Monday, November 23, 2009

A Dream Come True

Last night big snowflakes could be heard falling on the ground. All five mobile kids crowded around the windows. Daphne hoped there would be enough snow for school to be canceled. She was disappointed when everyone said that there needed to be a ton of snow before a Utah school would take a snow day. It has happened before. But it takes a lot of snow. Gavin and Parker were so worried the snow would melt before they could build a snowman.

Lucky for them the snow stuck around. In fact, it's still on the ground more than 24 hours later. They couldn't wait to build a snowman this morning.

The boys were outside playing while Gwen cried inside. How could everyone leave her?

I helped her get bundled up to check out the snow. Last night Heath took her outside to see the snow. She hated having the snowflakes land on her face. She hated the frigid temperatures and having no coat on. She could not understand what all the fuss was about. This weird white stuff was not her idea of exciting.

She took a few tentative steps and soon decided she enjoyed the snow.

Of course the boys were in heaven.

Grandma was able to get off work early today. She hooked the boys up with baby carrots and candy to decorate the snowman. Then she helped them build the snowman.

Gavin could not have been more excited to have all his dreams come true - snow at Grandma's house and building a snowman.

There wasn't enough snow to make a big snowman. He was perfect the way he was. I love the huge scarf wrapped around his miniature neck. That is my favorite part!

And because the snowman was not huge, there was plenty of snow left over for a snowball fight.

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