Friday, May 30, 2008

Comfortable Babies?

When Gavin was a baby a friend let us borrow her baby jumper. It hung in the doorway and was the best thing ever! So we knew we had to buy one for Parker. He loved it. This is Parker sleeping in it! He did that a lot. So I had to get a picture. He also would spin around and around until he was as tightly wound as could be in that jumper. Then he would release and spin faster than an ice dancer. He threw up his first hamburger doing that. I found the video we took of Parker doing that. Unfortunately it's not the right format so blogger won't accept it. Bummer because I was laughing so hard wathing it.
Now Gwen uses the Johnny Jump Up. She's still getting used to it so I felt lucky to get such happy faces from her.My little photo shoot of her in the jumper was about as long as she was happy in it today.
She started crying unconsolably. She does this when she's tired. I finally got her to stay asleep by putting her in her swing and letting her scream it out. She looks comfortable don't you think?
FYI she has been screaming all day ever since. She won't eat much because she falls asleep. When I put her down she stays asleep for 2 minutes exactly and then wakes up again. I try to give her the rest of her bottle and she falls asleep again. She is screaming right now because I'm done holding her for a little while. If she would let herself she could fall asleep so easily.

Last night she was fighting sleep pretty hard. As my arms were getting sore trying to hold her still I told Heath, "It sounds weird to say that we wrestle Gwen to get her to eat or sleep but it's true! She is strong." I just hope that one day her superhuman strength will be an asset instead of the liability it is now!

I included this picture of Gavin because I think he looks so much like his cousin Garrett. It's unbelievable. No doubt where these kids came from. They all look like Westovers.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's All the Same!

Heath was trying out his new tripod my mom gave him for his birthday. Mom, Heath says thank you.

Here are some of the pictures he took of the boys in their pajamas. All the pictures are pretty much the same but I don't care!

I love this picture of Parker. I don't love the expression on his face. I just love how dirty his face is. This is the picture of childhood.
Parker is so photogenic. I love how cute he always looks in pictures without being too cheesy like Gavin usually is.

My babies.
Gavin loves Gwen so much.
A glimpse of the silliness we see on a day to day basis.
All eyes on Mom. I was trying to get Gwen to smile but she never did.
This picture is my favorite. I love the expression on Gwen's face. I hope she looks that unenthused when boys try to kiss her. I want to tell her it's ok for your brothers to kiss your cheek. It's not ok for other boys to kiss you . . . ever! I agree with Bill Engvall - Girls should develop at 21. Then they can get married when they are 30. The last part is my idea not Bill's.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My aunt used to always say, "If you do something and it doesn't work out then it was an experience. If you do something and want to do it again then it is a tradition."

I guess the twist in our afternoon routine should be a tradition. When the boys clean up their toys they insist on me being in the room with them. I don't have to help them I just have to watch them. They have started to ask me to spell whatever they are holding. As soon as I spell it they put it away. It seems a little tedious and long but it sure beats nagging them for an hour and having the room still be a mess! In fact, they clean up faster when I spell for them.

Gavin is pretty smart. He started describing his toys before I even said I wouldn't spell something again, like car. Since they have so many cars Gavin will say, "Spell car." Then he will pick up the next car and say, "Spell racecar." Then the next car is a white car or a squishy Lightning McQueen car or whatever.

Yesterday I told him about adjectives and how they are describing words. I told him that adjectives help people know exactly what you're talking about and they make stories more interesting. I wanted to pull out my parts of speech picture books but I didn't think he would get it. But I don't know, maybe I will anyway.

I like the challenge of spelling what they ask me to.

A while ago Heath came home from work earlier than usual. Parker had had a long nap so they didn't start cleaning up as soon as Heath called to say he was on his way. When Heath got home Gavin was pretty upset and said, "Hey, that's not fair! I wasn't done yet!" I love all the motivation they now have to clean up each day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Traditional Girl

Pink bows and pretty things,
Fancy dresses and golden rings,
Little girl wishes and princess dreams,
She dances on stars and moonlight beams.
~Veronica Curtis

It's so easy to get caught up in the idea of a little girl thinking that all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Some girls are more spicy than others.

