Monday, February 8, 2010

100 Days

Happy 100th day of school! I can't believe how fast the school year is going by. I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun.

Gavin and I had a blast putting this 100 piece puzzle together for a school assignment. We sorted the pieces by corner pieces, border pieces, and middle pieces. The border went up fairly easily. Once we were ready to start on the middle it was a little overwhelming. So we sorted the middle pieces into piles for the three different characters. Then we put SpongeBob together. He had the most pieces so once we got going on him the rest of the puzzle came together pretty easily.

We placed the last three pieces and realized there was a perfect puzzle piece hole in the top left of the picture. What? Where's the other piece? We searched and searched. We were looking all over the kitchen floor, under the table and chairs, moving chairs as we frantically searched. I even swept my hand under Gwen's booster seat knowing there was no way it had gotten there. Gavin pulled up the cushions on the chairs and looked. I looked under the rug that runs between the kitchen and the couch in the family room. Everywhere we looked was searched over at least three times. There was no puzzle piece.

I stared at the hole wondering what we were going to do. Do I write something in that spot? I turned over the box the puzzle came in over and over as if doing so would give me some clue as to what to do next. Gavin started looking all over the box and the receipt for a phone number. He wanted me to call and say we were missing a piece. I tried telling him that nobody cared. He found a phone number for Target on the receipt and practically begged me to call.

Me: Gavin, there's nothing Target can do about it. They don't know that some of their puzzles are incomplete. They get the puzzles from another company and just sell them. They don't care.
G: Well, just call the company then. Who makes puzzles? Where is that phone number?

No matter what I said he couldn't understand that our only response would be a Sorry, you're out of luck. He wanted me to buy another puzzle and I had to tell him that was the last 100 piece puzzle. There were a couple of 100 piece girl puzzles but that wouldn't help. There were no more puzzles, let alone a SpongeBob one.

We hated to give up but worrying about it and looking in the same places over and over was not going to bring back the 100th piece of the puzzle. I finally convinced Gavin to do his reading homework. As we walked to the couch to read for 15 minutes, I saw something under the kitchen chair Gavin sat in to do the puzzle. This was a chair we had looked under and moved and everything I don't even know how many times! Something gray was under the chair. It was the puzzle piece turned upside down so all we saw was the gray cardboard.

Laughing at ourselves, Gavin placed the last puzzle piece. The puzzle was complete.

When Heath got home from work that night, I had to admit to him that I didn't listen to him. He had told me to buy a full size poster board so we could glue the puzzle pieces with space between each piece. It would be the picture just not snapped together. But I didn't listen. I bought a five pack of neon colored poster board that was slightly larger than the completed puzzle dimensions. Numbers just aren't my thing. Oh well. Heath figured out how to flip the whole puzzle over without taking it apart. Then he used the foam tape I bought and cut strips that adhered two rows of puzzle. I placed the rows on the cardboard. Gavin wrote his name on the back and unprompted wrote, "100 progekt."

I had him take it to school the next day, Wednesday, even though it wasn't due until Thursday. My reasoning was that I drive on Wednesday and I could help him get it to school. Plus, I didn't want to chance any possible rain on Thursday. A group of boys in his class crowded around Gavin oohing and ahhing over the cool SpongeBob puzzle. The moms congratulated me over my brilliance in buying a 100 piece puzzle for the project! Gavin told the kids how we were missing a piece but then we found it. This is such a great memory for us.

Happy 100th day of school!

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