Monday, December 14, 2009

Now it's beginning to look like Christmas!

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I love elfing my family! Gavin said, "I saw this last year." Yes, son, it's a tradition. I can't believe I forgot about this until a friend mentioned it.

The best part about this day is Gavin has no homework this week! WAHOO - HOO - HOO - OOOH! I could give his teacher a hug. All he has to do is read for 15 minutes a day. He always has to read for 15 minutes a day. But that's all he has to do. No worksheets or spelling or anything else. Oh I could hug his teacher! Long live the Homework Nazi, and thank everything holy she doesn't teach anymore!!!!

For some reason I can only post the one song. I'm bummed because the hip hop one was hilarious.

4 thoughts:

Jenni said...

We can't see it!!!

Tristan said...

I know!!!! I can only get it to work in Firefox but I get nada in Internet Explorer. I'll keep playing around later. Maybe I'll just email you. I loved your dance! BJ has the moves!

phonelady said...

you all are so cute and make such good elves thanks for the smile . God bless and take care my dear .

Dawn said...

I can't see anything in IE