I gave Gwen a bath this morning and put her in a dress that she hasn't worn before. I thought the dress would be a little big on her because it's size 9 months but she has been wearing a lot of outfits lately that are size 6-12 months and they are fitting fine. The dress is wide but super short. What is up with these short short baby dresses? I can understand the need for a shorter dress so the baby can easily move and be buckled up in a car seat. But she lifts her arms in this dress and you see all of her diaper and almost belly button! My friend told me she buys 12 month size dresses for her baby because everything else is too short. Her baby is almost 6 months old.

Anyway, besides the dress being too short Gwen looked so cute. I decided to do a mini photo shoot. It didn't go well! I thought I could see the future. Her writhing around on the dirty floor whining that she doesn't like dresses!

pause to give a half smile!

The reality was that she was tired! I can try to make a vain girl out of her later. She doesn't hate baths anymore!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Long Wiikend Ahead

Heath got a Wii for his birthday. It is so much fun! I didn't think I would get that into it or have that much fun but it was a blast. Heath played with the boys, who were super excited. They took turns really well and were good listeners.

Parker loved bowling the best. He wasn't any good at it. Heath had to hold the button and do the arm movements for him. Gavin did pretty well with tennis and golf. Gavin called it golf balling. But he did really well with boxing. He beat Heath the first round!

After all the kids were in bed I beat Heath in bowling. I think beginners luck was the key because even though I was still doing better than Heath, I started overthinking it and not getting all the spares.

We had fun customizing the Mii characters. Gavin's Mii looks just like him. Heath's looks pretty good too. Parker's looks kind of weird. I think it's his cheesy smile we chose. I think with a better mouth he would look a little better.

Heath and I were a little surprised at how sweaty we got playing. It's quite a work out. We think we may hold one of my new weights in our left hand to work that arm too. We looked at the new Wii Fit online. It looks cool. Heath may buy it for me one day. He knows I love to work out at home.

The boys can't wait for Dad to come home so they can play some more with him. Tomorrow is supposed to be kind of chilly - highs in the 60's. So we will probably be spending quality Wii time together instead of just our regular quantity weekend time. Here's to having fun as a family while burning off tons of calories!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? ~ Leroy (Satchell) Paige

Happy Birthday Heath! (gwen is now in my arms so forgive my mistakes!) it's funny that the older a person gets the less they look forward to their birthdays. some people get older. they are usually grumpy people. but most people don't get older they get wiser and more mature.

it's true that there are certain truths we all must face. wrinkles are inevitable but mark twain explains wrinkles as an indication of where smiles have been. gray hair is something that everyone deals with unless they go bald first! my observation is that blondes don't deal with gray hair as early as brunettes. score for heath.

a few years ago heath and i saw a commercial that talked about the sad but true things that happen with age. they said your liver will turn green and your toenails will fall off when you turn 30. i looked at heath and said, "good thing we're not 30 yet!" he said, "i will be tomorrow!" (ok, i don't remember the details of the commercial. maybe one of them was a failing memory and now that i'm 30 i can't remember!)

when i was a kid i remember my brother holding it over my head that he was older than me! i wanted my ears pierced more than anything. my brother taunted me saying, "you can get your ears pierced when you're my age! ha ha you will never be my age, i will always be older than you!" well joke's on you, tyson, because i'm 30 and you're pushing 34!!! just kidding!

again, happy birthday, heath. you can be any age you want to. my mom has been 29 for years!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Extended Family Home Evening

Yes Dawn, we planted our garden. Ok Heath did while I wrestled Gwen. (2+ hours later and she's still not asleep!) The boys were so excited about the garden.

Heath kept trying to find things for the boys to do to help. He gave Gavin the hand cultivator and told him to break up the dirt clods. Parker wanted to help too so he ran to the garage. He came back with the oversized blue plastic shovel that goes with their sand toys! He helped Gavin break up the dirt.

Later this conversation happened.
Gavin: I want to eat a watermelon.
Heath: It's going to be a while before you can eat out of the garden.
Gavin: Are we going to get a table and chairs for the garden?

