Monday, February 22, 2010

Let the festivities last forever!

Gwen’s happy birthday is today.  At 8:03 am she officially became a two year old. 

Saturday night we decided we couldn’t handle the anticipation any longer.  I suggested we let her open her gift from Grandma and Grandpa.  I knew that Grandma had made her a “pretty dress” and I didn’t want to make Gwen wait another week to wear it to church.  She was pretty excited to see a “pretty dress” and even more excited when her daddy put it on over her pajamas to see if it fit. 

Gwen understood when I told her that she could wear it the next day at church.  No surprise that as soon as the boys opened her door Sunday morning, she ran to get me and pointed at her closet saying over and over, “Pretty dress!  Pretty dress!”  I was hoping she could eat her breakfast in her pajamas.  Good thing we have some awesome towel bibs so her dress was spared a cereal/milk bath.

Heath said that Gwen saw her friend, Rebekah, and twirled in front of her!  Heath and I had to laugh over that one.  Yes, I foster her vanity but I never taught her to twirl in a dress.  Proof that vanity is innate in some girls!


The dress is adorable.  It has butterflies all over it.  Gwen loves butterflies.  As you can see, it also has three twirly ruffles.  So feminine and perfect for Gwen.  She looked so cute with white tights and her shiny, black patent leather shoes.

Heath wanted to party it up on Sunday because he had to work today even though Gavin got the day off.  Didn’t we just celebrate President’s Day?  I don’t know why he got Washington’s birthday off too.  That’s weird.  We almost never celebrate anything on the actual day so I was fine with that.  The decision to celebrate yesterday was the silver lining to ultimate child meltdown!  At least there was no school today. 

Anyway . . .

Here are some pictures.

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-016 I think Gavin was more excited than Gwen was!  He has been planning and anticipating her birthday for over a month. 

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-018 Heath did his home teaching yesterday and came home with this hat, given to us by a sister he teaches.  Perfect timing right?

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-020 Gavin is a sweetheart.  He wanted to buy something for Gwen.  He sacrificed from his allowance he is saving to spend at Disneyland and bought Gwen some M&M’s.  He wanted to get her some Disney Princess Band-Aids but they were $5.  We tried to talk Parker out of buying some Scooby Doo Band-Aids for himself.  Gavin got more out of the speech than Parker did.  Parker bought the Band-Aids and Gavin decided to buy Gwen something cheaper since she still has all her Barbie Band-Aids from Christmas.  She was thrilled with the peanut butter M&M’s.

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-023 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-027

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-028 I made a little important information book for Gwen.  I used the Cricut to illustrate Gwen and her brothers and other things so she can learn her address, phone number, birth date, etc.  I put the pages in a 4x6 photo album so I can change out the address and phone number if we move.  This picture is Gwen recognizing herself in Cricut cartoon form!

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-031 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-032 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-033

Parker’s turn sitting next to the birthday girl.

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-045 Uncontainable joy over the Little People fairy tree house.

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-048 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-055 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-057 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-058 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-066 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-067

Don’t you just love watching your children play?  It is too sweet.


I told Gwen I wanted to take a picture of her face and she gave me this cheesecake pose!  Silly girl.

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-073 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-075

I had to get some cake shots.  No, I did not get any pictures or video of her blowing out the princess candles on her train cake.  I also did not get any pictures of the train cake because Heath said it was a train wreck.  The idea was great.  It was super creative and would have looked fabulous except the cake was too soft and crumbly making it difficult to smooth out the frosting.  It tasted good though. 

The kids were all overtired and wired for bedtime.  The boys wanted to play with Gwen’s toys.  Gwen wanted to play with her toys.  I made the mistake of setting up her train track and all three kids went nuts.  We finally got kids into bed.  Only Gwen refused to get into bed.  So I turned off her light and shut the door.  She has a nightlight.  It wasn’t like she was going to be playing in the dark.  She lost it.  I got her into bed kicking and screaming.

Ten minutes later it sounded like we were torturing her.  She would not stop hysterically screaming.  Heath went up to deal with her and gave into her by letting her have her entire train in bed with her.  That was not good enough.  She wanted the track too.  We may be pushover parents sometimes but that was where Heath drew the line!  No train track in bed.  Obviously we got her some great gifts.  Too bad the rest of them won’t show up until tomorrow.  She gets a princess dress and Jessie from Toy Story so she’ll stop stealing Woody from Parker! 

We figure July is birthday month for the boys and we basically celebrate all month.  So it’s ok that Gwen has been celebrating her birthday for days now. 

Happy birthday Gwen.  We sure love you.

3 thoughts:

mintifresh said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Gwen! Her dress is so cute! and I love the book idea! I can't believe she's 2!!

Dawn said...

Our baby is TWO! It sounds like a fun few days. I wish we could have been there.

Becca Jane said...

Oh I wish I'd known that she loves butterflies earlier....I threw one in there, but I would have done MORE!!!