Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God works in mysterious ways

My kids have been sick for about a week now.  I remember last Tuesday I was so grateful that it was my neighbor’s turn to do carpooling because Parker was not himself.  He slept most of the day after sleeping in, which is so not my Parker. 

My neighbor and I trade carpooling in the mornings only.  So I packed up Gwen and Parker to get Gavin.  Parker said he felt like he was going to throw up.  Awesome.  I told him to stay close to the grass and puke there if he couldn’t make it to the bathroom.  He never threw up but we did go home the second Gavin came out of class. 

Parker and Gwen have had different stages of some nasty cold since last Tuesday.  Gwen was not doing well at all with it.  She won’t be two years old for another month.  That really puts a damper on the medicine she can take since she’s too young.  For the most part I was making her tough it out.  What else could I do? 

Wednesday night she had a croupy, barking cough.  I was panicked thinking she would get croup like Gavin does.  No croup but she did wake up a lot in the night.  Thursday she seemed to be dealing with her illness poorly.  So I called my neighbor and asked if she could take Gavin on Friday so my little ones could rest and not be rushed in the morning.  She agreed. 

By Friday afternoon Gavin was coughing.  The miracle is he never had croup.  In fact, he has shown signs of getting croup twice this winter and nothing has come of it.  Could it be possible he’s grown out of it already?  Croup is a childhood cold symptom and I was told he would grow out of it by the time he was 12 years old.  He’s only halfway there.  I’ll take it though. 

The weekend went downhill with all three kids sick.  I don’t remember when Parker and Gwen started getting fevers.  By the weekend all three had fevers.  Even with all that I felt no need to involve a doctor. 

This morning Gwen slept until about 9:30.  I got her up and changed her diaper.  When I lifted her shirt out of the way I saw red splotches all over her abdomen.  Her skin was mottled with red.  There were no raised bumps.  I called Heath.  He suggested I call the doctor’s office. 

I threw makeup on my face first.  Come on!  This is me.  Good thing because the lady I talked to said it would be worth having Gwen seen by the doctor.  And how does 10:30 with Dr. Smith (our regular pediatrician) sound?  Great!  I had 20 minutes to get four people clothed with hair combed into some semblance of respectability.  We all did the comb and go.  No hair ties of any kind for Gwen.  My hair was still wet from my shower.  I did the ultimate mommy do – a tight, ugly ponytail. 

Of course the red spots on Gwen’s chest were gone when it was time to go.  Heath said to keep the appointment because she hasn’t been herself for days. 

God had His hand all over this one.  I don’t call a doctor unless someone is bleeding and dying and even then I’ll consult my mom, an RN, first!  Gwen has the beginnings of pneumonia.  I think she also has an ear infection but I don’t remember what the doctor said about that.  Her oxygen level is a little low and she is very congested.  Antibiotics for Gwen.  Gwen also has to use an inhaler for a few days. 

After the doctor looked at Gwen’s ears she suddenly said, “Let me look at your boys too.”  Oh thank you thank you thank you.  I only made an appointment for Gwen but took my entourage of sickies because Heath can’t get away from work, especially not on such short notice.  She looked in Parker’s ears.  Poor kid has an ear infection in his right ear.  She was actually surprised he hadn’t complained about any pain.  Antibiotics for Parker, the one I thought was almost 100% over the cold. 

Gavin’s ears were fine.  Just a lot of wax buildup.  I was told to use Debrox to break that up.  His lungs sound clear.  Basically he’s fine to go back to school after he has been fever free for 24 hours. 

We braved the rain some more to get medicine.  You know how it sounds when someone is in the shower?  Imagine that sound pounding against your windows and house.  The rain switches from torrential downpour to sprinkling then back to the sky dumping on the earth again.  We always seemed to be blessed to walk in the sprinkling rain.  Of course it’s sunny now! 

I feel so blessed by my loving Heavenly Father.  Heath is heading out of town for a business trip soon.  Can you imagine my panic if the sink decided to drain all over the floor when he was gone?  How about these sick kids that don’t seem to be getting better?  Now I know why.  All because of some red spots on Gwen’s chest that for all I know were some heat rash.  I’ve been told to give her Benadryl if I see them again.  If Gwen didn’t have red spots I never would have called anyone. 

More proof that there is a God and that He loves us!!!

2 thoughts:

phonelady said...

amen there is a god . and yes he is so good to all of us . God bless us everyone.

Fulkerson Clan said...

once again, i so related to this story! a few months ago i took justin to the doctor for something that turned out to be nothing but while i was there i had owen who the doctor figured out at that appt. had acid reflux (ugh! i was so in denial!) and got some MUCH needed medicine. so yeah, it is interesting how heavenly father has to pull some strings sometimes to help us :) thanks goodness he does though!!