When I was putting the boys to bed we, of course, sang "Welcome to the Big Blue House." (the song I made up when I didn't know the theme song to Bear in the Big Blue House) At the end we say, "Goodnight Bear, goodnight Gavin, goodnight Parker. Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight." Parker almost always says, "Goodnight moon. Goodnight Daddy. Goodnight Gwen." So then Gavin says, "How 'bout goodnight garden? And goodnight vegetables."

Parker is sleeping with his shoe box tonight.

Simple Joys

Getting new things is wonderful. Even kids enjoy new clothes and shoes. I remember being so excited to wear my new shoes. I grew up with the rule of no shoes or bare feet on the carpet. We had a basket full of socks by the front door so there were no excuses to break the rule, including our friends. This rule is one of Heath's pet peeves so we don't have it in our house. But I remember as a kid I could wear my new shoes around the house until I wore them outside. It was fun to wake up in the morning and wear new shoes until I had to leave the house.

We all got new sandals except Heath (who got new sandals a month or two ago). Gavin and Parker were so excited to wear their shoes. They had to put pajamas on first but then they could wear their shoes until they went to bed. Heath told them that their shoes weren't allowed in their beds though. It's funny the things we have to say as parents.

Today they have spent the whole morning putting shoes on, taking them off, putting them in the box, taking them out, etc. Their new shoes were christened by walking to the park.

The boys' sandals are too big. We always buy their shoes too big because about halfway through the season they fit just right. Gwen's sandals are also too big. I'm thinking we should have bought the right size for her. She has jelly sandals which makes me laugh because I wore jelly shoes in first grade. I think by third grade I even had a pair of pink plastic loafers. I thought they were cool. Now I think it's sad that I wore plastic shoes. I don't know if it was completely a fashion trend or if my parents bought me plastic shoes because we didn't have a lot of money back then.

Anyway, Gwen's jelly sandals are actually quite heavy especially when you consider that they were made to go on a baby's feet. I put them on her to go to the playground and she kicked them off immediately. I decided to leave them at home.

When we got home Parker took his shoes off and put them back in the box. Then he took the box to bed with him for his nap. He always has to have some special toy or something when he takes a nap. I always tell him to sing to his toy until it falls asleep. Today he's singing to a box of Lightning McQueen sandals!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Normally I take the kids right out to the van after church. But yesterday I needed to get my keys from Heath first. So we had to go into the chapel where the Elders Quorum meets. Parker ran right up to the stand excitedly yelling, "Daddy!" He hugged the first leg he saw and said, "Hi Daddy!" The guy was really nice and said, "No, that's your daddy over there . . . " and pointed to Heath. Parker walked a couple of steps and hugged the next guy's leg saying, "Daddy!" Again the answer was, "No, that's your dad over there!" Parker hugged 4 guys before he got to Heath!

There was a video clip on AFV where a little girl, about Parker's age, was hugging a mannequin thinking it was her dad. Her mom kept trying to convince her daughter that it wasn't Daddy. The mom said, "He doesn't even have a head!" When I saw this video I thought that it was possible the girl couldn't always see her dad's head because of the angle she looks up at him. I think Parker successfully proved that little kids don't always see much above their parents' waistline. At church all the men wear the same slacks that are the same color so who could blame Parker?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Better Than We Thought!

Last night we bought Gwen an "Inclined to Sleep" Sleep Positioner. It's on an incline so her head is slightly elevated and it has these little wedge things that keep her from rolling over. The car seat was becoming more of a concern for her to sleep in. She demonstrated pretty much every reason given for not allowing a baby to sleep in their car seat!

We were prepared for another long night since we were having her try something new. But she did just fine. She slept peacefully until 5:00 this morning same as always. I was so excited. But little Houdini that she is, she somehow managed to roll out of it! My guess is it happened right before she woke up. I hope so anyway!

She started getting a little fussy today. I looked at the clock and saw that it had only been 2 hours since her last bottle. I usually let her eat that early because she naps really well afterwards. I was getting Parker down for a nap first. But I can't put the baby gate up with only one hand so I put Gwen down in her crib on her new sleep positioner. I figured she could stare at her mobile until I put the gate up and got a bottle ready. Well wouldn't you know, she put herself to sleep!!! She's been sleeping for about half an hour now.

