Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lost and Found

Some children grow very attached to objects or toys. It's a psychological thing. Usually. Sometimes it's a physical thing beyond their control. It all depends on the situation.

I'm the kind of mom that can't bear to make my kids be away from home without a lovey. The kids were allowed to bring one toy each. Gavin brought Ted E. Bear. He vomited all over him. But Ted E. Bear is clean now. Parker brought Woody and Gwen brought her baby. The doll that looks just like Gwen with the dark hair in pig tails.

Woody was Parker's best friend for a day or so. Gradually he was forgotten. Replaced by a fuzzy red monster with big plastic eyes on top of his head. Parker and Gwen have been fighting over Elmo and a couple of cars.

We brought another load of things Gwen has grown out of for Baby Isabel. One thing we brought was a chair. Parker would buckle up Elmo in the chair. Gwen would push Elmo around the house as if the chair was a stroller. Parker has insisted that Elmo sleep in "his room" almost every night.

Elmo is missing.

Parker is a lazy searcher. After a while of him insisting that he couldn't find Elmo, we organized a search party.

No Elmo.

We looked everywhere for the rather large, bright red doll with a hair pin trigger for the giggles. He is nowhere to be found. Heath ran out to the grocery store again to buy Ibuprofen for Gavin in case his coughing turns into croup. (Which I am convinced will happen because seriously, what else could go medically wrong with my kids on this vacation?) Anyway, Heath searched the van for Elmo even though neither one of us remember Parker taking him out there today.

No Elmo.

We have looked in every obvious place as well as every off the wall nook or cranny. Still no Elmo.

After we gave up on Elmo, figuring he would be found in Candi and Ed's shower even though we haven't even been to their house yet this trip, we had another lost and found moment.

In the middle of watching Juno, Ed was changing Isabel's diaper. She was babbling up a storm so we were all tuned in for this diaper change. Ed started looking around as if he had lost something. I thought maybe he forgot to put the new diaper on Izzy before snapping up her onesie. Candi asked what Ed was looking for. "I can't find the wipe," he replied puzzled.

He looked under every nearby item in a circle around him one more time. Then he dove back into the diaper he had just put on Izzy. He pulled the wipe out the front of the diaper. Needless to say, we all laughed until we cried. Isabel was very patient during this whole thing. She never let on that her fresh diaper was already wet and uncomfortable.

The Elmo update is that he has been found. Grandma found him behind the pillows on the bench in front of the fireplace. Parker was kicking the pillows earlier to see if he could hear Elmo. He must not have kicked all of them. How lucky is Elmo to have Parker as a best friend! How lucky is Isabel to be able to spontaneously reproduce baby wipes when her dad is forgetful!

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