Friday, December 18, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy

Seven days before Christmas and it’s already been a day! 

Let’s start with the good:

In the last week I have decreased my basal rates.  I don’t know why I never felt like I should do that before.  I guess I got to a point where I felt so out of control as a diabetic that I hoped if I played by the doctor’s rules, things would resolve themselves.  Obviously that didn’t happen as I spiraled more out of control! 

So I decreased my basal rates to a much more reasonable level.  I am still experiencing some lows in the morning but it’s not as often and it’s not as low.  I can eat the recommended 15 grams of carbs and actually have it sustain me like it should! 

The great side effect of all these positive changes is I have lost 3 lbs.  I know 3 lbs. is not even noticeable.  But I think it’s worth saying out loud.  I lost 3 lbs. by doing nothing more than DECREASING the amount of insulin I use in a day!  How do you like me now Doctor? 

Heath told me I should see him in 6 months when I’m all svelte (we both know I’m not going to lose much more weight this way) and tell the doctor, “Yeah, I’ve been doing things my own way.  Look at my weight that your nurse saw on your scale, so you know I’m not lying!”  In your face, Doctor Judgmental!  Who is overweight himself, by the way. 

I rode that high for the next 90 minutes until it was time to take Gavin to school.  As I was buckling up Gwen I heard my phone ring . . .

The bad: 

I don’t volunteer at school because I don’t want to deal with finding a babysitter for such a long term commitment.  I tried to swap babysitting with a friend but she has too much going on with her little girl to have time to volunteer this year. There is a time and a season for all things and now is not my time to volunteer.  Maybe next year. 

My kids had a play date planned for today.  My friend who was hosting the play date said that the other mom and I could drop our kids off to do last minute whatever.  I was pretty excited when I realized how  perfectly the time aligned with Gavin’s holiday party.  I asked her if she would be willing to watch Parker and Gwen for a little longer.  She was fine with that.  Vicki is great. 

The phone call was her telling me she didn’t know if she had food poisoning or the flu.  She still wanted to help me since I had committed to this party.  I grabbed the reindeer candy canes I finally finished last night. 


I talked to Gavin’s teacher about the recent change of events.  She was very understanding.  She has two little boys at home and she knows that sometimes things happen.  I felt bad that I couldn’t help when I had planned on it.  Gavin was disappointed but he was fine.  He just said, “This day isn’t working out the way we planned.” 

The crazy:

Once I got home I played an active game of phone tag with the two moms involved in this play date.  All of our phones were ringing off the hook!  We finally were able to work out that I would watch Rebekah while her mom helped with the play her son is in today at the high school. 

I had her car seat  in case Michelle couldn’t get to my house soon enough for us to pick our kids up from school at the same time.  Different schools, if that didn’t make sense.  I don’t live in the most convenient location.  I’m not kidding when I say it takes almost five minutes to get out of my neighborhood.  There is only one way in and one way out.  Once I’m out it only takes five minutes to get anywhere else I need to in the city.  I could probably walk to Michelle’s house faster than I can drive there because she’s in the neighborhood behind mine. 

I ended up taking my brood plus one to get Gavin.  I had Rebekah in Gwen’s stroller while Gwen and Parker walked.  Gwen loves walking and as she was distracted by something every other second I remembered why I make her sit in the stroller! 

Gavin came out without the basket.  I use that basket so I really wanted it back.  All five of us walked back in the building to get it.  Gavin’s teacher made a point to tell me that the candy canes were a big hit and that all my hard work and effort was appreciated by everyone.  That really was a much bigger project than I realized it would be and my fingers still hurt from trying to pinch 35 pipe cleaners into antler shapes!  I knew the kids would like it and I’m glad they did.  Between 25 students, two teachers, and several parents, we came home with three reindeer candy canes. 

We got everyone into the van and buckled up.  Away I drove.  To Michelle’s house thinking that made the most sense.  At the same time she was picking up her kids and driving to my house!  I missed the street I was supposed to turn on and had to turn around in a neighborhood while some guy was following me.  I stopped by the curb next to a park hoping he would pass me.  He kind of stopped too.  I started to wonder what was going on until he pulled into the garage of the house across the street!  What are the chances? 

I fixed my mistake and got to Michelle’s house.  I took Rebekah out while Gwen started screaming her head off.  Tired and hungry.  I started to take the car seat out but thought better of it in case Michelle wasn’t there.  Good thing because she wasn’t there. 

Of course my cell phone has no charge.  When does it ever?  I couldn’t find the charger we normally keep in the van.  I could have used OnStar to call but I didn’t have Michelle’s cell phone number with me.  So we drove back home while Gwen screamed the whole way.  Michelle was parked in front of my house.  The gardeners were parked across the street and were just finishing up.  Michelle and I had a good laugh over us going to each other’s houses.  Her other daughter wanted to run through the walking path and up to their house to see if we were there.  But they live far enough up in the neighborhood that Michelle figured it wasn’t worth it.

Everyone is home safe and sound.  I’m happy it’s nap time now and I’m looking forward to having two weeks off from the world.  Huge sigh of relief.

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phonelady said...

sounds like one of my days but see you got through it and with no lows or highs . see you can do it and be a t1 too !!