Who knew that would have been such a great purchase?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Burst of Overconfidence

Because of the super hot weather we bought a pool last night. We would have gotten one eventuually but it was almost 80 degrees at 9:00 this morning. It is about 90 degrees right now. So the pool was important.

I read the instructions. Ok, I read half the instructions before I started pumping up the pool. Everything seemed to be in order so I turned the hose on to fill up the pool. The zebra slide started floating higher and higher in the pool. Then I remembered that there were little ropes to tie the slide to the pool. But it was too hard to tie since I had already pumped up the slide!

I called Heath for advice. As soon as he answered I had a stroke of genius idea! I would let out the air in the slide to more easily tie it to the pool. When Heath heard my dilemma he laughed and said it wasn't just guys who don't read directions!

While I was talking to Heath the boys decided that it was time to go out and play in the pool. I wasn't on the phone for long. But it was long enough for the boys to get undressed and run outside completely naked!!! It's amazing how quickly they can dress or undress when they are motivated.

I told them it was a pool and not a bathtub. They needed to wear swimming suits!

As you can see the boys got properly dressed. And I got the slide tied down and refilled with air. It was in the first picture too, obviously.

The boys had tons of fun. Gavin wanted to stop playing while Parker would have happily stayed out all day if I let him. But Gwen was hungry so I figured we could all use a break since we had been out there for about an hour.

I got some pics of Gwen before she got too hungry. I don't know if you can tell but she is doing an ab workout in this picture. She is leaning forward in the chair so only her lower back is touching the chair. She does this all the time.
Cute smile.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AP Baby

Is this what it's like to have a big baby? Gavin and Parker were both below average size when they were born and grew like weeds after that. But they hit milestones at the same time. It helped that Parker was born the same month as Gavin, just 2 years later. I knew what to expect each month. Then along comes Gwen!

She does things that most babies 2 or 3 months older than her do. I'm not making this up! She slides out of her car seat. My boys never did that until they were 4 or 5 months old. She's so tall her feet are almost hanging off the edge. She holds up most of her torso when she's on her stomach. She is already trying to crawl swimmer style. You know what I mean - The baby's arms move like the baby is swimming while their hands grip the blanket or carpet and try to pull the baby forward while their legs are moving too and the feet are gripping in an attempt to move the baby forward. Has anyone else seen this? My boys did this before they started rolling over and scooting around on the floor.

She looks for objects over her shoulder and she looks like if she had enough strength she would turn right over. Yesterday I put her in the corner of the couch while I did something quick in the kitchen. Maybe it was because she was on the couch but she was leaning forward and sitting with only her bottom and hands touching the couch. She sat that way for several minutes and never once tipped over. Is that normal for a baby her age?

She knows our faces and knows when she is left alone in a room. She will cry as soon as we leave the room. Isn't she too young for a fear of abandonment?

The baby swing we have was a lifesaver for me when Gavin and Parker were babies. Gwen is showing signs that she is getting bored of it. Not a sign of increased maturity, I know. But today she was grabbing the sides of the swing which made it stop swinging. Parker didn't do that until he was 7 or 8 months old. Aren't babies ages 0-3 months supposed to enjoy being swaddled and cradled? Not Gwen. She used a swaddling blanket for maybe 2 weeks after birth. And now the swing doesn't even act as a substitute for Mom or Dad holding her. Is that normal for someone her age?

Maybe I need to check out my What to Expect the First Year book. But it feels like she is advanced. She will be 3 months old in 6 days. Maybe she's right on target but it feels like she is doing things that Gavin and Parker did when they were much older.

Ok, I looked at the book. It says a baby 3 months old may possibly "hold head steady when upright." Check. "On stomach, raise chest, supported by arms." Check. "Grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers." I haven't tried that yet but the boys are always trying to get her to hold things and she can hold stuffed toys. "Pay attention to a raisin or other very small object." Check. "Bear some weight on legs when held upright." Check. She's been doing that for a long time. "Reach for an object." Check. "Keep head level with body when pulled to sitting." Check. "Turn in the direction of a voice." Check. The other two things she can't do and she's hungry now so I better go.

