Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here’s to the next 10 or more years!

Heath: I can’t wait until our kids are teenagers so we can make fun of them for doing funny things like that!
(We were watching AFV)
Me: They’re hilarious now.

We both agreed that we are so blessed to have had our kids two years apart. While everything overlaps we get to enjoy it for years. Our kids have been cracking us up for the last 6.5 years but most especially in the last 3-4 years.

Parker peeling an orange: Why are there so many strings?
Me: I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Heavenly Father about that.
Parker: Ok. I will tonight.

Gavin has been obsessed with the process of inventing something. He is working on inventing a phone that invents things for kids who are too young to invent things! The phone includes a keyboard for typing, a computer, and the ability to invent a flying car among other things. Gavin asked his dad if he could have space in the garage to work on his invention or maybe the front yard. When Dad asked how big it was Gavin got out his ruler and declared it was 6” long. He was not thrilled when Dad wondered how something so small could have a flying car come out of it.

Yesterday we had a bad homework day. Gavin wanted to play with his dad and not work while Heath was working. Gavin was so upset that he had better things to do than homework. He had to go shopping for the things he put on his shopping list for his invention.

Parker got Lego Toy Story for Christmas. He is so cute with his toys. He changed the eyes on the car (RC? I haven’t watched Toy Story in a while). I asked him what was wrong with the eyes thinking something was missing because Gwen keeps putting them in her mouth. Parker told me that he put the eyes in backwards because the car was sleeping. Then he wanted to switch Woody and Buzz’s heads so they could be in their pajamas. I didn’t get what he was saying soon enough so he said, “Ok. They can just sleep in their play clothes.”

Last week I noticed that Parker wasn’t playing with Handy Manny anymore. Parker said he couldn’t find Manny. He insisted that he looked everywhere. On a whim I looked in the cupboard in my bench, that the kids aren’t supposed to play with. Manny was inside. Parker was thrilled.

004 005

No, not Little Red Riding Hood. Spider Man with one boot.


Wearing a “pretty dress” and “pretty shoes.” Her words.

Gwen's-Imagination-002 Gwen's-Imagination-004 Gwen's-Imagination-001

Gwen would not leave the blinds alone so I pushed them past the bass unit thinking that would deter her. I wasn’t counting on her blossoming imaginative intelligence. She took the bathroom step over to the blinds to try to reach the opener.

Gwen's-Imagination-016 Gwen's-Imagination-017

My new pet peeve is all the computer cords for the myriad of laptops we now have. Heath bought one for like $40 from work. He got the Netbook for free and he has a work laptop. Anyway, Gwen is constantly playing with the cords. Here she is pretending the big black box is a phone!


I painted her fingernails and toenails today. She is incredibly proud of how pretty she is. I kept trying to get good shots of her talking on the “phone” and she kept showing me her fingernails! She also loves to wash her hands and rub lotion on her hands. I have started putting lotion all over her body after her bath. She rubs the lotion on her hands and then rubs her feet because that’s what I did! She is so girly. I love it.

Gwen's-Imagination-012 Gwen's-Imagination-013

Showing me her fingernails while she talks on the “phone.”


Blowing her fingernails while on the “phone.” I painted her nails and blew on them hoping to get them to dry faster. She thought they were hot like when we blow on hot food.

Gavin: Why do you always have to help me brush my teeth?
Me: Because you still need help. Should we call Aunt Candi to ask her how long I have to help you brush your teeth?
(I think she told me kids need parents to brush for them after they brush till they’re 8 or 9)
Me: It’s too late to call her now but I will call her and ask. What do you think she will say?
Gavin: She’ll say to help me until I’m 7.

It’s been 6.5 years of hilarity already. Here’s to the next 10 or more.

3 thoughts:

Jenni said...

Your kids are so adorable! I, too, love these years of intense imagination. It's too bad we sort of lose that, to a point, as we get older. Gwen is so cute! I feel bad I don't ever get to see her in person. She looks like she has the cutest little personality! :)

Becca Jane said...

I love the little conversations you put on here. Cam is just starting to start saying clever, funny things, I love it.
I wonder what Allie would do if I painted her toes? I haven't tried yet.

phonelady said...

Okay get prepared Gwen is going to be a cheerleader in high school and such a girly girl . Just be prepared . wow your kids are so cute love the orange comment .