Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye to the old, hello to the new

So original I know!  Yesterday we painted the town red so to speak.  We were gone all day, which is a feat with small children who really should be napping.  And didn’t come home until we were literally hobbling on our sore feet.  FYI:  don’t dress up and wear high heeled boots if you know you will be walking ALL DAY! 

The kids got Mad Libs in their kids meals.  I just realized we never did any Mad Lib stories in our festivities.  I told Gavin that my fourth graders loved my Mad Libs and we would do them as a class all the time.  I also told him that it was something my brother and I loved doing when we were kids.  We never wrote in the books.  Always on a separate piece of paper.  Some of the classic ones that had us nearly wetting our pants laughing so hard were saved for years. 

We bought season passes to the Chabot Space and Science Center.  What a fun place.  I had a lot of fun watching my kids learn and experience science. 

dancing-and-Science-Center-007 dancing-and-Science-Center-008 dancing-and-Science-Center-009
Gavin and Parker as astronauts.  It was a real astronaut space suit that you could touch with stairs at the back to climb up and stick your head through the helmet.   dancing-and-Science-Center-018dancing-and-Science-Center-019 dancing-and-Science-Center-020 dancing-and-Science-Center-021 I have a tendency to forget how little kids are until something happens that proves they are little kids and not short adults.  PE is what woke me up with my students.  The astronaut stuff showed me how young and little my kids actually are! 

dancing-and-Science-Center-010 Gavin was barely tall enough try this exercise machine out.  Parker’s shoulders didn’t even reach!  This is how the astronauts kept their muscles from atrophying while in space for long periods of time.  There was a short astronaut machine and a tall astronaut machine. 

dancing-and-Science-Center-012 dancing-and-Science-Center-013 dancing-and-Science-Center-014 dancing-and-Science-Center-015 dancing-and-Science-Center-017
We said goodbye to our children and they blasted off into space.  Their mission would have been longer if they weren’t prematurely attacked by an enemy.  Or overzealous little boy who had trouble waiting his turn. 

dancing-and-Science-Center-022 dancing-and-Science-Center-023 dancing-and-Science-Center-025
Parker said this was his favorite part.  He loved putting the space helmet on. 

This was the last picture I took.  Don’t I live in the most gorgeous place ever!  This is a view of parts of Oakland with San Francisco in the distance.  I love all the trees here in California.  We want to go back at night so we can actually gaze at the stars from the Observatory and not just the city. 

We saw so many other things like meteorite rock.  It was heavy for such a small piece of rock.  Some girls made a comet while we watched.  They were self conscious which I thought was interesting since they had clearly done it many times that day.  I thought it was really cool that with charcoal and a couple other chemicals and dry ice, they made what looked like a dirty snowball.  The dry ice gas was floating off the back and it was essentially a small comet.  Pretty impressive. 

There were many other cool displays we enjoyed.  I wish we could have gotten the weightless pictures to work out right.  There was a place where you could stand in front of a backdrop and jump while the camera took your picture and you could email it to yourself.  We took as many pictures as we felt like we could with the crowds but never emailed any.  The kids sure loved dancing in front of a green screen.  Their image video was displayed on a camera right in front of them with fuzzy black and white static behind them that looked like they were dancing on the moon.

We also saw two movies.  The first one was called To be an Astronaut.  I had to shut my eyes a lot during the weightless scenes to keep from getting motion sickness.  The movies were played in a huge dome theater.  The first time I saw a movie like that was at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.  Very cool to sit in a seat already reclined and watch a movie that is projected on the walls and ceiling. 

The second movie we saw was Tales of the Mayan Skies.  They used the whole ceiling for that movie.  We were sitting on the side of the theater so maybe that made a difference but I was impressed with how often I had to turn my head to a side or practically look upside down to see the whole picture. 

When we were done with the Space and Science Center we went to IKEA.  This may be sacrilegious to some people but I hate that place.  I always want to scream when I’m there.  I also have a hard time finding what I want.  Maybe I’m not creative enough but it seems to me that my friends all have cool things they got from IKEA that are no longer sold.  So that’s frustrating.  Gwen had to walk too.  We put her in a cart and some disgruntled employee told us we were not allowed to take carts upstairs.  Only strollers.  Well, thanks for telling us after we left our stroller in the van in the store parking lot located across the street! 

We bought two more kitchen chairs to match what we already have.  When we got home Heath opened the box and saw that it was actually the wrong color!  Of course it is!  The kids were losing their minds in line and I thought I deserved an award of some sort for going through all the crowds and stress I had that day without having my own meltdown until we were in line at IKEA.  I took Gwen outside to walk around while Heath paid.  He was stuck behind the world’s most oblivious couple ever.  They took forever and when they were finally done they stood in everyone’s way!  Poor Heath.  He said he didn’t feel bad at all for bumping their cart out of the way when he was done. 

I got Gwen to bed after dinner.  Then we had our own ring in the new year festivities.  We watched The Mighty Ducks on our X Box 360.  We can now stream from Netflix that way and I love it. 

Then we played games.  We laughed, squealed, and accused anyone doing well of being a cheater chowder head.  I yelled at Gavin a lot when we were racing on Madagascar Karts.  That kid needs to learn that trash talking is not appropriate when he’s the one playing poorly!  He kept looking at the wrong portion of the screen.  He thought I was the one not moving!  At one point he said, “Have you even found the turbo button?”  I shot back, “Have you even found the gas?  You haven’t even completed one lap yet!”  The boys stayed up till well past midnight.  We put up their giraffe tent in the living room and they had a little slumber party downstairs. 

Happy New Year everybody.  I have learned that I love playing games with my kids on New Year’s Eve but I may never be able to kiss Heath again at midnight.  The boys cut us short by saying they wanted kisses too.  Then they were insisting on kissing our mouths.  No way.  What a great last day of 2009.  We look forward to what 2010 brings us.  Whatever that may be. 

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Becca Jane said...

We just started using Netflix through our Xbox live and have been completely hooked on season 1 of LOST. Sooo fun!