Going to Extremes

The Salt Lake Valley woke up to snow on May 1st. Typical Utah springs include drastic weather changes like that but May is a little late for snow. Today California is under a warm weather warning. San Francisco is forecasted to reach 85 degrees for a high today. The record high for today was 87 degrees and that was set in 1922 (I think that was the year). I'll have to ask Heath if he felt like he was on the sun today it was so hot!!! But he ended up driving into work because when he got to the BART platform they were announcing 20 minute delays and the train was already full of people standing. So he drove in. Good call.

But back to the weather. One California city was 78 degrees at 7 am! We are forecasted to reach 96 degrees and over 100 tomorrow and Friday. Palm Springs is supposed to get to 98 degrees today. Wally Weatherman said he expected them to be up to 110 by Friday. I realize Palm Springs is in Southern California but still! Hot days ahead for us. We will for sure be using sunscreen for Park Day today.

I also learned on the news that we live in one of two cities with the cheapest gas prices in the Bay Area. I don't know if $3.90 a gallon can really be considered cheap! But speaking of gas . . . 1,500 gallons of gas leaked into the San Francisco Bay this morning when a tug boat hit a pipe. (If you click on the words tug boat in the last sentence you can see the link.) The gas was supposed to be for Costco and Safeway and places like that. They said the spill wouldn't cause a delay in production. I'm thinking it doesn't help! It's amazing how this is the third spill in a year. That's pretty extreme if you ask me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Never Drinking Out of the Hose Again!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you drank out of the hose all the time. On some level you knew it was gross but you did it anyway.

We had a picnic outside today. The boys were covered in sticky jelly from their pb&j's. So I thought I would clean them up with the hose. I turned it on so there was as little water coming out as possible. (Some days I dream of spraying them but today I decided not to start a water fight.)

Parker was rubbing his hands together to get rid of the stickiness and this big old earwig came out. No, not at the beginning of the hand rinsing. Somewhere in the middle of it all! And the ugly bug would not die! There was this big puddle of water forming in the flower bed we were letting the water run into. I cleaned up Parker's hands and his legs. (Trust a 2 year old to get jelly on his legs!) Then I cleaned up Gavin. When I was done the earwig calmly walked away. I haven't drank out of the hose in forever but believe me, I will think twice before doing it ever again.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

First of all, thank you to my friends and family for the advice about reading to Gwen. I meant to thank you sooner but I got sidetracked. I haven't figured out a better time yet to read to her. Friday night I thought I might try since Heath took the boys to a Father/sons campout. The house was eerily quiet!

But Gwen's routine wouldn't really allow me to read. My boys left around 5:30 or 6:00 pm. I had some of my deli sandwich Heath got for me before Gwen started getting upset. She napped for about an hour. I got her ready for bed, fed her, and an hour later she was asleep for the night.

I used my free time to scrapbook. I was so proud of myself for doing an entire 2 page layout in 3 hours. That was idea conception to gluing completion in 3 hours! Yay for me. Normally it takes me at least a week to complete anything.

I hope everyone is having a happy mother's day. Heath wished me a happy mother's day as soon as we woke up this morning. Gwen had a bottle around 9 pm last night, which is a little late for her. But she never woke up until 6 am when she had slid out of her car seat again. Silly goose! So the extra sleep was a nice gift.

Heath (and the boys) gave me an exercise ball and weights. Now before anyone starts thinking my husband doesn't give romantic gifts, let me just say that I wanted those things. I am super excited to start exercising again.

My mom called me this morning before church. She said she really missed us and was sad we couldn't celebrate with her and my siblings. She wanted me to know that she missed me and loved me before I got too far in my day. I called her this afternoon to talk a little longer when we both weren't running off to church. She jokingly asked where we were on our way to see her since we were late! We talked for a while and then she said that we better hurry if we wanted dessert! My mom is funny.

Gavin made a couple of cards in Primary. One said that he loved me because I take him to the playground. That sounded like it came directly out of Gavin's mouth. The other card had his picture on the front. In it was the song from Love You Forever by Robert Munsch (my favorite children's book). Parker made a card for me too. His had his picture on the front. Parker excitedly gave it to me when we picked him up from Nursery but after that he insisted on holding it because it was his card! I had to quickly put the cards away so he wouldn't ruin it.

