Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Say What

These are my favorite posts.  That and the I’ve Learned posts.  My kids crack me up daily. 

This first one needs to be explained a little.  Our church has many temples where we are able to perform sacred ordinances.  You may click here or here to learn more about our beliefs.

Gavin:  Are all the temples in the United States of America?
Me:  No, there are lots of temples in other countries.
G:  I must be wicked to see those temples.
M:  What!
G:  I must be wicked to see those temples.
M:  Why? 
G:  Because they are not in the United States of America.
Me still confused:  You can see any temple you want.  Don’t you think Heavenly Father wants all his children to have the gospel and to be able to go to the temple?
G:  I guess so.  But which temple do I join?
M:  They’re all the same.  When you’re old enough and ready to go to the temple you will go to the temple you live in the boundaries for.  It’s like going to school.  You go to --- school because that’s the school this neighborhood goes to.  If we still live here when you’re ready to go to the temple you’ll go to the Oakland Temple.
G:  When can I go to the temple?
M:  There are some things you need to do first.  You have to be worthy to go and you have to be old enough. 
Parker:  We can go to the temple right now and walk around. 
M:  That’s right.  We can walk around outside any time we want but you have to be worthy and have a recommend before you can go inside. 

Another funny conversation from earlier in the evening was about high school. 

G:  Is there only one high school in the world?
M:  No, there are lots of high schools. 
G:  How come Kody’s brother knows all about high school? 
M:  I don’t know.  He’s only in third grade!
G:  He taught Kody all about high school. 
M:  Ok. 

Parker is working on earning Buzz Lightyear.  The details of why are not important.  Parker says his blue Buzz is the green Buzz’s dad. 

P:  That’s my son.  He’s in a box.  He hasn’t been born yet. 

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Becca Jane said...

Yeah, these are my favorite posts!! I'm on the verge of having some hilarious conversations with Cam, and then I plan to record them all too!! Such priceless memories that can't be forgotten!!