Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Housekeeping Myth Busted

Several months ago a parenting magazine had an article about cleaning the house. The article (which unfortunately I have no referring information for) said that cleaning while your children are asleep is the most soul crushing thing one can do!

Soul crushing.

Makes you stop and think doesn’t it? I imagine what the article was getting at was that nap time equals mom time. Kids are asleep, do something for yourself. Don’t do mundane or soul crushing tasks like housework! Paint your toenails. Eat bon bons so you can at least feel like some aspects of being a stay at home mom are what you imagined.

I happen to love housework. Nothing is more peaceful than a clean house. Nothing is more satisfying than being the one to make dirty things clean again. If my life were a sitcom I would be the token obsessive compulsive neat freak. Over the years I have cleaned my house before, during, and after nap time. Not always in the same day! From my own experience I can safely say that cleaning during nap time is anything but soul crushing.

My kids are old enough now that I can’t lock them in a room full of toys with a baby gate while I attack the germs in the house. I’ve done the TV as a babysitter thing and that doesn’t hold their attention anymore because they want to help.

Oh happy day! I have finally reached the stage where I can teach my kids to pull their own weight around here.

Enter soul crushing.

Being an obsessive compulsive neat freak suffering from a severe case of perfectionism comes at a price. Have you ever watched a four year old wipe down the bathroom? While your two year old screeches because he/she/it wants to help and you’ve asked them to get out of the bathroom because it’s getting crowded? Even if you’ve managed to hold your tongue while your child “helps” how often do you go back later, possibly during nap time, to re do the job? That is soul crushing.

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