So my day is everything I ever hoped it would be. I just wanted to wish all the mothers I find so inspiring a very happy mother's day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Beach Babe

Miss Gwen loves to be outside and she enjoys going to the park. Today I decided to put her feet in the sand to see what she thought. She loved it! Some babies are more sensitive to textures than others. So I wasn't sure. But she thought that was great. She didn't like when I brushed the sand off of her feet. She acted like it tickled but she didn't cry. The sand was wet so it took a little longer to brush off.

Next week is supposed to be really warm so I think I will slather that little girl with sunscreen and we will all have a good time outside. I can't wait for her to hold her own head up so I can put her in a swing at the park.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Advice Wanted

Before I had any kids I had made the goal to read the Book of Mormon to each one as I nursed them. I gave myself until they were a year old to finish reading. It worked well for the first two babies. Gwen is just determined to be different than her brothers in every way possible.

My first stumbling block was when I decided to stop nursing her. I thought I had things figured out when I decided to listen to the audio as I bottle fed her. But with all the distractions for the both of us I am getting nothing out of this experience. Heath agrees that it is difficult to only listen to something. When he takes BART to work he listens to the Book of Mormon while reading along to minimize distractions caused by doing one or the other.

Gwen demands two hands for feeding so I can't read along. I can't really see her being cooperative enough for me to read to her at a non-feeding time, or even to listen at a non-feeding time.

I don't want to give up on this goal but right now it feels like I'm only doing it for the sake of doing it. Like I said, I'm getting nothing out of it so what's the point? Any advice?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where Are You From?

At the playground today there was another boy about 8 or 9 years old. Gavin started talking to him because Gavin is very friendly. Gavin pointed out Parker. The kid looked right at me and said, "Oh, Pocker." (I love that kids say Parker the way Gavin does. It never occurs to them that Pocker is a weird name. I try to say Parker when I can so the other kids know what his name is!) Gavin saw that the kid was not looking at Parker so he said, "Parker has an alligator on his shirt. See him over there with the alligator?" The kid finally understood when Parker started chasing Gavin with a stick. (both boys giggling like crazy)

Then Gavin said, "That's Miss Gwen!" The boy said, "Miss Wen?" and he looked right at me again! Gavin said, "Miss Gwen (he really does enunciate the G) is my baby sister." I could tell the kid was a little confused that a baby was called Miss Gwen. Gavin said that Gwen would grow up to be a talking girl. Earlier today he told me he would grow up to be a dog!

Somewhere in this conversation at the park, the boy asked Gavin, "Where are you from? I'm from Texas. Then we moved to California and I lived in Half Moon Bay. Where are you from?" Gavin said, "I'm from Legoland!" Then later Gavin said, "Do you like Legoland?" So I guess the kid thinks we're from San Diego.

I think Gavin said Legoland because I showed him the Legoland page I finished making where Gavin was driving a life size Lego car. But Gavin is only 4. I have never told him how to answer that question. So he doesn't know he's from Utah and that he lives in California. Heath said that Gavin would probably think he was from the blue house but now he lives in the brown house!

I'm a Model

I'm a model you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk. ("I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred) Here are some pictures of Gwen modeling her stunning model smile!

Spit Happens! Not really a model moment.
The aftermath of the spit happens picture!

My new desktop background.

A little fuzzy, but I like this picture because it looks like she's laughing.

Yesterday the boys were watching Caillou on Demand. A show on PBS that I find so annoying I can't be in the same room when it's on. I happened to be downstairs for part of the show. Caillou and his sister Rosie were being babysat. The babysitter helped them make menus so they could play restaurant while she made macaroni and cheese for dinner.
I thought that was a fun idea so I grabbed a bunch of old magazines and told the boys to look for pictures of food. I would cut out the food. Today we glued the pictures into file folders to make menus. To supplement the cooking toys they already have, I let them use some tupperware bowls and some big serving spoons. We imagined the Costco diet shake box was an oven. I even cut up some rope to make noodles. (I don't remember why we bought that rope. Maybe it was a project for my 4th graders. It's been sitting in my scrapbook supplies ever since. We have so much of it and I rarely use it, I didn't figure Heath would be too upset if I cut some up for the boys. I think he'll just be mad that it's now all over the floor!!!)
They had fun for at least an hour "playing restaurant" as they call it. Then they started fighting and Gavin has been yelling at me ever since to take his toys away from him, that he wants to sit on the naughty stair, he doesn't want to sit on the naughty stair, and a million other contradictions all to get me to argue with him. What a fun kid.
So far it really has been a good day for everyone. Gwen even napped for an hour and a half in her room. This almost never happens anymore. She naps in our room in the swing.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Insulin Pump Article

Ok, Heath told me to find the story on Google. Here it is. I don't remember how to make the link pretty but here it is!


