Sunday, November 1, 2009

The awful, sickening truth I am grateful for

I really didn’t think I would have a story for Halloween. I do.

Our van was back in the shop. We were prisoners in our own house as a result.

We fought with the kids most of the day about putting toys away. Some days I am exhausted by the Toy War. I told them their dad and I were not into Halloween and we would be happy to not take them trick or treating. Clean up or no trick or treating. That was the ultimatum.

At the last second they finished. I think Heath was the most relieved. The day had turned into a bad cop, good cop kind of day. I was the bad cop.

I wanted pictures of the kids on the front porch with the cute pumpkins. Gavin and Gwen got into their costumes fast. Parker was another story. We took a bunch of pictures while calling out his name in between.

Halloween-005 Halloween-007 Halloween-020 Halloween-026 Halloween-011 Halloween-016 Halloween-032 Halloween-043 Halloween-052 Halloween-013

Halloween-059 Originally the big hole was supposed to be the top of the pumpkin. We wanted the stem to be the nose. But Gavin said the hole looked like a mouth so we changed course and Heath notched out teeth. It looks pretty cool. The other little pumpkin cooked in the sun and was too soft to carve. Gwen’s fairy tale pumpkin was too cute to carve.

Finally the dealership shuttle decided to come pick Heath up to get the van. Several minutes after that Parker came out in his costume minus the hat. He said he didn’t want to wear it. I started telling him that Grandma wanted to see it in the pictures blah blah blah. Then I really looked at him.

He was white as a ghost and looked like death. I asked if he was ok. He said he threw up.

I helped him take his costume off and he laid on the couch. He was ok with not trick or treating until Gavin and Gwen actually went. Then Parker said he felt fine. But he looked horrible. He puked a few times while they were gone.

I may not be a fan of Halloween but I don’t have a heart of stone! I felt so bad that my little 4 year old was puking on Halloween and it wasn’t from a sugar overdose.

Parker felt a little warm this morning so that cemented the plans for one of us to stay home from church with him. Not that long ago I would have done anything to stay home. Kids didn’t have to be sick and I wanted to stay home. I was having a hard time. While it was really tempting to stay home I decided to go today. For many reasons I really wanted to be there.

One of the Bishopric counselors conducted. The first thing he said was he was grateful we had all chosen to be at church today because “heaven knows we could have chosen to be somewhere else.” When he bore his testimony I really related.

Somewhere in the middle of Sacrament Meeting I thought of how grateful I am that we are in the ward we’re in. I’ve said it a million times that we were guided to where we live. There was a purpose to us living here. Since moving in to the house we live in I have looked for ah ha moments that proved we were meant to live where we are. I have found many but I think I may not fully understand the Lord’s purpose in guiding us here.

The Relief Society lesson was on gratitude. A sister I have grown to really love as we served together on the ward activities committee, talked about how grateful she was for the circumstances that have led her to this ward. I don’t know what it is about this ward. It’s the utopian ward or something! This ward has taught me what it means to be a part of a ward family. I love my ward family.

Time ran out before I could share my testimony in Relief Society. I was so grateful to be at church today. I had a choice. (Technically we always have a choice!) And I chose to go. All day I was grateful that Heath let me choose. He knew where I needed to be. So I may not be grateful that Parker got sick, but I am grateful I was able to go to church with just Gavin and simply enjoy the Spirit.

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Chantalle Bishop said...

Church was exceptionally great yearterday, wasn't it? I saw you talking in the hall and was going to come are looking Great!! See you Wednesday and Thursday!

sugarpierdh said...

Poor Parker. I hope he feels better soon. We are excited to see you guys soon.