Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bragging Rights

The controversy with marriage is that some people think they can change their spouse.  Most people agree that is a not possible and certainly not a good reason to settle for less than the best marriage companion. 

Sometimes it happens.  Sometimes spouses can metamorphose into something different.  I did. 

Heath never made it his mission to turn me into a football fan, much less a BYU fan!  Maybe that's why it worked.  It wasn't his idea to change me.  I just did. 

I only watched two games this football season.  The first game and now the last game!  Nice way to bookend the season I guess.  This final game was interesting.  The BYU v. U of U Holy War.  I forgot how annoying the news is during Rivalry Week.  I admit it did get me excited for The Holy War. 

Heath hates that it’s called The Holy War.  He thinks it’s a dumb name and just fuels the fire that U of U fans think BYU thinks they are God’s team.  I don’t get caught up in the religious overtones of the name.  I think it’s a great name because the rivalry between U of U fans and BYU fans is brutal. 

I knew a girl who moved to Utah to marry her husband.  She became a pain in the butt die hard U of U fan.  She was from Washington state for crying out loud.  Born and raised.  She did anything she could to rile people up over the Holy War, especially during Rivalry Week. 

Similar arguments could be made about Heath I guess.  But there are many differences.  He was born in Utah, moved to Washington, attended the University of Washington, and has been a BYU fan since he was 5.  And he’s nice about it.  He never tries to preach to people.  He never trash talks.  He is the exact opposite of this colleague I mentioned.  She was something else.

Anyway, no matter what side of the fence you sit on with regard to the Holy War, you know it’s intense.  Why?  Bragging rights.  That’s all it is.  Everything boils down to bragging rights.  We were watching the game today and Parker said something.  I don’t remember but I told him we cared about the game and didn’t want to be interrupted because whoever won the game won bragging rights. 

Then I went back to yelling at the TV.  Apparently Todd Christiansen is an idiot.  He kept saying that he couldn’t understand what BYU was thinking when they didn’t call a time out at the end of the game.  He said that they wouldn’t have any time to do anything when they got the ball.  I started yelling at him saying that was exactly why they were trying to waste time because they knew if they got the ball they couldn’t do anything with it because they hadn’t the whole last half of the game!  Heath was impressed that I knew all of that on my own.  Not shocked.  He knows I’m smart.  He is happy that I cheer with him and that I’m intelligent about my cheering and it’s his fault I’m a BYU fan! 

I was not surprised to see the game went into overtime.  I was happy that circumstances worked out that BYU won but now I know how Heath feels when he says that it’s great they won but he wasn’t happy with how they played.  They could have played so much better that last half.  I was so annoyed with how quickly BYU got through 4 downs just to hand the ball over to the Utes.  Then the Utes seemed to have all the time and space in the world to throw the ball and march it down the field.  Oh well.  At least we won the bragging rights in the end right?

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