Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kick off to my week of Love!

With our approaching trip to Disneyland soon followed by a trip to Seattle, Heath said that we would have a really low key anniversary this year. I agreed but I was sad too because I wanted to do something for him. He told me his gift to me was to have my ring fixed. I was ecstatic! But I really wanted to surprise him with a babysitter so we could go out to dinner. That can cost between $60 and $100 depending on how long we’re gone and where we eat. If you ever wonder why we don’t date more often that’s why.

Today he told me we should think about getting a babysitter so we can go out for our anniversary. Now you tell me! Now that I can’t surprise you! Barring any Beehive Activity (the rest of the youth are having a dance for the Young Men/Young Women activity that night), we have a babysitter on Wednesday.

Yesterday Heath went to Costco to get a few things we needed while I cut the boys’ hair. He came in with a bouquet of two dozen roses. I was certainly not expecting that but I was also not surprised. That’s Heath. Always doing something special when he said we wouldn’t. Every time he buys me roses it takes my breath away. Do I have the best husband or what?

Later we went to The Shane Company to take care of my ring. Unfortunately, they don’t have an in store repair shop like the one in Murray, UT does. My ring has to be sent out. It can take up to 6 weeks to be repaired since they have to match the baguette and it can take a while. I lost a baguette when we were engaged. They had that repaired in no time. Probably because I hadn’t had the ring for too long before the accident and there was the benefit of the in store repair shop. I was really hoping to have my ring back on my finger glittering in the light.

This is how vain I am! I was dressed nicer than any of the customers in the store but I felt so ugly. I have this ugly wart on my left index finger. Right on the knuckle. I think I need to see a dermatologist to get it frozen off or something because the stupid bandaids that are an over the counter home remedy only work for so long. I got rid of it completely but it recently came back. I love that the bandaids say they are invisible. Well, not the pad. Not the part that has the medicine in it that has to be placed directly over the wart! It was so obvious I had an ugly bandaid on my finger! It’s in the middle of healing so it looks really nasty. A bandaid was prettier than throwing my grotesque left hand out for all to see.

I guess I wouldn’t have had to show anyone my hand. The lady took the rings and had them cleaned and told us about repairing mine. But then Heath said he wanted to see what it would cost to upgrade my diamond. I used to be a jewelry person and I’m just not anymore. Ok, I used to wear tons of cheap teenager jewelry from Claire’s. Now I’m an adult and just don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Or pine after it! After all, Heath had to talk me into getting an engagement ring at all.

I’m all about the understated stuff. Nothing gaudy for me. So he asked to see a slightly larger diamond. The lady said it wasn’t worth the cost because the size difference was barely noticeable. She brought out a diamond that was nearly triple the size of what I currently have. The thing was gorgeous!

Now keep in mind, I haven’t worn my ring in a year because of the missing baguette. So I looked at that stunning diamond and my first thought was No way! It’s too big! She brought out a diamond that was in between what I currently have and the gigantic rock that was making me afraid I was putting on airs or something. She was right. The one in between, the size Heath had originally asked to see, was only about $200 cheaper than the big diamond and the difference in size was not noticeable.

The saleslady was so excited that I agreed the bigger diamond was better all the way around. Upgrading my diamond was something Heath wanted for our 10th anniversary along with another tracer band. He just wanted to see what it would cost. Too much for right now. The saleslady was disappointed that we wouldn’t even agree to a 6 month interest free layaway program. He’s going to plan ahead so he can get it for me next year. I feel so spoiled and I don’t even have the bigger diamond yet!

I guess you could say my spoiled attitude faded away by the end of the day. Heath bought two new pair of dress shoes because he didn’t think he should repair his work shoes with superglue again. He did that about 18 months ago and the repair is falling apart. Time for a new pair of work shoes. Gavin got a new jacket. It’s probably about time he stop wearing the coat we bought for our Utah Thanksgiving trip. The kids all got smoothies to keep them occupied while we waited for Heath to get his shoes from Men's Wearhouse. I couldn’t have any because it was Saturday and my blood sugar is always high on the weekends. By the end of the day we spent money on everyone but me! I don’t even have my ring anymore. Ok, I shouldn’t complain. I have two dozen gorgeous roses on my counter. I’m totally spoiled by Heath even if I don’t get something from the mall every time we go!

We’re looking forward to our week of love. I may not celebrate Valentine’s Day (because it’s a holiday!) but we more than make up for it with celebrating our anniversary.

4 thoughts:

Dawn said...

You really need to have Heath talk to his dad about buying flowers for his wife. Heath must have had a wise mom. Have a very loving week.

Jenni said...

Heath is a very sweet husband. Do you still dry all the flowers he gives you? Have tons of fun in Disneyland!

Chantalle Bishop said...

How fun! The beehives are invited to the dance though...the valentines and halloween are for all the youth 12 and up, so maybe your beehive isn't going :)

Tristan said...

Jenni, yes I dry all the flowers he gives me. I took pictures of all the dried roses before we moved because there was no way we could bring them with. My collection has been replaced and is still being added to here.

Chantalle, she's not going. Her eyes lit up when I told her that her mom said she could babysit for me. I'm just glad to know I'm not keeping her from an activity she wanted to go to.