I'm not even going to try to come up with a happier title so people will read this! In case you haven't noticed I have been ornery 90% of the time for about a week now!!! My latest frustration? My broken body. I've never really gone into a why me monologue about my diabetes. Maybe I was so young when I was diagnosed that I never thought to question my fate. I don't really feel like crying and thinking about why me, I just wonder how much longer I will live with no ill effects from this disease.

Last night I sarcastically told Heath that maybe I would just die the next day. He took it well. I told him he could marry some young, hot girl. He wondered if he should invite my family to the wedding when he remarries. I told him not if he really does marry some young, hot girl! Then he told me that if I die that I need to do it right before he gets home from work. If I die right after he leaves then the kids will be poopy and hungry when he gets home! (You are allowed to smile as you read this. We were totally joking!) And then he wondered where to bury me since I don't want to live in Utah anymore. Would I want to be buried there? I told him I wanted to be scattered over the ocean like his Grandpa was. Heath thought my family would object to that especially since our church doesn't really support cremation. So the conclusion was I'm not allowed to die anytime soon! We both know I won't, unless I step outside and am hit by a cement truck.

I'm frustrated because my blood sugars are completely out of control. I have been told with all 3 of my pregnancies that soon after the baby is born I will go back to normal and my insulin needs will be the same as before I got pregnant. Twice that has been the case. Third time not a charm in this situation.

My doctor and nurse told me where to put my settings for my insulin pump. Since then I have gradually increased the amount of insulin I take. My settings are very similar to the settings set when I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant. My weight is no longer fluctuating between 5 pounds but is holding steady at the high end of that 5 pound range. I rarely eat 3 meals a day anymore because my blood sugar is so high it's not worth eating anything until it comes down. More often lately my blood sugar doesn't even come down before the next meal. So how am I gaining weight??? I realize an execise program would help. Or at least help me feel happier. But I don't have an hour a day I can count on to do anything completely on my own without interruptions.

I know what you're thinking: stop blogging, genius, and do some sit ups! Right now I am afraid to even get in the shower because Gwen keeps waking up.

Last night before dinner I got a reading in the high 300 range. It took 8 hours for it to come back into range. I kept bolusing to correct the high even though I had plenty of active insulin to cover the correction. I changed my site. There was nothing wrong with the infusion set. So I basically wasted 100 units of insulin by taking out the old infusion set.

I cried when I realized I couldn't eat my dinner last night. It wasn't just because I wanted to eat the delicious hamburger Heath had made, it was the frustration of the whole situation. Yesterday I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast (something I only do when my blood sugar is low and I feel like eating something for breakfast), 4 glucose tabs at church because my blood sugar was dropping low, a green salad and a glass of milk for lunch, and a candybar (which I bolused for). My blood sugar finally came down at 3 am.

While I was crying last night Gavin randomly announced, "Mothers cry." Heath and I laughed because it was funny. Heath said that if I had been emotionally crying for some reason and Gavin had said that, he would have worried that Gavin hurt my feelings. But crying out of frustration is different from emotionally crying.

What made me decide to blog this frustration is a news story I didn't really hear. The story was 10 seconds long if even that. All I heard as I frantically grabbed for the remote to turn up the volume was something about parents of teenagers who use insulin pumps should pay attention! The other thing I think I heard was that something is wrong with the pumps, something about the pumps malfunctioning. And, of course, the useless number of teenagers using insulin pumps to manage Type 1 diabetes.

