Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Childhood is Calling

Every fall the front tree holds onto its green leaves long past the other trees have all changed color. Suddenly the leaves will turn a slightly golden green color and drop like a book. Fwoosh.

The front yard is full of huge leaves. They swirl into the street and onto the sidewalk. They roll up to the front door of our next door neighbor’s house until he can’t open his door.

For days and days I stared at the enormous pile of leaves threatening to blow all over the neighborhood at the slightest hint of a breeze. For days I talked myself out of it telling myself it was too cold.

Finally biting the bullet, I tackled the daunting project. Armed with my enthusiastic four year old, Parker, who was anxious to help. He asked if he could jump in the pile before we put them in the green waste. I figured childhood is short so I swept and raked them all into a pile as tall as I could make it. Then let him go for it. He was in heaven.

Gwen was squealing in her room not napping. Parker let her out and I took advantage of her petite size to help tamp down the leaves in the green waste bin. We used to do that with Gavin when he was about the same age. Both kids helped put the leaves in the bin until there was no more room. We moved onto a garbage bag that we stuffed like a turkey.

Heath reminded me that the city will not accept garbage bags from the green waste containers. So the overstuffed black bag has settled on the floor of the garage until I dump it in the green waste, probably filling it again.

Of course there are still more leaves sitting in the bottom of the branches. They have been slowly falling since we started the leaf removal project. My neighbor said he was tempted to get his leaf blower out and blow them down. I told him to go for it. He hasn’t yet.

This childhood moment of pleasure occurred while Dawn sent me this link. This is the most Piquant Storyteller article I have ever read. She knows me all too well. I read the article and was taken back in my memory to countless conversations with her about the topics discussed in the article (helicopter parenting). I could not have written the article better myself. Thanks Dawn.

Here’s hoping more people will understand what childhood is all about and the tides can turn back.

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Heath Westover said...

I just have to say that Parker has perfect form as he dives into those leaves. If you look at the video there are times he looks like a platform diver getting ready to dive in from the high dive.