Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for Family

Grandpa and Grandma with Baby Isabel

Grandpa and Grandma
Uncle Arnold and Aunt Barb
Candi, Ed, and Isabel
My mom's kids and grandkids.
Deanna, Tyson, Daphne, and Calvin
My cousin Nick, his wife Juelee, and their daughter Abby
Blogging away from home is not as easy as one would think. I don't have all the tools I normally use at my fingertips. I am totally picking random pictures and hoping they look good!
Madison, Uncle Tom, Josh, Rachel, and Aunt Julie
Bringing the Wii was the best thing we could have done. Everybody had a blast.
My 76 year old Grandpa bowling for the first time in his entire life! Wii bowling is the way to go.
Ed hamming it up for the camera. You look pretty Ed!
Juelee asked me if she could hold Isabel since she never had before. I feel so privileged to be Isabel's aunt because I have been able to hold her a lot.
Parker and Calvin Wii boxing
Tyson and Nick realizing there isn't much skill involved or whatever skills you try don't necessarily translate to your Mii.
Having Thanksgiving at the church was the best idea ever. We all agreed this was by far the funnest Thanksgiving. We had plenty of space to eat, play, and hang out.
I love that the guys brought couches and soft chairs in for that comfortable living room feel.
This picture is a little dark. If I had Photoshop on this notebook I could lighten it up. But this is Daphne and Parker playing ping pong. Apparently the table was in the church closet! Sweet!

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