Sunday, November 22, 2009


This morning we went to church. We chose to go to the ward we went to when we lived here. It was a really fun experience.

I had called my friend, Becky, to let her know we would be visiting the ward. She was pretty excited. I didn't tell anyone else. I don't know why I keep wanting to surprise people when I visit Utah!

We walked in the doors and up to the chapel. I saw this girl standing in front of the front doors with a very surprised smile on her face. She said hello to us and by then I recognized her as one of my former Beehives. She hugged me and asked why we were visiting. We told her Thanksgiving brought us and we just wanted to visit our last ward. She is now 16, almost 17.

Amy was one of those girls I never thought I left a lasting impression with. And the fact that she just reached out to hug me really floored me.

We went in and it was a really surreal experience to see so many faces that we knew. That ward is a fairly transient ward for whatever reason. I knew a lot of people had moved out and new people moved in. The Primary children did their program. In fact, Gavin kept asking if he needed to join them! I kept telling him no. He was excited that he knew all the songs and he even sang Families Can Be Together Forever with them. That was always my favorite song too.

It was really crazy to see all these kids all grown up. One boy towered over all the kids. Gideon was 5 when we moved into the ward in 2003. He is now a couple of weeks away from his 12th birthday. His voice was deep and it was so strange to see the boy who was one of my cub scouts looking exactly the same as he always has since we moved in. He's just older now.

After the meeting we had a little reunion. Friends and former neighbors came over to say hi. Another former Beehive came over. She actually waved across the room when she came in and saw us sitting. Shani was my first Beehive to turn 14. I think she was only my Beehive for a couple of months. We always passed around a birthday card so everyone could sign it. I wrote something about missing her and being glad we would still see each other even if she wasn't in my class anymore. She has kept in touch with me ever since. It's been a while since we talked last and I was so happy to be able to catch up with her.

My calling as the Beehive Advisor was my life for nearly 3 years. It killed me to be released. It's a warm fuzzy feeling to see the young women I worked with. It was strange to see them grown up but they all seem to be very beautiful and successful young adults. The awkward looking Beehives are all gorgeous young women. I don't think I ever made such a dramatic transition as a young woman! Heath pointed out that usually we don't see the influence we have on others but today I got a small taste of it.

We needed the diaper bag for Gwen but it was in my mom's house so we had to go. I would have loved to stay and go to Young Women's with Becky, who is now the President! Becky is an incredible person. On the way home we had to drive by the blue house. It looks the same as when we lived there.

Later tonight we will go to Temple Square. It won't be nearly as cool as it could be all decked out with Christmas lights. But they don't turn on the lights until after Thanksgiving. We'll be going home then. The boys love going to the Oakland Temple grounds so this will be a neat experience for them. Although it is bitterly cold right now with the threat of snow. Hopefully we go but we'll see.

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