I tried to find the story on the ktvu web site. No such luck. They didn't say anything about what company the pumps are from. But MiniMed is in California and I have never heard of any other company that makes pump supplies for diabetics. So it makes me wonder. I will see my doctor on Wednesday. I hope he has answers for me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bits and "Peaces"

I just got back from a Tri-Stake Enrichment night. We had the privilege of hearing from Sister Zella Dahlquist and her husband President Charles W. Dahlquist II, Young Men General President. Little side note: we knew their oldest daughter. She was in our last ward in Utah. Small world I know.

My last post made it sound like today was a wonderful day. Quite the contrary. The day rapidly deteriorated after my last posting. I was so angry at everything I told Heath I wasn't going to the church to hear these wonderful speakers. He wisely talked me into going. He told me that I didn't even have to go in. I could just sit in the parking lot or go shopping (by myself! Yeah right!) but that I should go somewhere just to get away from the kids. The more Gwen cried the more I realized I needed out. And I knew the talks were on peace so I figured I would go.

I sat by myself because I had made no arrangements to meet anyone. The way I was feeling I hoped I could stay by myself so it would be easier to leave the second it was over. I was not in a social mood at all. I am grateful that the Bishop's wife invited me to sit with her and her husband and a sister from our ward who recently returned from her mission. I don't know how pathetic I looked or if that was just another example of how loving our ward is.

Sister Dahlquist's talk was wonderful and obviously something I needed to hear, today more than any other day. Most of her personal examples of needing to find peace mirrored the anxiousness I am feeling lately. It's always comforting for me to hear that even wives of General Authorities struggle with the same things I do. She said that she was raised an only child. (We learned in the introduction to the speakers that her mother died when she was born. She was raised by her mother's parents.) Sister Dahlquist said that it was challenging for her to raise 5 daughters when she wasn't used to a big family.

The statement that struck me most in an emotional way was the statement that Satan is trying so hard to tear down women and mothers. If he succeeds in tearing down a young woman or mother he will succeed in tearing apart a family. Some days that is more true for me than others. Today was one of those rough days.

I also loved the reference to good women she made throughout her talk. One of her daughters made a lovely decoration that said, "Here's to Good Women: May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them." It makes me want to be better so Gwen can look up to me. During President Dahlquist's remarks he accidentally knocked the plaque, or whatever you call it, over. Since he has a great sense of humor and a quick wit he said, "Well there goes all the good women!"

Sister Dahlquist talked a lot about slowing down and being silent. There has been a lot of talk lately about not overscheduling ourselves and our families. This is not my problem! I have other favorite sins. But it's still good advice because how often am I rushing my kids and not listening to them or letting them just be kids? Even though I have a very short to do list everyday (new baby or not) I manage to fill every waking moment with "frantic noise." She talked about having a body that was constantly on the go. Now that she's older she has slowed down because she has to. But her mind is still in high gear. I know that problem. I have a hard time slowing my mind down to "smell the roses" if you will.

It was a nice evening to hear the things I needed to hear. I have lots of references for talks and books about peace. Between the remarks I heard and the references I can read maybe I can have some new tricks up my sleeve to combat the crazyness that is life. I like this quote on the flyer with the program (I don't know who said it though): The best way to get what you're looking for is to slow down and allow yourself to find it. I'm glad I have a wise husband who makes me do things that he knows are good for me so I can slow down and find what I am looking for. He's also awesome because bad day or not he's willing to watch all 3 kids so I can get a break. Some women went tonight with their babies. I was not one of them. But my absent baby was the best excuse for me to beeline for the door and go home when it was over.

A Smile Goes a Long Way

I mentioned the responsibility chart with the smiley face rewards. I don't know if it's still just a honeymoon phase but the boys are actually working to get the smiley face. They made their beds this morning! Ok, Parker has made his bed at least twice that I know of today. They keep asking if they will get a smiley face for making their beds and I keep telling them yes.

Gavin even asked if he could get a smiley face for eating all of his lunch. I was impressed that they both ate everything I made for them, including all their carrots. But Heath and I don't really care if they don't clear their plate. So eating will never be a "responsiblity" of theirs. I did give them M&M's but it wasn't because they ate everything and it wasn't to get them to eat everything. It was simply because I wanted some! I don't like to share food (I just saw the "Joey doesn't share food!" episode of Friends yesterday) but I'm a mom so I'm learning to share.