Friday, January 8, 2010

For the Dogs

I recently had this conversation with Gavin when we were reading Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

G – Why does it say there are no dogs allowed?
M – It’s a restaurant.  Do we normally take dogs to restaurants? 
G – No but how would you even eat without a dog?
M – We go to restaurants all the time and we don’t take a dog.
G – But what about the people who do have dogs?
M – They leave their dogs at home.
G – That’s kind of sad don’t you think?
M – Why is that sad?
G – Because the dog is all alone.
M – Well, the people eat then go home and play with their dog.
G – That’s lonely.  Do they get a babysitter for the dog?
M – No, dogs can be left alone for a while.
G – That’s so lonely.

Gavin wants a dog so badly.  Parker is terrified of dogs and I am not interested in another “child” right now.  The boys were watching Fetch (a PBS show they remember watching with Grandpa in a hotel in Santa Cruz.)  The episode was about taking care of pets, specifically dogs. 

M – Do you still want a dog now that you know you have to give it baths and clean up it’s poop?
Gavin’s face was starting to fall as the reality of pet care started to sink in. 
Parker – I don’t want a dog.  I’m just afraid of them.
G – Well we can keep it in the back yard. 
P – Well, I will be scared if I go in the back yard to play.

I told Parker that we were going to Rachel’s house for a play date this morning. 

P – Yay!  I like Rachel!  Mom, does Rachel just have a dog?
M – No, she doesn’t have a dog.
P – But I just seed her petting that dog at the park. 
M – She likes to pet dogs but she doesn’t have a dog.  You’re safe. 

2 thoughts:

phonelady said...

You have to wonder where kids get it from dont you ? I love it.

Cannonball said...

I love kids! Too sweet, thanks for sharing!