Friday, February 12, 2010

I Heart Valentine’s Day

The treat behind having V-day land on a Sunday this year is that we get to celebrate all weekend!  Not only are my kids already experiencing celebratory mania, I agreed to substitute teach Gavin’s Primary class on Sunday.  Five active boys and one girl, who I hear can hold her own in that class not taking anyone’s guff.  After I said yes I remembered it was Valentine’s Day.  That’s what I get for not caring about holidays.  It’s ok.  I can wind the kids up real tight after bribing their behavior with treats all day then send them out the door spinning into oblivion as they look for their families. 

This year Gavin’s class had the assignment of making a Valentine box.  I remember doing that as a kid.  I remember my dad trying to come up with the most creative ideas he could for us.  I don’t remember any of those ideas now but I do remember they were pretty elaborate and very cool.  My dad was very artistically talented. 

Gavin’s box was a Valentine Monster from the Family Fun Magazine. 

Valentine-Box-024 Valentine-Box-015

Seriously, could anything be cuter than that?  I did the shopping for supplies earlier in the week and Heath put the whole thing together while I bathed Gwen last night.  Then Gwen took her blanket for a walk while Heath finished up the project with the boys.

Valentine-Box-008 Valentine-Box-003 Valentine-Box-006

I thought the box was so cute that I had to take Gavin to school when he normally carpools on Friday.  I saw a lot of shoeboxes covered in paper with stamps or designs colored on.  I hate to be so full of myself but I have to say I was proud.  It took me back to my childhood when my dad would make some pretty cool boxes for us and everyone else had covered shoeboxes. 

That extra dose of pride got me through feeling like a cheapskate with the Valentine’s Gavin gave his class.  I went to the store and bought some GI Joe cards.  He likes GI Joe and the box said they came with stickers.  I was all over that.  I had no problem buying candy but I get sick of how much candy my kids get for all these stupid holidays.  I assumed other parents felt the same.  Stickers seemed nicer than a piece of candy that would be gone in 20 seconds only to pass through their digestive tract in a few hours to a few days.  Stickers made more sense.  Until I got them home. 

The box did say that it contained a sticker sheet.  I guess I should have known better.  The sticker sheet had like 40 stickers right next to each other.  There was no way to cut them out to give to the kids.  I was annoyed.  Gavin didn’t know I didn’t want stickers meant to be put on the cards.  He thought the cards and stickers were great.  He carefully printed a classmate’s name on each card and signed his name.  Then he carefully selected a sticker and placed it somewhere on the card.  The cards didn’t even come with envelopes!  I was so annoyed.  Oh well.  Gavin came home with so much loose candy and pencils I doubt anyone went home saying, “I got something from everyone in my class but Gavin only gave me a dumb card!  Without an envelope!” 


Check out all that loot!  

The cookie with his name on it was made by his Primary teacher.  She also put all the little lip shaped chocolates in a bag with a card.  The rest of the stuff came from school.  I don’t mind that his teacher did that for all the kids in her Primary class.  That’s who she is.  She is a sweetheart. 

Gwen and Parker were tired.  They have been playing with friends all day today.  But they were nuts about Gavin’s treasures.  The whole way home from school I heard, “Parker!  Stop touching my stuff!”  Then I had to tell Parker to leave Gavin’s things alone.  We got home and Gwen started helping herself to his candy. 


She was not happy that I told her she couldn’t have any candy.  I let her have some chocolate.  I’m not that big of a wicked witch!  I just wanted her to take a nap and not eat a lollipop first.  Parker and Gwen already got their Valentine candy from their friend as we left our play date this morning.  Not that they could remember that!  Or care.  Gavin had more candy!  When you’re four and nearly two, more is better. 

Given that Valentine’s Day is the Love Holiday this one cracked me up:


It’s very possible she signed every card that way but it still brings a smile to my face because what if she didn’t? 

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