Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Warning to those with a weak constitution:

Our house is not its normal jovial self.  Flu Bug is slowly enticing all of us into its clutches of misery.  My apprehension is on high alert as my kids swing from one extreme to the other like a ride at an amusement park.  One second they are running around giggling like usual and the next they are tossing their cookies.  An hour or so later they are back to normal.  What is a mother to think? 

What is a mother to feed her children under these circumstances?  I don’t know if Heath and I are exhausted from the demands of caring for sick children and the mountains of laundry we have been doing daily since Saturday or if Flu Bug is flirting with our immune system too.  We’re out of ideas for food.  The kids are getting bored of the bland food we offer them.  But whenever I think we’re out of the woods someone unexpectedly shares their “ABC” food with the rest of us in a disgusting way.  Of course, as seasoned parents, we hardly flinch as we touch partially digested food.  Or are assaulted by it all over ourselves, as the case may be. 

Last night was awesome.  Gavin was normal all day and I was feeling guilty for even keeping him home from school.  By the afternoon he was starting to deteriorate.  He was becoming paler and more lethargic.  He refused to eat dinner and begged to go to bed.  We told him we wanted to do a quick family home evening first.  As Heath and I debated over which song to sing Gavin introduced us to his lunch.  All over Heath, who tried to save my couch from violation, but failed when the second wave hit. 

Bath for Gavin and then into bed. 

Family home evening was put on hold until another day and we got the other two into bed.  Around 2:30 am I heard someone crying.  I couldn’t tell who it was.  It was small, faint, and not urgent.  Silence followed so quickly I wondered if I imagined it.  Then it came again.  I shook the foggy sleep from my brain and remembered I had sick kids so I better check to see who was crying.  I stepped into the hall and realized it was Gwen.  I watched myself open her door all the while thinking I was going to regret not making her cry herself back to sleep. 

She was laying in her own vomit. 

Bath for Gwen!  Heath took care of her sheets and got her sleeping bag out for the second time since we got home.  Thank heavens we bought those things.  We were done cleaning up in record time – 20 minutes.  Heath emailed coworkers to say he was working from home.  I loved how he did it though.  He said something to the effect of “It would be cruel and inhumane to make my wife be alone all day with two puking kids.  If the third one starts I may be tried for war crimes.  So I will be working from home.” 

Since there was another adult in the house I was able to get my blood work done sans kids.  And I was able to pick up Gavin’s homework.  I have had a dull headache ever since. 

Heath bought us Carl’s Jr. for dinner.  I figure if you’re going to get sick, just do it.  Puke or shut up is my philosophy so if I get sick the rich food will definitely speed up the process.  The kids asked for peanut butter and honey sandwiches so they got what they wanted.  Except Gavin who said his stomach hurt so he got dry toast again.  They all were excited about the bananas Heath bought. 

Barring any more regurgitation, Gavin will go to school tomorrow.  I think anyway.  He looks like a drug addict with his ghostly pale face and dark circles under his eyes.  He says he doesn’t remember ever using the bathroom today.  I have been forcing Pedialyte and water all day.  Gavin drinks kicking and screaming.  He hates Pedialyte and has since he was a baby.

He looks visibly dehydrated and it scares me.  I have spent the night in the ICU for severe dehydration.  Nobody knows why it happened.  Basically it was diabetic ketoacidosis but nobody knows how or why it happened.  I deteriorated to the point that I was vomiting bile every 5-15 minutes depending on how long I could stay asleep.  My heart was racing an unhealthy number I don’t remember offhand.  I was so dehydrated my speech was slurred and the roof of my mouth literally cracked.  I had to use Chloraseptic to dull the pain for several days.  At the time we were trying to get pregnant for the first time.  I told my doctor I thought I was pregnant but I threw up the baby!  He laughed at that.  The weird thing was I was completely normal the next day so I went home that afternoon.  I don’t ever want to take my kids to the hospital for dehydration. 

I hate you Flu Bug!  My cousin is getting baptized on Sunday.  I want to go but I hesitate to make my kids sit in the car again.  My family is in Sacramento.  Parker has been invited to a birthday party on Saturday.  He is getting a fever now.  I RSVP’d that we are a definite maybe!  I hope he can go.  There are so many things going on at school this month.  It’s overwhelming.  My holiday spirit is surprisingly sluggish.  I love Christmas but it took me three days to even put up decorations.  And it had little to do with sick kids.  I wish Flu Bug would take a hike so we can get back to normal and enjoy my favorite month ever. 

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Dawn said...

Thank you. My constent headache does not seem so bad now. You are in our prayers.