Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Because

Just because the weather is sad, foggy, cloudy, muddy, and cold

doesn't mean you can't have a staycation.

Just because it feels more like a pool, they wore bathing suits.

But still got lots of bubble bath.

Just because of this face, along with tears and terrified screams, I stopped turning on the jets.

Even though Parker loved the jets.

Just because it's fun to show off how wrinkly they are getting.

Just because it's fun to act goofy at an indoor beach party

with music blaring from Gwen's boombox.

Just because she's cute with that little tongue sticking out.

Just because silliness is the name of the game.


Just because the water looks awesome in this picture.

Just because this picture reminds me of

this picture.

Just because we are all so in love with this little one.

Just because the background is distracting doesn't mean this isn't a really cool picture of Gwen.

Just because it's only fair to get Parker after I got Gwen.

3 thoughts:

Becca Jane said...

What a good idea!! My kids love the bath, I should put them in it just for fun sometime!

Dawn said...

Let's Party! I took a bath the other night instead of a shower JUST BECAUSE I won't be able to for several weeks because of my foot surgery. I think I will take one again tonight. I wish I had your fun, big tub.

Jenni said...

I'm totally going to have an indoor beach party! That just looks plain fun!