Monday, January 11, 2010

Ha ha ha ha GRRRR!

Let me start by saying I love Windows Live Writer because I have no idea why I can’t log onto my original blog to pound out this story.  If you’re reading this, whatever was going on with the blog is fixed now. 

Parker and Gwen wanted me to read some books to them.  Ok.  I read them the Who’s Under the Hat book Gwen got for Christmas.  Harmless enough.  The kids get major points for taking turns lifting the flaps without fighting.  It was fun.  So fun that Parker said he wanted me to read the Curious George book he got for Christmas.  Water-Everywhere-008

Who knew that was my first mistake!  I read the story about the dog show.  After each story is a page or two of practical applications.  The dog show was about counting and grouping.  You know, math skills.  So I had Parker group the Little People zoo animals in several different ways and count the animals in the groups. 

This went on for a good 10 minutes.  He was having fun.  I was having fun.  Gwen was having fun lounging on her big fluffy bedspread and throw pillows flipping through the book.  She loves Curious George too. 

Parker was done with grouping and counting so he suggested I read another story.  He skipped the kite story and wanted to hear the cleaning up story.  Ha ha ha.  If you have ever watched the Curious George cartoon on PBS Kids you may have seen all of the  stories in the book I got for Parker. 

The cleaning up story is where the Man with the Yellow Hat buys an area rug.  Then leaves.  Interesting that everyone has such confidence in a little monkey that only communicates with gestures, facial expressions, and ooh ooh ah ah monkey sounds.  But that’s the script for the conflict with Curious George.  So George is left alone.  He decides to drink some grape juice.  While jumping on the soft, new rug, of course. 

Oh no!  Grape juice everywhere!  He gets soap to clean it up.  If some soap is good a lot must be better, right?  In the TV show this part of the story is developed more by showing George gather every bit of bar soap, shampoo, bubble bath, laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, whatever to dump on the juice stain.  Then he gets the hose to flood the living room. 

Oh no!  Too much water and soap suds!  So he steals borrows the neighbors pump to pump out the extra water.  Why am I going into so much detail?  Because our kitchen flooded when I tried to do the science experiments to teach my children about the physics of air pressure. 

The first experiment I did was simple enough.  I filled a cup with water and showed Parker how the water stays in the straw when he puts his thumb over the top.  Then it all comes back out when he releases his thumb.  That was fun.  We’re all easily impressed.  Parker and Gwen were doing their thing with the cup of water and straw while I prepped for the next experiment. 

I took an old plastic canister out of the cupboard.  Then I put a dry paper towel in the bottom and secured it with tape just like the book told me to do.  Then I plugged up one side of the kitchen sink and filled it with water.  Parker brought a couple of chairs over so he and Gwen could really get into the action. 

If my life were a movie there would be scary warning music playing at this point.  We were oblivious to any imminent doom.  I took the upside down canister and plunged it straight into the water as instructed.  Then I unscrewed the plug to drain the water just like that blasted book told me to do!  I should have just pulled the canister right out and could have showed the same results.  Then the kids could have played in the water and we would have prolonged the inevitable! 

Well, that didn’t happen.  As the water was draining I thought it sounded very strange.  Should I have plugged up sooner?  Water-Everywhere-001 Perhaps yes.  Either way the damage was done.  I looked down to see water sinisterly seeping out the cupboard doors underneath the sink. 

The kids were still perched on their chairs.  Thank heavens for that!  I grabbed the phone to call the one person I call the second anything happens.  Heath told me to clean it up as best I can and he would be on his way home.  In the course of those few seconds while I grabbed armfuls of beach towels, the water had crawled across the room.  I’m not joking. 

Parker helped me mop up the trail of water up to the sink.  He is a good helper.  Man, I love that kid when it comes to housework!  Water-Everywhere-003 Thankfully Gwen was content to try on her princess shoes and push the stroller around in another room. 

I looked under the sink and saw the pipe had separated.  Water-Everywhere-005 Water-Everywhere-006 I called Heath and told him I thought I could screw it back on.  Ha ha.  I don’t think you can screw PVC pipe.  At least where it separated I didn’t see any threads. 

Heath is still on his way home.  He is bringing lunch with him since our kitchen is in shambles and he figures I need a Diet Coke.  I told him to get me a big one!  Water-Everywhere-002

The only casualties of this minor disaster were some cardboard boxes, the garbage bags are still fine, and an entire box of Swiffer refills.  Water-Everywhere-007 Water-Everywhere-004 Hey, at least the box on top escaped without incident!  Always look for the positive. 

The major casualty of this total sitcom moment is my confidence.  For real.  I am starting to think there is a point to preschool.  Gasp!  I know!  Me!  Preschool???  What is this world coming to?  Point for preschool where they can keep their science projects gone awry in their own facility. 

On second thought . . .

Point for me anyway.  Not only did my kids learn that the paper towel stayed dry, they also learned how to clean up gallons of water off the floor and out of the cupboard.  They learned that the big Tupperware bowls in their cupboard are very useful in this situation and that when cardboard gets wet it’s useless.  They also learned how to solve problems by watching me.  And I didn’t swear.  Not out loud anyway. 

The ending to the story:

Heath came home.  We laughed about the whole situation while we ate and sipped our mammoth sized Diet Cokes.  He let me take pictures then assessed the situation.  It was not a big deal.  I didn’t think it was at first but when I couldn’t thread the pipe back together I was concerned.  Then I was grateful we rent! 

Well, Ed probably already knows what to do.  Oh if only I lived closer to my brother in law the plumber.  Apparently the compression valve was not put in tight enough and over time it sagged to the point that I was draining the sink all over the floor.  So Heath put it back together.  Problem solved.

The problem started around 11 am and was solved by 1:30 pm.  An hour later Parker learned to read a couple words.  So all in all it’s been an eventful day!

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

They also learned to call dad if you are in a panic. You are so funny. I have to admit that the past two Sundays I have almost been late for church because of toilet problems. Dad and Kirk fixed it tonight. My favorite plumbing disaster was when Barry punched a hole in the side of the garbage disposal trying to grind up a peach pit. We also lost all the boxes under the sink. Water is a mighty force even when it just drips.

phonelady said...

wow I did not think there was another person in the world who had something happen to them like this , you sound just like me when I do something like this . cool beans lol !!!