Thursday, December 17, 2009


I was so excited when it was confirmed Gavin was a boy. I think everyone needs to have an older brother. I do. Heath does. It was so perfect that Parker came second. Gavin needed a brother to pal around with.

To be honest, I was terrified to be the mother of two boys. Being a very girly girl myself, I had no idea what to do with boys. Somehow I figured it out.

Then Gwen came along to everyone's delight. I have never been so amazed by another person before. I am the first of two girls. You would think I would know girls. Gwen has me mystified every day. I had no idea she would be born with a confident femininity. I guess I thought I would teach her. Somehow I'm the one being schooled on a daily basis!

Not yet two years old and this girl already has her own taste in fashion.

We bought the fancy black patent leather shoes to go with her Christmas dress. Since then she wears them all the time. She won't take them off for naps or even bedtime most days. Heath will put them in the top of her closet hoping she will forget about them. No, she begs for me to put her to bed. When I go in there she points at her closet and says, "Up, down! Up, down!" It took me a while at first but I soon realized her shoes were "up" in her closet and she wanted me to get them "down" probably so she could wear them to bed with her pink Spongebob Squarepants pajamas!

I have given up the fight with her in the morning about what shoes she wears. It's not 30 degrees every morning anymore so who cares if she has fancy shoes on with her jeans? The other thing she does is she will not wear her coat. That was a battle during that cold snap! She would get all mad and cry, "No! Jacket!" Hot pink marshmallow coat with a fur lined hood she loves to chew on or kelly green pea jacket? She prefers the jacket. She refuses to wear gloves too.

This morning she asked to wear a dress. She does this lately. She loves dresses and struts around the house in them like she's hot stuff. How in the world does she know dresses are prettier than pants? I have a denim skirt I wear in the summer a lot but other than that I only wear dresses to church! I won't let her wear dresses to drop off Gavin at school because it's too cold. Any other time of the year and she's in cute little dresses most days with sandals.

I convinced her to not throw a fit when I put her jeans on and a long sleeved t-shirt. She asked for her fancy shoes and was very proud of her outfit. Parker started dressing up in the costumes we keep in the closet. Gwen found a glittery purple fairy skirt I forgot we had since we got it when she was 7 months old. I helped her put it on. Then she put the pink train engineer hat on her head and look very satisfied with herself!

We can't get over how cute and sweet she is. She makes my heart ache. I am not sad that I'm done having babies but it is weird to realize that Gwen is my favorite age and she's the last one. Ohhhh . . . tear!

I like to watch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC on Friday nights when I've had it with the week and need to vege out. I can't wait to go shopping with Gwen. Not for wedding dresses but shopping in general. Although with her already having such fashion sense, I'm afraid she will be painfully aware of our 30 year age difference when we're out shopping. I still can't wait. I hate shopping but I can't wait to go out with my girl.

This is so typical Gwen. Girly girl who loves to play with her brothers' toys. She even makes the plane noises while she flies it all over the house! We have to find her a train set for her birthday. She loves trains.

Adding a scarf to the ensemble. I love how femininely she holds her hands. She has been like that since the day she was born. Again, how does she know? I think Santa may get her some nail polish for her stocking. He and I talked and we think she might be ready for that bit of vanity.

Eyeing the Superman belt. Should that be added to the outfit or is too much?

Gwen the little mommy. She is always pushing one of her babies in the stroller. So cute. I love that the boys want to be dads when they grow up. The other day I said something to Parker about being a firefighter or something when he grows up. He got really mad at me and said, "No! I already telled you, I want to be a dad when I grow up!" Gavin, on the other hand, is nervous to grow up because he "might not know how to do stuff like make a website." And he is not looking forward to kissing girls "because they always have those wet lips!" Hysterical!

It's a fuzzy picture but I love that Gwen is pushing Woody around in the stroller. She is too funny. My divalicious Little Miss.

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Dawn said...

How precious. I really miss not being able to do all the fun sewing I thought I would do with grandaughters. No one told me working full time was in my future. Give our diva an extra hug from grandma.

phonelady said...

wow I hate to tell you this but yep you got a diva on your hands . the girl knows what she wants LOL !!!