Thursday, February 4, 2010


Children are amazing. They are capable of so much. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to see children learn. This is a great example.

Now for an example from my own home. I was showering and doing my morning vanity ritual. The kids were watching Playhouse Disney. They were quiet, which I took as a sign that they were enthralled with the TV. The thought crossed my mind to check on them. I quickly pushed that thought away rationalizing they were happy. If I were to make an appearance they would see me and suddenly want something. I thought it would be better to let sleeping dogs lie and blow dry my hair.

I did go to check on them five minutes later when I was finished. The first thing I saw was Gwen's princess sippy cup in the middle of the desk. I love finding evidence of Gwen throughout the house because it makes me smile. I had my arms full of a project I wanted to work on today. I set everything down on the desk. At the same time I noticed the box of markers I had let Parker use. There were markers strewn all over the desk. One marker had no lid on. I found the lid and started putting the markers back in the box, chastising myself for forgetting that he had used the markers earlier but I never put them away!

Yesterday we had thrown a few markers away that were too dried out to use. There was no way to know if I was missing markers. There was no way to know what I would find if I toured the rest of the house. The TV was the only sound I heard along with the ominous music in my head. What have I done?

Slowly I walked into the kitchen where I saw Gwen hunched over something at the desk next to the kids' computer. Fear gripped me. As I got closer I saw her carefully coloring the inside of Parker's get well card for Grandma, who had foot surgery yesterday. A quick look around showed that she kept her coloring on the card. I saw no stray marks on the desk, walls, CPU, anything.

Just her.

She has no idea she did anything wrong. Technically she didn't do anything wrong. We decorated cards yesterday. Parker used markers while Gwen got crayons. Parker wanted to add some more Wiggles to his card this morning. Gwen was just trying to use her own creativity to enhance the beauty. She colored at the desk and kept her coloring on the card like she's been taught. Her hands got a little messy.

But so did Parker's hands. Markers do that. I have to give my kids credit. They are very wise for their limited age and experience. The things kids pick up from observing and from remembering "rules" is astounding to me. This is why Heath and I have the philosophy that we are raising adults and not children.

I am also relieved the lessons paid off. I just have to laugh at this whole situation. It could have been disastrous. Now I just need to decide if it's my moral obligation to tell Parker what happened to his card to Grandma. Maybe if I mail them now that they're all finished, he will never have to know his sister helped him. At least not until he's married.

2 thoughts:

Becca Jane said...

Okay, so I LOVE that you said that you love finding little peices of evidence of Gwen around your house....I just said the EXACT SAME THING to Nate last night!! Cam left one of his dinosaurs on Nate's nightstand, and it made me smile.
CUTIE Gwen! Weren't you just pregnant with her??

Tristan said...

She is the same age Parker was when we moved here! Is that scary or what!