Friday, January 15, 2010

The Delicious Life

Not much to do today. Parker and Gwen are sick. My neighbor very sweetly agreed to take Gavin to school this morning. Gwen slept until 9:00 am as a result. That was nice.

It's almost 11:00 am and she's still in her Spongebob pajamas. Our goals are low today! Parker wanted to eat a ring pop. We had a couple left over from when our previously mentioned neighbors did the twelve days of Christmas for us. On the fifth day we got five ring pops!

I let both kids enjoy a ring pop. I walked by while Parker was enjoying the heck out of his. He said, "This is delicious!"

I just can't believe my little Monk, the kid who used to wipe Gavin's face at the dinner table, the kid who freaks out if anything gets on his fingers, looks like this while eating a ring pop!

This is my other Monk in training. She cries hysterically if any food gets on her fingers. She's not as messy. A little snotty because she's sick but that's about it.

They started posing a little too much for the camera.

Then the hand came out like I'm the paparazzi or something.

It's been a successful day already. For a delicious life just add ring pops.

2 thoughts:

phonelady said...

wow sorry they are sick hope they get better soon .

Jenni said...

It reminds me of that commercial as a kid. Do you remember, "Will you wear my ring? Ring Pop!" Fun and cheesy memories. I hope the kiddos get feeling better soon!!!:)