you can really see it in this picture but Gwen's toes are long and slender. They are so long, in fact, that they kind of look like fingers! She curls them over her feet a lot. Like the boys, Gwen's hands are mine. Long slender fingers. I think she is gorgeous with how tall and slender she is. Definitely model material if I do say so myself. But I'm her mother so I'm biased!

Gwen's legs look like Gavin's legs did when he was a baby. Her face looks like Parker's face when he was a baby. She has the same clothing issues Gavin had as a baby. Everything is too short but too wide in the waist. She has several outfits that barely fit her lengthwise now but are too wide for her and I know soon she won't be able to wear them at all.
You can't really tell but Gavin is wearing his I'm the biggest brother shirt Grandma made, Parker's shirt says I'm the big brother, and Gwen's onesie says I'm the baby sister. (all made by Grandma) Those boys sure do love their little sister. Today Gavin told me that she visits people's houses. I asked whose houses she has visited. He said her house is the hospital and she is visiting us. I tried to explain that she lives with us here. I had no idea he felt that way!
And here is our sleeping angel. When I look at this picture of Gwen sleeping I think back to when Dawn used to complain that she only saw Parker's eyes closed. We told her we really didn't see his eyes either. Don't worry Dawn, this baby opens her eyes when she's awake. She's very alert and observant when she's awake just like Gavin was. And Dawn, I wish every day you could be here to see your newest granddaughter. We can't wait for you and Barry to visit soon.