Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Tales from the Loo

Parker’s best friend in the whole wide world is Woody from Toy Story.  This doll was given to us and Parker has been nearly inseparable from it ever since. 

Until now. 

I told Parker to put the jump rope away, go potty, then meet me in his room for his nap/quiet time.  I told him I would take Woody up to his room and even hang up his hat on the dresser like Parker always does.  Parker insisted on taking Woody with him to the bathroom.  Giving an impulsive 4 year old way too much credit, I let him. 

* Splash *

Then the sobbing started as Parker tried to deal with the trauma of being told Woody needed to be washed before Parker could play with him again. 

Woody has been out of batteries for some time now.  We refuse to replace them because he requires 6 button cell batteries that are sold separately for about $15 a pop.  Maybe not that much but so not worth the cost.  Parker has used Woody’s useless pull string to hang Woody from various places.  The string will not go back in.  The battery thing seems to be a moot point since we don’t think Woody will ever work again anyway. 

Well, now he definitely won’t ever be the same again.  He is being washed with last night’s accident clothes in the washing machine because I don’t know how else to sanitize toilet off of him!  I’m using the silk/ultra delicate cycle.  It’s a front load washer.  I don’t think there is a cycle that would be appropriate.

Some days I love my life.  Being a mom is the best isn’t it?  Who else has such colorful stories to share around the water cooler besides moms?

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