Tuesday, December 29, 2009

He warned me . . .

Heath surprised me this Christmas with Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card
. I was hoping he would get me that book. When it arrived from Amazon he told me he had hidden my gift in plain sight in our bedroom. I had no idea until Christmas morning when he pulled it off the bookshelf and handed it to me!

I have had a sick fascination with this book since Heath listened to it on CD from the public library. I heard parts but not much. Heath told me the whole story. I know the ending. Even before he had heard the whole thing he was telling me I couldn't read the book for a long time. It paralleled our lives and the crazy year Gavin was having in kindergarten too much. Kindergarten had to be well over before I was allowed to read the book.

He warned me. I haven't gotten into much of the story happening to Stevie in second grade yet. So far the focus is mostly on Step and his rotten new job. I am now remembering Heath telling me how painful that part of the story was for him. We have lived all of this.

If I knew nothing about the story I would be continuing to read in hopes that things get better. I already know the ending. It's not all roses! I am reading because I can't stop. I absolutely hate this story but I love how well Card tells it. It is hard to relive trials in my life by reading this story but again, it is so well written that I have to love to hate it!

My brother has also read the book. He cried. His wife read it. She cried. Heath has listened to it twice. He cried both times. They all agree this is a great book. Tyson was afraid they had hyped it up too much for me. He was afraid I wouldn't like it because of all their recommendations. I told him my fear in reading it was that Heath warned me that the book is very similar to situations in our life together. Tyson tried to downplay that fear. I told him my other fear with reading it was that I get very emotionally involved in stories. I wasn't sure if I was ready for this one.

Heath knows this about me. He told me that now is the best time to read it because I can get lost in the story and easily slack on my job as a mother because he is home to help me out. It would be a really fast read except I am very emotionally involved already and need to take frequent breaks from it.

Oh how I hate this story and love it all at the same time. Heath warned me. I knew what I was getting myself into. He warned me.

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phonelady said...

have you tried shelfari ? it is a website to keep track of what you have read and are planning to read . I love it . It seems as though I have read 53 books in six months and I was like wow ? I have no life LOL !!! I would like to read this one you are talking about . Thanks for sharing and posting .

Tristan said...

I'm on goodreads.com if you want to see what I've read there. I don't read very often though. I love reading but I really do hide out in my room for two days ignoring every responsibility until I finish the book.