Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Perfect Girl

Ask any guy what he considers the perfect girl is and you may get as many answers as guys you ask.  Over my 31 years on this earth I have conducted my own research on this topic.  I never meant to but sometimes you live life and figure things out on the way you never planned to figure out. 

I have heard men describe the perfect girl as low maintenance.  The perfect girl would have a love of sports.  She also didn’t waste time in the bathroom getting all gussied up to do sports.  They wanted a girl who could get up, pull her hair back in a ponytail and be on her way in a matter of moments. 

On the other hand I have heard men describe a desire for the high maintenance girls.  A former coworker of mine wanted an extremely high maintenance girl.  He wanted her nails professionally manicured regularly.  He wanted full hair and makeup daily.  She had to be stylish.  This conversation happened over 10 years ago.  I am pretty high maintenance when it comes to my appearance and I remember feeling really dumpy while this guy talked about his dream girl. 

The majority of men dream of a girl who balances everything.  She is sporty yet gorgeous.  She is maternal, selfless and a great cook.  She is confident in herself and treats others very well, especially her guy who dotes on her. 

She’s a little young still, but I think I may have found the perfect girl.  This is a girl who loves cars.  She also has a thing for shoes.  She enjoys playing hard outside.  And her eyes light up when she has on a pretty outfit.  She loves everyone around her.  She gets concerned when someone is unhappy and will do anything she can to fix it. 

The girl I am describing is not quite two years old yet.  She exhibits motherly instincts as she cradles her dolls, then hugs and kisses them.  She enjoys having her hair done and loves to practice combing her dolls’ hair.  Yesterday she spent hours playing with Lego firefighters and pushing a firefighter truck around, including over my legs as she called out, “Whee!”

This same girl was visibly upset that I would put all her old clothes in a bag for her baby cousin.  Her whole countenance changed when she saw the shiny red Christmas dress she wore last year.  I tried it on her to see if she could get one more year out of it.  It’s close, but I think as long as she doesn’t have any major growth spurts between now and Christmas she can get away with it.  That girl did not want to take the dress off.  She knew it was beautiful and she felt beautiful in it.  In fact, she will strut around the house in most dresses.  She loves dresses because they make her feel pretty.

Obviously I am describing Gwen. 

I look at her and how confident she is.  I hope she never loses that confidence in herself.  If you give Gwen a compliment she just beams.  The only day I remember being able to accept compliments for what they were was my wedding day.  When people told me I was beautiful I actually believed them because I was so happy and secure in what I had just done in being sealed to the most incredible man I know! 

I look at Gwen and think she is definitely going to break some hearts when she grows up.  She’s only one person.  I have no doubt there will be a lot of boys interested in her.  She is a cool girl. 

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Dawn said...

With you, I hope and pray she will keep that confidence. I will try to do my part.