Friday, November 27, 2009

Time Paradox

Traveling does strange things to one’s mind. The anticipation of getting somewhere can make time nearly stand still. Yet miles in the beginning of a trip can zoom by only to make one feel like the mile markers must be off with the same miles at the end of the trip.

Getting to Truckee, CA was such a breeze a week ago. Now it feels like home is still so unreachable. We practically had toothpicks in our eyelids through the Bonneville Salt Flats getting to my mom’s house. Today we questioned whether or not we should even stop. It seemed so early in the get go.

Getting through Donner’s Pass today feels like we are driving on caffeine and sheer adrenaline. And a few lame jokes of “Donner Party of five!”

A few miles back Heath was reminiscing about our last drive home from SLC. He pointed out where the world’s most annoying construction began. Forget about Truckee being the end of the trip and we were tired and ready to be home. Construction kept us in Truckee for an entire Mulan movie. Then we finally made it home only to have our house be a million degrees since we turned off A/C while we were gone. We turned it on and 10 minutes later the power went out for several hours. We swore we would never go back to Utah! Parker couldn’t breathe and getting home was such a bear.

Time Paradox kicked in and we soon forgot the pain of driving as a mother quickly forgets the unimaginable misery of childbirth. We went back. Soon we will be home. Soon. We’re nearly past the worst part of the trip. The part that makes us crazy for even attempting this vacation in the winter. So far it’s still in the mid 30’s and dry, misty rain.

Gwen is back to whining again. I’m out of ideas . She won’t eat and she keeps dropping every makeshift toy I’m finding for her. She cried a lot at this point on the way to SLC and we forgot before we even made it to my mom’s house. Our kids are awesome in the car. Miles of whining is only annoying at the time. Time Paradox takes care of the rest.

Home is so close I can taste it.

Ok now it’s getting a little harder. The sun came out for the first time today and these roads clearly had snow earlier today. The sun is glistening on the wet roads to the point of difficulty seeing the lines. The temperature keeps dropping but so far so good. We just passed the summit so it’s all downhill from here right? We’re guessing that 4 or 5 inches of snow just fell yet we’re slowly moving down the mountain with the sun blinding us on the wet roads. Who knew the sun on old snow would be the hardest part of this pass? The trees are fantastic though especially with the frosting of snow on the branches.

The slow and go this time around is so much easier to bear. There is a sense of community as we all have cautious squinty glares on our faces staring into the setting sun and inching our way forward. The slow and go from last time was angry and impatient annoyance with construction and circumstances. I think the trees help. The trees are so beautiful. The pristine snow reminds us of the present holiday season. There is childlike excitement in the air. Of course I'm not driving so that’s just my passenger perspective. Oh how I love trees.

How about this time paradox – I started this post a couple hours ago when we crossed into CA. I won’t be able to post it until we get closer to Sacramento. Since I’m using Live Writer the time won’t show when I started the post but will represent the moment it posted. It’s dark and I can’t see to type anymore!

12 hours since we left. it’s raining like crazy. we’re in auburn with 120 miles to go. ugh!

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