Monday, November 30, 2009

unposted video and pictures

This . . . ahem . . . video has only taken me all day to try to upload. I have started over at least three times! What a waste of my time. Anyway, it is finally uploaded. These are pictures and video from the trip that didn't get posted because uploading video takes forever. (I am refraining from using adjectives)

The first couple of videos were supposed to make it on the 'traveling in real time' post.

The boys used to love playing at the dinosaur playground in South Towne Mall especially during the cold winter months. So I had to include then and now pictures. I have pictures of Parker at 18 months and now at 4 years and Gavin at age 3 and now 6.

Along the then and now theme, I ended the video with pictures from the Bonneville Salt Flats. The first picture is the day we moved from Utah to California. Parker was 22 months old. Gwen is now 21 months old! That is crazy. The second picture is obviously when we drove home on Friday. It was 14 degrees outside and Gavin was still in his pajamas because he had the flu. He has been fever free and medication free all day today for the first time since Thursday. He will be going back to school tomorrow. By the way, Gwen puked a couple times Saturday night. Parker is acting like he might be getting sick too. He played the left out middle child card for a couple days but today he is starting to show real symptoms. Poor little guy. I have basically been up to my elbows in fevers, vomit, laundry and Christmas decorations since we got home.

The Deeth Starr Valley picture was a must because all week we were laughing about it being the short bus version of the Death Star. Maybe you had to be there!

The snowy tree pictures are from the Time Paradox post. The pictures don't do justice to reality. The traffic was worse than it appears, the sun was certainly brighter. It was blinding. And the trees were far more gorgeous. Since we have had rough trips home twice now and everything unravels around Donner's Pass, we think we'll just plan on breaking up any return trips over two days. Now we did that last time. We stayed the night in Winnemucca, the halfway point. But we still lost our minds around Truckee. So we will just stay there overnight in the future. We did that on our way to San Francisco when we moved and it is gorgeous there. I have always wanted to go back.

This video is Gavin and Parker singing the "Ipsy Ipsy Spider" on the train to Ogden. Fun trip. Fun videos and pictures. Good times.

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