Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday in Utah

These pictures are a little out of order for what I want to say. This is sweet Baby Isabel.

Isn't she the sweetest baby ever? I can't believe her dark hair. She was strawberry blond when I saw her in August. Candi said she turned dark over night. It makes her look totally different.

Here are some more pictures from the drive yesterday. We made the whole 700+ mile trip in one day. It took us about 11 hours with stops but it was more like 12 hours only because we gained an hour crossing into Utah.

The kids did awesome. Even though they hardly napped at all they did really well. We didn't even have movies going the whole time. I love how Gwen put her own headphones on. Most of the time she didn't bother with them. She just listened to our music and watched the silent movie.

The boys were not exciting to photograph. They played with the toys they brought from home and the toys they got from McDonald's. They watched movies like zombies, talked to us, and rarely fought with each other.

Gwen discovered the diaper bag was open and within reach. So she entertained herself with the contents until she cleared the whole thing out and I took it all away from her. Silly girl.

This was my attempt to photograph the KSL towers on the top of Farnsworth Peak. Of all the pictures I took this was my favorite because I love the streaking lights. I will do a separate post later about my feelings of "going home" from the west instead of going north from Southern Utah. I need a separate post to do my feelings and thoughts justice. I took these pictures of the KSL towers because I hiked all the way up to those towers. I always feel a sense of reverence and pride whenever I see those towers.

The kids had trouble settling down last night. Heath slept on the floor with Gwen while I was comfortable in my cot. We are thrilled that the boys were asking to go to bed tonight and Gwen is actually asleep right now while we are watching BYU TV in the family room.

This morning Gwen woke us up early after keeping us up late last night. Thanks Gwen. My mom made a big breakfast of french toast, sausage and eggs. Candi and Ed came for breakfast. We hung out talking and torturing them with the vanity video I made for the kids that wouldn't play in our DVD player in the van on the way. Heath and Ed tried to fix my mom's computer and figure out how to stream the BYU football game. Heath didn't write down the password for the sling box before we left so he couldn't stream the game on his laptop. He borrowed Ed's Zoon and listened while we went to Clark Planetarium.

Parker is just a little excited.

The coin swirly thingy that all kids love to watch.

The display about Senator Jake Garn's trip to space.
Me in my stylin 3D glasses with Gwen on my lap. This was the first 3D movie I have ever seen. We saw Under the Sea in 3D in the Imax theater. It was awesome. Especially for Gavin and me since we learned about a lot of the sea creatures discussed in the documentary when we did the research for his sea anemone report last year.
Parker was really restless during the movie because he was tired. He would sit on my lap and try to reach out to touch the sea creatures. He would say, "I can't catch the shark!"
This was my attempts at getting a group shot in a dark theater. Don't we look hot in our dorky glasses?
This was called Newton's Daydream. This is only the top part of it. Later we went down the stairs and I was surprised to see there was a lot more to it. Pretty cool.

We met up with Tyson and Deanna and their kids to go to Costa Vida for dinner. It was great. I miss Costa Vida in California and have been craving it ever since we moved! The boys ran around with Calvin having a blast shooting each other with empty water guns. Poor Daphne just sat around bored. The only girl cousins she has on this side of the family are babies. She's about to celebrate her 10th birthday and Gwen is the first girl cousin after Daphne. Then Baby Isabel.

It's been a great Saturday. So far we haven't seen any snow even though it was forecasted to snow today and tomorrow. I hope it does because the boys are convinced they will be able to build a snowman. They wanted to bring carrots and raisins for the snowman. They were also pretty concerned about bringing a scarf. I told them we could borrow all of that from Grandma. I want Gwen to see snow. She has never seen snow before. I wonder what she will think.

Good night. We have early church tomorrow!

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mindij said...

I saw you at church and I was going to come say hi but never made it over there with primary business, dangit! It was cool to see you there, it took me a second to realize that you weren't in our ward anymore! Good to see you! :)