Monday, January 18, 2010

In honor of Marther Luther King June-er Day

We will be staying home doing nothing.  Two thirds of my kids have fevers and it’s a different two thirds every day.  I haven’t left the house since I picked up Gavin from school on Friday.  Since Gavin has a fever I guess he won’t be going to school tomorrow.  School rules say he has to be fever free without the use of medication for 24 hours before he can go. 

Can I just say the walls are closing in on me?  I know I’m a homebody and don’t really like going out but when I have no choice in the matter I want to scream.  I may just brave the downpour outside and buy some more medicine anyway.  The cabin fever is killing me.  Heath says I should pick any restaurant I want, even if it’s a 30 minute drive away, just so I can get out of the house.  We’ll take our crusty faced, gagging coughing, feverish chilluns with us. 

I showered today, put on a bra and did my hair.  I did all this knowing full well I wasn’t going anywhere.  My self esteem was starting to suffer as I ignored my innate vanity to hold sleepy kids.  I need a Diet Coke.  Five or more refills of delicious fountain soda please. 

Maybe Supergirl can help the malaise hovering ominously over the house. 

Supergirl-005  Supergirl-007 Supergirl-008 Supergirl-010

Gwen was alert for only about an hour yesterday and this is what she did during that time.  Had I known she was going to sleep on my lap all morning I wouldn’t have French braided her hair. 

Time to hug my kids.  It’s not their fault they’re sick!  I do love them.  This is just not how I wanted to spend Heath and Gavin’s day off. 

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phonelady said...

Here is praying that you have wellness in your house soon . that is so awfull everyone being sick please get yourself some goldenseal so that you can ward off the bug that your kids have . I hope you get well soon .