Thursday, February 25, 2010

Say What

G:  What happens when your dad, or your grandpa, or your brother dies?
M:  That would be sad.
G:  But who would be your dad, or your grandpa, or your brother?

G:  Why does it say the goal is to read 15 minutes a night?  It’s not always night you know!

The last two mornings I have heard the sounds of three distinct giggles as I step out of the shower.  Yesterday the giggles were coming from behind Gwen’s closed door.  I opened it to see all three kids on the floor playing with toys.  The light was off. 

This morning I heard Gwen’s little voice just outside my room. 
M:  Parker, do you remember when you used to ask if you could open Gwen’s door?  Why don’t you ask anymore?
P:  When I just hear her in the morning I just open her door.
It could be worse.  She could still be a baby and I could worry about her falling down the stairs.  It’s simply a lack of respect that her brothers have for her right to sleep. 

P:  Gwen is sharing Jessie with me.
He thinks if Jessie is sitting there Gwen must be sharing!

P:  You know the lights were not working?
M:  What lights aren’t working?
P:  The lights and the lectricity wasn’t working.
M:  What are you talking about? 
P:  I was just disappointed and at night I just heared Dad come up the stairs and he gived us flashlights.
M:  That happened last summer.  Maybe the summer before! 

Gwen:  Wait a me!  Wait a me!  (Wait for me)

At the playground with her head in a tunnel slide
Gwen:  Parker, I yuh you! 

On a toy cell phone
Gwen:  Parker, I yuh you.  Gahin, I yuh you.  Ok, bye.

Gwen:  Wook at that!  Train fall down.
M:  Did your train fall off the track?
Gwen:  Yes.

Gwen thinks every large truck is a firefighter truck.  We see a lot of delivery type trucks as we drive.  The kids were thrilled when we saw firefighters at the grocery store.  Gavin couldn’t believe they were shopping.  I told him they need to eat too.  When we were leaving the firefighters noticed Gwen getting all excited about the truck so they stopped for her to get a good look and they waved to her so she waved back.

Gwen:  Comb a hair!
M:  No, it’s my turn then it can be your turn.
Gwen:  Mommy’s turn?  Comb a hair? 

Yesterday Parker cried for 40 minutes straight because I let Gwen hold her Jessie doll when we went to get Gavin from school. 

Gavin had a homework assignment about the Olympics.  He was supposed to pick a sport he would like to do in the Olympics and write about it and draw a picture.  He wrote, “I want to carry the torch because I’m too scared to ski.”  He pointed to a stick figure with a frowny face falling down a mountain and said, “That’s me skiing and I don’t look good.”  Then he pointed at a smiling stick figure holding the torch and said, “That’s me carrying the torch and I look good.” 

G:  That’s not a good movie.  It will give you nightmares.  Parker, do you know what nightmares are?  It’s a bad dream.

P:  This is not a good movie for kids! 
M:  Why?
P:  Because the rabbit is just mean to that turtle.  (Disney’s Tortoise and the Hare)

Gwen says naughty nose for snotty nose.

G:  Mommy!  Everyone can just see you!  Nobody wants to stare at you!
This is because I wouldn’t let him turn off my light so he could make a theater.

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Jenni said...

I love those cute little kid conversations! I love to read them in the context that they say them too. :)

mintifresh said...

Omigosh! Annie STILL does the same thing with Lily (opening her door in the am)! She's gotten better but every now and then she'll just burst i and it drives me crazy because Lily actually sleeps in!! Grrrrr

Those are all really cute! I love the things kids say!