Sunday, January 3, 2010

The most beautiful thing happened today!

Church started at 9:30 am!!!! We have been on the 1:00-4:00 pm schedule for 16 months. We have watched Gwen grow up on this torturous schedule. For anyone who has switched to this later schedule, I have sympathy. Especially if you have little children. But in all honesty, I don't have that much sympathy. Your torture will only last for 12 months. Try doing 16 because your stake finally decided to stop changing the schedule every September. Of course they made that change when the ward with the smallest number of children was on the hateful 1:00 schedule.

So many beautiful perks to early church.

  • 9:30 is easier than 9:00 am. We have continued our trend of getting to church 15 minutes early! Yay us! So many people gave us strange looks because they didn't expect a family with three kids ages 6, 4, and 23 months to make it to church on time.
  • The kids ate ALL of their lunch because they were actually hungry.
  • We had stuff to talk about. The boys enjoyed telling us what they learned in their Primary classes. "Parker, don't choose the left. Choose the right!"
  • The day is stretching ahead of us with endless possibilities.
  • We are trying to have TV free Sundays now. We kept the kids entertained with movies before.
  • Parker may actually take a nap on Sundays. Gwen can sleep her normal 3-4 hours rather than 50 minutes before we had to wake her up for dinner.
  • It felt like late start Wednesday so tomorrow isn't going to hurt as much getting ready for school after two weeks of waking up around 8 am.

I'm sure there are other perks. This is just my list right now. It's only been one Sunday on the beautiful early schedule. Here's to 51 more weeks of happy Sundays.

3 thoughts:

Chantalle Bishop said...

Yay! I am so glad our new ward was the same schedule, so we are at 930 now too. We have been counting down the weeks! I love that Zach and Elizabeth are napping right now and we won't have to spend Monday recovering from a weird schedule. O I love it!!

phonelady said...

Oh wow a new schedule hope all goes well . Good luck and have a great week .

Cannonball said...

Not only did I LOOVE the time change, but Primary was sooo fun! I loved sitting behind you guys! (It made me miss nursery--Gwen is too adorable!)
Primary went by soo fast, it was crazy!