Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dinosaur Coprolite

In 2002, Heath’s aunt took us and Garrett to the Seattle Science Center.  It was a lot of fun. 

One of the rooms talked about dinosaurs.  There were these massive dinosaur displays that were pretty impressive.  Of course there were plaques describing the dinosaurs in the display.  One plaque had a weird brown organic shape on it.  The plaque said it was called coprolite. 

I read on and learned that coprolite is fossilized dinosaur dung.  Huh.  That’s nice.  Interesting thing to save and proudly display in a Children’s Science Center. 

Fast forward seven years. 

I finished putting the boys’ clothes away.  I grabbed today’s clothes off the floor of their closet to put in the laundry basket.  Parker’s jeans were on the floor as part of the dirty laundry.  This is a pet peeve of mine.  It drives me crazy that he wears a pair of pants or shorts once and puts them in the laundry.  If he changes his clothes during the day for some reason the pants go straight in the laundry.  Ugh.  Such a pet peeve of mine! 

I pick up the jeans.  As I am folding them to put back in his drawer, I realize they are wet.  Parker had an accident.  Potty training will test one’s patience more than just about anything in this world I’m afraid. 

I’m annoyed.  I start lecturing Parker about taking care of his accident.  He knows where the wet clothes go.  I am so annoyed I asked if the accident was the reason why he was in such a hurry to change into pajamas before dinner.  Yakity yack yack yack.  I look down and to my absolute horror I see poop on the carpeted closet floor. 

With as much self composure as I can muster I yell out Heath’s name.  My mind is racing as I tell Heath that I’m out.  I can’t deal with this situation anymore.  I’m thinking it is so uncharacteristic of Parker to have a number 2 accident.  That hasn’t happened for about a year. 

Heath gets Parker to take care of the wet clothes.  Then he grabs some toilet paper knowing I don’t want to clean it up.  I’m mad.  I’m confused.  Heath is just mad.  He leans over and picks up the poop in the toilet paper. 

“Hmm . . .” he thinks, “This is really hard.”  He looks down and thinks, “That looks like a dinosaur.”  He calls out to me.  When I get there he shows me that the poop is actually a small plastic purple dinosaur.  dinosaur-004

Completely surprised, we start laughing hard.  Oh thank heavens it was just a dinosaur and not fresh coprolite!!!

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Dawn said...

Can we say overreact? I am so sorry I had to laugh. I know when I have those "I'm out!" moments I sometimes do the same thing, like throwing a spoon at my brother. Oh, coprolite!